Bo Burnham - Can't Handle This (Kanye Rant) - MAKE HAPPY Netflix [HD]

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JaackMaate : This is the most intricate piece of both comedy and self-awareness I have ever seen.

vlogbrothers : This is the best work of art made about Internet celebrity I've ever come across. So incredibly hard to be this clear-thinking about the many-tentacled beast of fame. -John

Sofia Aviles : “Come and watch the skinny kid with a steadily declining mental health and laugh as he attempts to give you what he can not give himself.” Nobody in the audience was ready for that.

LeeTheNPC : *M A S T E R P I E C E*

Are U Super Cereal : This dude is seriously a legend. Not only do the viewers get a stand up comedy show like no other, but we also get a straight up full blown concert with amazing lighting and camera work. Well done sir, without a doubt still one of my all time favorite comics/performers! <3

Christine Cox : The way he says “I hope you’re happy” breaks my heart tbh

GD Danny : It's weird to think after this he cried. On the h3h3 podcast he said after the first make happy show he cried backstage because of how nervous he was.

Everything Now : Ok so the burrito metaphors are he got to much pressure and the pringle can metaphors is the happieness hes not getting

PJM : "Part of me loves you, part of me hates you, part of me needs you, part of me fears you" "And laugh as he attempts To give you what he cannot give himself" these two quotes are so deep

LeeTheNPC : Truly art.

Kyle From The Wood : It got too real, so like us all, he pulled back and acted silly again. We all just play it off and get scared when we actually touch our own sadness.

Jenny T20 : "Look at them, they're just staring at me, like come and watch the skinny kid with a steadily declining mental health and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself." "They don't need to know half of this." "I should just shut up and do my job so here I go... I wouldn't have got the lettuce if I knew it wouldn't fit-" "You can tell them anything if you make it funny, make it rhyme. And if they still don't understand, you run it one more time."

Cassie Barns : Bo just turns my "laugh to cry dial" way too quickly, it's amazing.

LordDraconical : I dont think that I can handle this right now

Alberto Galván : I can't be the only one who listens to this from time to time just to see again how amazing it is.

cold tea : I remember the first time I watched this. I laughed like a maniac and then bawled my eyes out when he mentioned his declining mental health. Tears running down my face that turned into laughter when he went back to talking about his thicc burrito, and to tears yet again because of that final "I hope you're happy". Keep coping, Bo. Your comedy keeps a lot of us alive. Including yourself.

HATE ME : The only time i have heard autotune that sounds good

Alizah High : Everyone already talked about the obvious verbal metaphors, but I just have to mention that the lighting is so deeply metaphorical as well, along with his body language. When he kneels on the floor and every bright white spotlight is on him as he lists the ingredients that didn't fit; to me he's saying he can't handle all the lights, the attention, fame, and glory that's shining down on him. Then when he talks directly to the audience, he's still at the closest level to them, nearly on his knees as the lights turn moody purple; initially still trying to please and relate with his little silly noise before getting fully serious. He then goes on to say what he really feels with an appearance of concern, but overall disregard for how it will make his audience feel. As soon as he says "I should just shut up and do my job so here I go." He reluctantly stands up and lethargically dances in front of a muddy light that puts him in a shadow of who he is inside.

Porçay : The most thrilling thing about this is when you watch it again and again you're seeing the finale part is slowly building up through the whole thing. And then you remember how chords and words he planted in there are gonna end up at the end. Sends a chill down your spine.

Max : Bo is so funny but he worries me, I hope he's doing better than he was when he wrote this, after making eighth grade and everything maybe

Captain Nwalps : “I should just shut up and do my job.” Then the audience claps, I think they missed the message

The Poncho Pilgrim : I hate the overwhelming feeling you get when you comment on a Bo Burnham song because you know you'll never be able to adequately express how you feel, whilst communicating to bo, who will never read it, that you understand what he's doing, what he's saying, and that you appreciate his message. The desire to delete the comment you type out is overwhelming. art is dead. i love the idea of you. Im excited for Eighth Grade.

