Rusty Motorcycle Fuel Tank Restoration
Rusty Motorcycle Fuel Tank Restoration

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This tank was done for a friend. The colour choice was his and I really like it. I show you every single process along the way. Please read the full description for any information about the video. If you would like to send me something to restore, tools to use or anything to support Restore It, please send to: Restore It Mail Box PO Box 50 CHATTERIS PE16 9AZ Subscribe for Weekly content! Tools & equpitment used: Quartz Lacquer - Base Coat Paint - Rust Remover - Moldex Full Face Mask - FGL 5 Spray gun - A.N.I. R150-T Mini Spray gun - Colad Washable Overalls - Colad Mixing Cups - Colad TurboMix Sticks - Colad Synthetic Paint Strainers - Steel wire bits - Rotary Tool - Concentrate Degreaser - Mannesmann Socket Set - Firstly I inspected the tank to get an idea of what needed to be done. I then blasted the tank removing most of the surface rust. I also used paint stripper to remove the paint. Next, I treated the surface with rust remover. This will remove any hidden rust remaining and also prevent rust from returning. I then welded the holes up and checked for leaks by filling the tank with water. Once I was sure it wouldn't leak, I treated the inside of the tank with Rostio and sealed it with Rostio emulsion. Then, I filled the dents and prepared the surface for the etch primer. Once etched, I then dropped the tank and had to refill the new dents. I then primed the tank and sanded back with 400g and 1000g wet or dry. Once ready for paint, I mixed up the base coat and applied three coats. When it had dried fully I applied a Royal Enfield stencil and painted over it with deep black. I then had to wait for this to dry before applying the final coats of lacquer. A new cap was purchased and added and the restoration was complete. I didn't show the sanding back and polishing stage of this project as this is something my friend will be doing. His choice. - Disclaimer: I am no professional. Especially when it comes to electrics. It is certainly an area I am looking to improve in. I am completely self-taught and would appreciate any feedback, advice or constructive criticism. I don't add music to these videos so that you can choose to listen to what you like if you would like to. I find all kinds of music goes well with these videos. Become a patron to win the Items restored in these videos! Patreon - PayPal Donations - - If you would like to help towards more tools and projects. Follow me on Social media to keep up to date with videos and giveaways. Twitter - Facebook- Instagram - @RestoreItChannel Patreon - Discord - I now also have a discord server if you want to chill with like-minded people and maybe learn something new. -


Colin Askey : I am 80 years old,and I fondly remember the 1950s , Triumphs, Bsa, Norton,Velocete ,and of course Royal Enfield, it was a great time for British motorcycle manufacturers,unfortunately they let the grass grow under their feet,and the Japanese copied all their designs and then just made them better and cheaper and let's not forget starter motors,sorry about the history lesson,but Royal Enfield are now made in India now,you did a first rate renovation on a very sad looking petrol tank,and definitely gets 5 ☆ ☆☆☆☆

RandomlySet : 2018 - The year silent videos made a comeback

David Fernandes : Nice job brother you are truly a genuine guy love from 🇮🇳

Matthew H : Therapeutic to watch ... I enjoy the no music .. no talking crap . Video does the talking , great work . Felt the pain when the tank dropped lol . Keep up the resto work bro 👍🏻👍🏻

Marcel's Workshop : You can’t Chrome, yet. Yet is the key word.

Cleate Rose : Loved that he showed the drop. That's so me.

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Little Bacchus : Bet your friend loved it. My heart sank when the wire broke, all I was thinking was 'at least it's just the primer, at least it's just the primer'

Nicolás Pérez : Great vid! I would pay to see your face when the tank fall from the hanger... Shit happens and the fact that you have showed it us, makes you even bigger!!!

Anup kumar Kumar : Amazing hard work God bless you

Ranjan Mukerjee : All your subscribers from India are probably loving this restoration!

Hand Tool Rescue : Nice ;)

1notgilty : Beautiful job. Thank you for sharing. Wanna repair the rust leaks and paint my bike's tank?

Fuentes : That’s why I have a huge yoga mat on my paint shop room

Dominick : NIce but a lot of orange peel left after painting. Needed to be wet sanded then re-cleared. Not a criticism.

Mike K : What are the four plugged holes in the bottom?

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Dominick : when painting the stencil its a hell of a lot easier to use kraft paper instead of rolls of tape.

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