Rusty Motorcycle Fuel Tank Restoration

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RandomlySet : 2018 - The year silent videos made a comeback

MirceaD28 : My mouth dropped like that tank also when it got loose.

Little Bacchus : Bet your friend loved it. My heart sank when the wire broke, all I was thinking was 'at least it's just the primer, at least it's just the primer'

Addicted to Projects : Love your work man! Really impressed by how thorough you are, and your attention to detail. I am wondering whether you are learning to become a paint sprayer/panel beater? Or are you just doing it for fun? I have a comment to make, but I don't want it to be seen as something negative. Please see it as something constructive, to remember in the future, when you're working on other tanks; You should always pressure test fuel tanks after you have welded them. I test mine to between 5-10 psi, depending on the model of fuel tank. The sturdier the tank, the higher you can go. Some pin-holes will only show up at higher pressures, so you definitely want to go as high as you dare without warping the tank. My experience is that MIG definitely leaves pin holes. I would recommend TIG or Brazing with silicone-bronze, as that flows nicely into all tiny holes. Lastly, if you cannot TIG or Braze, use a tank sealer, that would go on the inside of the tank. That will take care of any pinholes that may be left. You can also use JB Weld (slow curing) to plug holes. I have successfully used that on two motorcycle fuel tanks and on an engine oil sump. Neither of which failed after years of use! Good luck and keep the projects coming :)

Brian Burke : Incredible work. I cringed when the tank fell. One suggestion. Have you ever used plastic razor blades? Imo, they're a safer alternative to steel when peeling off the stencils on that pristine paint. No chance of scratching it. Cheers.

Jonathan Vinces : Im your fan Men!!!

Hand Tool Rescue : Nice ;)

PBJPRODUCTIONSTUDIOS : I appreciate your honesty that you left that tank dropping footage in and admitted you got extra dents , you could have easily edited that bit out and made it look like nothing happened you are a genuine guy !

Marcel's Workshop : You can’t Chrome, yet. Yet is the key word.

Matthew H : Therapeutic to watch ... I enjoy the no music .. no talking crap . Video does the talking , great work . Felt the pain when the tank dropped lol . Keep up the resto work bro 👍🏻👍🏻

Cleate Rose : Loved that he showed the drop. That's so me.

Nicolás Pérez : Great vid! I would pay to see your face when the tank fall from the hanger... Shit happens and the fact that you have showed it us, makes you even bigger!!!

Ranjan Mukerjee : All your subscribers from India are probably loving this restoration!

Nilesh Thakur : Beautiful job.

Fuentes : That’s why I have a huge yoga mat on my paint shop room

Gavin Lewis : Who are the 115 idiots that disliked this video? Thanks for amazing content!

Ben Mall : Really beautiful work. I'm curious as to why you didn't fill the brand plate holes, since you painted on the logo. Is the owner planning on adding something there? Whatever the case, that's a great paint job.

Brains Ironically : Post a 12-minute vid... three minutes later it has one thumb down. How does that even happen? Somebody needs to be banned for that crap. Unless they came from the future! Great vid. That yellow will certainly be visible at a long distance! :)

John Parker : I could literally watch you refinish stuff all day long. I love your work and your attention to detail is on point. Thank you so much for posting (especially the problems that drop in).

Jack Complains : Little bit of eggshell, orange peel texture going on perhaps below the top clear coat. Really bugs me because of the vibrant yellow. It still looks great in many ways just couldn't resist pointing that out

FliesLikeABrick : When welding fuel containers or pressure vessels that may have combustible residue, it is always a good idea to fill it with water to force vapors and hydrocarbons out. This way you have some more insurance that, while welding, you aren't flashing hydrocarbons on the inside metal surface to vapor which can be ignited and explode during welding.

siebrand wierstra : I find this satisfying to watch

sujit choudhari : I own a Royal Enfield and its also in yellow color and this restoration bought me into tears of joy I don't know why.

Λογος : That drop added a lot of tension!

Mad Mechanics : Please post some e30 stuff

ayub pasha : Very nice Good and Hard work.

FeedTheOcelot : Is it weird that I really liked the look of it with the stencil on better than the black letters ? 🙃

Afromancer : Woooo! Finally early to a video! Screw those ASMR videos, this is much better! Keep up the good work, now I just need to find some rusty thing in my garage to restore

pondafarr : BOING! Boing! boing! Happens to all of us :P Well done otherwise :P

Adam Slater : You need to master your painting. I went to college myself and learnt.. your 99% there it's just your gun techniques. The clear coat wrecked it.. I love your channel btw.. get a small gas heater/diesel to warm that shed up.. your passes are like your spraying out of a tin rather than a gun.

Voice Of Hazara : Red colour KY kabhi banye jii

Yours own : Hard work brings the color

LifeOfPaolo : Hey man. Really great work but just a FYI. When sanding body filler use a sanding block. Often times when sanding with only your hand, you can leave high and low spots from your fingers.

Dragon69Fly : Rofl couldn't stop laughing when tank drops on the ground, that look and comment 5 dents extra, I thought that s... onley happends to me.

Carsten Andersen : Very beautiful result, thank you for sharing your amazing story. God bless you and your family

carguy uk : I had to laugh when the tank fell on the floor. That's what would happen to me if I was doing this job! Great video and end result looks perfect.

bee1978 : LOL. Everyone and anyone is now doing these restore vids. they bring in huge viewing figures and potential good income

Krysztalek Diament : Nie szpachluje się na gola blachę

EA Jam : OMG i watched all your videos , all 12 of them , im addicted to your work , absolutely amazing fine art , keep going my friend , you could sand and polish that aluminum cap its easy and you need not many tools to do so .

Thrillrider10 : And with that, you have just earned yourself another subscriber. Beautiful work.

CleavingCleaver : try as you might, you'll never get a smooth, flat result from sanding with a piece of sandpaper in your hands. get a few flexible and hard blocks to help out!! love the channel!

JadeStrawberry : Beautiful work! Your friend should be very happy with the tank.

Attila Went : Good Job! Where are you from?

gumby : So satisfying

The Nuptse : Amazing! Why have I only subscribed now???

Steven Watson : Great work! When the tank fell that even made me swear, good thing it was on the primer stage and not the final clear coat. Looks fantastic now though! Cheers

Najabsb Jjdjebebe : Can you restore a shovel next 🙂

Günter Jibben : Video-Thumbnail... 1. Pic... Kiwi. / 2. Pic... Lemon 😂

Larry Bagley : Hell yes

Akshay Seth : Paint job is outstanding