~CamIsSuper~ : And I STILL can't fit my hand inside a Pringles can! ;-; One Like = One Daughter That Can Fit Her Hands Inside Of A Pringles Can

The Dub Rebellion : bo is a fucking legend. LOVE THIS

Saiida Webb : Poor guy is pouring his heart and soul out and people are just laughing and saying how funny he is

Keem Man : I think Kanye's problems aren't as high compared to bo's

Emily Hughes : if you’ve seen the whole show of “make happy”, you’ll hear bo saying ‘sorry’ after some of his jokes or songs. he shouldn’t have to apologize for doing his job, or saying what he wants to say. it just makes me sad that people get so offended at the smallest things, they literally force him to apologize at what makes him happy

Jonathan Ayyoub : "Look at them, they're just staring at me, like come and watch the skinny kid with a steadily declining mental health and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself." "They don't need to know half of this." That broke my heart to pieces.

Daniel Kaiselgruber : "Thank you, I hope you're happy" *drops mic* I CANT STOP CRYING RIGHT NOW BRO

Persian Mapper : That was #Deep

Jenny T20 : In an interview at Vidcon this year, Bo said that his movie, Eight Grade, is trying to show a more straightforward and humane interpretation of how this modern generation is with social media, while his comedic material was more satirical. He discusses how the internet has different sides to it, and how, yes, it can ruin how people interact, but it also is a great thing that brings people together and inspires people. He said that in his stand up comedy, he had to focus on the bad and make fun of it because that's what people laugh at. "I couldn't just go up there and say 'I feel two things at once, bye!'." Make Happy was his last stand up comedy special, with (as many of you know) this song being the last. This song highlights him feeling different things about his world, not just how social media works, but on him and his relationship with his audience. With social media, people are basically surrounded by an audience all the time- their lives, or what they show of their lives, are being projected to so many people (especially on YouTube). And that has it's positives and negatives (which were also discussed in the interview- social media has made people judge themselves and others based off numbers, but it also gives us better ways to be inspired and connect to people like them), and in most of Bo's specials, he focused more on the negatives. But with Make Happy, and especially this song, he decided to kind of express himself more honestly. "I wanna please you, but I wanna stay true to myself. I want to give you the night out that you deserve, but I wanna say what I think and not care what you think about it. A part of me loves you, a part of me hates you, a part of me needs you, a part of me fears you." He's contradicting himself, he's thinking two things at the same time, and it's too chaotic for him. This is also kind of hinted upon in Left-Right Brain- he's fighting himself. This is focused more on his loyalty to himself and to his audience. Now, with Eighth Grade, Bo has expressed both sides of the spectrum, while showing how it can affect people who have grown up with social media, and are going through a strange stage in their lives at the same time. In the interview, Bo explained how Eighth Grade was more straightforward and showed how all of this chaos makes kids feel, and how kids (and people in general, really) can deal with it, and derive some sort of happiness while they're at it, even if there's sadness and negatives along the way. It was kind of like appreciating that everybody can come together to live through this chaos of the entire world changing, and there can be so many things you can be proud of doing, and not regret. This song helped pave the path of this movie coming out, kind of as a sign for hope that Bo wants to give his audience, just in case we were stuck in the satire and hate, just as he might've been once.

Izzy : "and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself"

