Bo Burnham - Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant) - MAKE HAPPY Netflix [HD]

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vlogbrothers : This is the best work of art made about Internet celebrity I've ever come across. So incredibly hard to be this clear-thinking about the many-tentacled beast of fame. -John

Josiah Krafft : He’s what you could call a hero he sacrificed everything inside him so he could help you

The Martoon : Love this so much,everything about it is perfect.

No Body : i over-analyze this shit out of this song tbh

Moozy : This is majestic.

Connor MacKie : A+ to the person in charge of lighting

Alex Nelson : The screams at the end make me cry every time.. it's like you can hear how trapped he felt. He's such a smart and creative human being.

Juicy Narwal : I always felt that with that last line "I hope you're happy", there's always that implied silent "because I'm not".

Jonathan P : My Analysis of this Pringle Can - chips = happiness - hand cant fit, he cant reach happiness - "want to have a daughter" = help him 'reach' his happiness = prior. #1 Burrito = life - "the whole appeal is that everything fits in the confines of it" -"i wouldnt have gotten have this shit if id knew" -his life is literally tearing apart because he's gotten so much shit that he cant handle right now (bit bigger than he could chew) Plus the fear, hatred, and staring he has from/towarsds the people. I know i over did this but i am speechless everytime and have probably missed so much more i dont understand

cruhg : This might be the stairway to heaven of comedy

LJ Zawilski : OVERANALYSIS: He was talking about his career and how he wanted the fame and the recognition(burrito), but nobody prepared him for the pressure, the disapproval, the need to please(ingredients). These are things touched upon in what. He thought he could handle them, so he got them with the fame, but when he tried to contain them, they spilled out, and became too much to handle. the “ill blow my dad before i eat a burrito with a fork” part is part humor, but it also represents how he’s not willing to quit for the sake of controlling these things, how he’s too stubborn for help. now, the lighting. when the second verse starts, the lights are single pillars, isolated around him. they’re the same color as his shirt. he blends in, fits, without issue, and is able to stand alone, no problem. the lights then converge upon him, showing how all the focus has turned to him. performing has made it so he’s no longer a single person, but just the object of attention. he shrinks down to a sit, considering the possibility that he should open up, that he should quit. “i wouldn’t have gotten it if i knew it wouldn’t fit”. “i should probably just shut up and do my job so here i go” he continues to perform, rising, both literally and metaphorically. he now chooses to be the object of focus, but the lights, the attention, create a shadow of himself onstage, erasing his ability to be genuine. he continues the metaphor of the burrito, to try to be funny again. he tries to use his humor to try to reach the people that don’t want his honesty. “if they still dont understand you, then you run in one more time”. nobody can see past it, so he tries again to state it, point blank. and then the lights fade out quickly, before exploding wildly, like an atom bomb. he “can’t handle this”, and eventually loses control. “goodnight. i hope you’re happy.”

/ / : I always knew that the Chipotle burrito bit was a metaphor, but I didn't realize how badly Bo was trying to get the audience to put that together _during_ the song. After he first uses the burrito metaphor, he says, "I think it's time that we break it down." This is him clearly saying, "You guys aren't getting what I'm saying, so I'll be literal about this." He then goes on to explain his real "burrito" problem. After doing that, he says, "If they still don't understand you, then you run it one more time," and goes right back to the burrito metaphor. He's _TRYING_ to tell the audience that the burrito joke is the same thing he's trying to say. I see all these people "theorizing" about the burrito metaphor, but if you listen, there's no reason to theorize. It's right there. "You can tell them anything if you just make it funny."

Amber Averbeck : Watch the skinny kid with a steadily declining mental health, and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself 💔

Mar : I'm crying about a song that's autotuned and 80% about pringle cans and burritos.

The Dub Rebellion : bo is a fucking legend. LOVE THIS

Tranny Phantom : "I can sit here and pretend Like my biggest problems are Pringle cans, and burritos The truth is, my biggest problem's you I want to please you But I want to stay true to myself I want to give you the night out that you deserve But I want to say what I think And not care what you think about it Part of me loves you Part of me hates you Part of me needs you Part of me fears you And I don't think that I can handle this right now Handle this right now I don't think that I can handle this right now" deep

Jason : How brave of him to be able to admit to his own audience that he sometimes hates them or is scared of them. Even tho its completely natural to feel that way, it feels like him being honest with them about it feels like breaking such a big taboo. Love you bo and I hope you're happy wherever you are right now.

LeeTheNPC : Truly art.

Brandon Wells : I’ve watched a lot of in depth analysis videos of this song and one thing none of them mention is the part when he screams in between the lines towards the end. I’m not sure if I’m reading too much into it but to me I’m hearing him literally screaming like calling for help before it’s too late and after the final time he just says I hope you’re happy and walks off. Doesn’t stand there and soak in the applause, doesn’t bask in a spotlight. I fucking love this song. I love Bo. I hope he is getting the help he needs and is truly happy even if that means he never performs again.

The Richest Bum : *GRRRRRRE*

BRENNA : All the metaphors that are discussed in these comments are spot on... but the bit about the daughter - is he saying that he wants to have a daughter so she can reach the things he can't reach; with the malleability and innate happiness of a child? Why is it a daughter and not a son? Is it because in our society it is more widely recognized for women to be more emotionally in touch? He has insinuated before about men being "emotionally inarticulate", so it makes me think. He also mentions inheriting certain things from his father (his temper) so does he worry about having a son and not being a good enough role model and passing on the things his father passed onto him? So if he has a daughter maybe she wont possess those traits, and can be emotionally articulate, and have all the things he wishes he could get at the bottom of the pringle can. Honestly, there is so much depth to his performances it is incredible. Never before have I seen such a reflective comment section on a youtube video. Everyone wants the raw truth, and he wasn't afraid to give it. I really hope he is doing well because he truly deserves all the happiness he wants to give to other people. I hope he has found way to attempt to give himself what he has given us. Bo, I hope you're happy.