Nicholas Carter : Bo Burnham is this generation's Lenny Bruce or Bill Hicks. The comedian who manages to make you laugh while not feeling like a comedian at all. He feels like someone who knows the state of the world and how to perfectly articulate how we feel about it. He feels like your friend who you have long deep conversations with late at night making revelation after revelation about life. He feels like an old soul who has already experienced it all and knows that making someone laugh, even if for just a second, is a beautiful and helpful moment. He feels like an observationalist of the highest caliber. His sentiments cut deep and illicit an emotional response not often felt while watching a stand up comedian. He feels like the every-man because he is. By his own admission he just got lucky. There isn't anything special about him. He just happens to speak his mind in such a way that people want to listen to it. They believe him. They see the realness in him. They see that he truly feels and cares. They see his fear, his self-loathing, his appreciation for coming together and sharing a moment where we can all get along and laugh at the world, laugh at ourselves and laugh at each other for our differences and for our similarities. Bo posits the meaning of happiness in only a way Bo can. His new special, Make Happy, is filled with throwaway gags and quick cuts of music. Bo understands the ever declining attention span of the populace. He knows how to catch our attention and knows he can only keep it for a short amount of time before he must switch topics or segue into another funny song. Only Bo's songs aren't just funny. They drip with sarcasm and irony and strike close to home in their feelings of inadequacy. Bo isn't just a comedian or an entertainer he is a voice of people. There is something within him that connects with us. It's very easy to feel the emotion running through him every second he is on stage. There is no sense of falseness. Bo lays his own inner conflict bare for the audience and peppers it throughout his show and lays it on thick to great effect in the closing moments. He makes us feel happy that he has achieved this platform. His struggle for happiness is just like our own. He searches for happiness not knowing how to obtain it and worse yet would he truly know it if he had it? For me, this is a fear I feel on a deep level and I suspect many others do as well. Bo has a way about him that is hard to explain. He's odd, depressing, riotously funny, and full of heart and soul. He is a bit of a paradox the same way those two great comedians I listed above were. They achieved a status of something greater than just a comedian. They were observationalists. It was easy to see they weren't perfect people. They had problems. They didn't like the status quo and were uncomfortable conforming to it. They didn't know any other way to deal with it than to just talk about it. To make fun of it. To make fun of their selves and hope someone would listen and empathize. Bo's words ring true and while they are often funny they are always piercing. Bo Burnham isn't just a comedian. He is something more. He is catharsis and he is very much appreciated.

Nathan B : But I'll blow my dad before I eat a burrito with a fork

KannaBis Kamui : This went from hilarious to incredibly deep quickly.

Irrational Ramen : “Come and watch the skinny kid with the steadily declining mental health and laugh as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself” I am literally crying harder than I’ve ever cried because that line is literally me right now it perfectly describes what I’m going through right now

zoeytheawesome : At the end part, at first I thought he was like "screaming" now I think he is saying "ha" as in laughing. So basically it's showing that he talks about his problems making them laugh and he thought that laughing about his problems would make them easier, but it doesn't. because at the end he says "i hope your happy" which in a way is talking to the audience and himself

Zenthral : Light years ahead of Kanye.

Description Untitled : Bo had the power to make you laugh and cry in the same 3 minutes.

Sena is bird god : Woah I just had a wave of realization So with all the stuff he says about how he can't fit things in things like his hand in a Pringles can or ingredients in a burrito is relating to how you can't fit all of your emotions into your bottle without struggling He can't handle the stress of making people laugh and dealing with his own problems

Jonah Miller : I'm a 35 year old white male with three kids, a wife, a successful career in IT. I put on a fake face of happiness for those who know me. I'm not famous and have want or need to be famous. Bo found fame almost accidentally. He is so incredibly talented, highly intelligent and obviously tortured. I don't have answers for anyone that is unhappy or in pain. I just keep pushing through my life and do my best not to think of the suffering on this planet, the meaninglessness of it all, and how nothing in this universe cares about you. I just keep pushing through and past the dark thoughts. Intensely dark thoughts that crowd out any happiness I can try and muster up. The truth abou this shitty little planet is that we only have each other. Spend time with good friends and people that love and care about you. Watch out for your friends and loved ones and hope they watch your back too. People can make lies about things up above or down below to comfort themselves and motivate themselves but those that see through that personal world building know that we only have this life to live and when we are gone, we are gone forever. So here, now, take care of each other and maybe, just maybe we can find some semblance of happiness, together.

Scarlett Is online : I’m crying after realising what this song could actually be about

Capt Shenanigans : No Bo, I hope YOU are happy

Anna Woods : Why am I crying

Eric Beckwith II : Greatest use of auto-tune ever.

SnakeLegs : It makes me pissed that someone in the background yelled "COME ON" in the start. He's getting to it, calm down. Bo always finds a way to impress us, no reason to rush him random person.

joshua Vincent : I wouldn'tve got the lettuce if I knew it wouldn't fit. I wouldn'tve got the cheese if I knew it wouldn't fit. I wouldn'tve got the peppers if I knew it wouldn't fit. I wouldn'tve got half of it like...

Nicolas Garcia : Doctor: you have 7 minutes and 24 seconds to live. Me: 0:00

Rubber Spook : When one of an artist's saddest songs is autotuned and 65% about Pringles and Chipotle.

‒jim : I never thought I would cry over a burrito metaphor