Josh Boone : Around 6:53 when he starts yelling between phrases really got to me.. He's giving the impression that he is screaming out for help between his fragmented metaphors, like a part of him is trying to escape. And then the face he gives us and the slight waver in his voice when he says "I hope you're happy." Just.... wow. I'm blown away.

IWantDeath : Bo has saved me. I wanted to be a comedian for four years now but looking at the toll that it’s had on his mental health is absolutely heartbreaking. He’s desperately trying to save others. “If you can live your life without an audience, do it”. Eleven words that genuinely changed my life. Not everyone can nor should be whatever they want to be and we need to stop feeding our kids lies. Thank you Bo Burnham.

JaackMaate : This is the most intricate piece of both comedy and self-awareness I have ever seen.

Are U Super Cereal : This dude is seriously a legend. Not only do the viewers get a stand up comedy show like no other, but we also get a straight up full blown concert with amazing lighting and camera work. Well done sir, without a doubt still one of my all time favorite comics/performers! <3

Nathan : I like to think of this song as a sequel to Left Brain Right Brain. You've got the left half just trying to entertain the audience but the right half momentarily takes control to talk about how he's actually feeling, before the left half takes control again. Then by the end, the right half has fully taken over.

Victoria M : Two years of this, the best "comedy" song I've ever heard in my life. Thanks for existing, Bo.

Ashton Richardson : This is the only time I accept auto tune.

Ricardo Esteves : How can something be so funny and so sad at the same time? I still get the chills and feel bad for Bo everytime I hear this song.

Daniel Kaiselgruber : "Thank you, I hope you're happy" *drops mic* I CANT STOP CRYING RIGHT NOW BRO

Dark Lord : Part of the reason this is my favorite song of his is because the moment he says "I wanna please you. But I wanna stay true to myself...." (that whole verse in general) you realize that this is not just a silly song about Pringles and Chipotle, it's deeper than that

Santiago Zapatel Salcedo : "And laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself" ...Damm, atomic bomb of feels right there.

DarkSoulsSauron : I feel like i'd put him on a suicide watch after seeing this in person. specifically the ending comment and dropping the mic... it felt like a final note. like the amount of pain is so palpable i genuinely want to cry right now.

Caleb Davis : *Looks at the sky* Don't you dare think about taking him away from us...

LordDraconical : I dont think that I can handle this right now

Baconbot : They start cheering after the burrito part when Bo hasn't even begun to "say [his] shit". "Look at them there just staring at me, like: come and watch the skinny kid with the steadily declining mental health, and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself." Some of us are only really living for the hope of giving something to others... something we've never been able to find for ourselves. If my life had a theme song, this would be it.

Summer Manning : An autotune song will never make me cry like this song does

Christine Cox : The way he says “I hope you’re happy” breaks my heart tbh

TheGameSurfer100 : “Can’t fit my hand inside the pringles can-“ he can never fully reach happiness I want to have a daughter, so I can finally have someone around the house who can fit their hands inside the pringles can-“ He wishes he had children, because he wants them to reach the happiness he himself can never grasp, or he wishes he had a women in his life who could make him happy

Nathan B : But I'll blow my dad before I eat a burrito with a fork

Side Salt : amy schumers got nothing on this

shaun03a : easily one of the greatest uses of autotune in recent times.

Sebby-Chan : Am I the only one who get the shivers from this song? Bo is such a genius, what a legend.

DMassaIII : I think I've seen this about 75 times in the past five days. I couldn't tell you how many hours of my week have had Bo either right in front of me or in my background. I am in awe of his genius. His performance art is enviably high-level. Stand-up is only a part of the repertoire as he delivers messages and conveys/demands emotions of us.I could go on about the good (and probably will, somewhere on Reddit), but I am writing here today to publicly hope that he's doing okay.I don't know him. I can only put together pieces of a grand puzzle. His early stuff, his content, his comedy, his apparent childhood and social woes, his objectivity of his fame and success…I can only guess at the voids in the puzzle and supplement them with my own experiences and trials, like many of us do. The rest is glued together by our left brain, who occasionally confers with the right side for research purposes. (I try to figure it out logically and feel out the rest) So the picture I have in my head is really my POV of HIS masterpiece. It draws attention to the dark in a way that allows us to overtake it (even if we need more darkness to do it - like dangerously fighting fire with fire). It is a positive message that comes from, what I deduce, is a negative place.Your impact was like a meteor hitting Earth. It landed on villains, and we can only hope that in the vacuum created, we embrace a better day/a better tomorrow, instead of new and different creatures of evil. Thank you for your contribution.You deserve peace. You've done good, and you've done it well. Blessings upon you, Bo Burnham.Edit: I decided to switch to PC to type this out but fat-fingered POST instead of CANCEL on my phone after five words. MY BAD!

angrypicnic : Can't stop watching this. So good Bo!! 😂😂

Michael Frederickson : I keep showing this to people and they keep laughing even when he gets very honest and sad and I’m like ??? Do you have no fucking emotional intelligence? He’s explaining that he’s a broken man. What don’t you understand?

bongbong bongbong : Goddammit. Now I want to sing this in front of my school. I'm known as the comedian 'extroverted' person. But, I just use that to hide my true thoughts and feelings.

David Luna : "Thank you, good night. I hope your happy" Freaking legend

Tzolkin Man : It's been said that genius often comes though the challenges we sometimes face while on this journey we call life, this is beyond genius. I felt the emotion and it literally made me tear up a bit but in a good way I suppose.

Description Untitled : Bo had the power to make you laugh and cry in the same 3 minutes.