Pelicula Amadeus - Requiem Confutatis. Mozart

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sasarasasarasa : Even knowing it's a fictional scene is so powerful.

Nikodimos Triaridis : One of the best uses of music in cinematic history.

TheGreaterGood80 : When musicians connect with each other, it can be very difficult to explain. It really is another language.

Peter Fountotos : 1:50 me trying to read basic sheet music.

MaxWraith : That was a great scene. It perfectly illustrates the difference between a genius musician and a one of the greatest musicians.

Gabriel Vicente : Mozart first man to ever use "Fire" in music

aztShAmAn : 2:42 Salieri: It's wonderful! Mozart: yes yes yes, go on... (no big deal)

Ludwig Van Beethoven : The audio is off some

fahrudin catovic : that moment on 2.09,when Salieri come inside Mozart genius mind.

doug avila : Seriously this movie got me hooked on classical music.

Tony Stark : Mozart the genius

Cheryl Hulting : The greatest scene explaining the creative process ever put on film. I never tire of watching it. And when you think about the fact that Salieri is planning to pass the work off as his own after Mozart's death, and is confronted by Mozart's genius in a very intimate way, it's strangely exhilarating and heartbreaking at the same time.

Jack Kenefick : Such a profound scene

Miquel Fuster : En este trozo de película se ve lo genial de la dirección y por qué es una obra de arte. Es algo que conscientemente cuesta de ver, pero el subconsciente lo pilla enseguida: La primera vez que Mozart canta Vocame pierde la voz, no se ve digno de entrar en el reino de los cielos. Momentos después suena Confutatis con la imagen del carruaje negro avanzando por la noche. Esto podría ser una forma de condenar a Constanza por haber abandonado a su marido, aunque en ese momento esté arrepentida y regrese a toda prisa. La siguiente imagen es de Salieri, cuándo se canta 'maledictis flammis acribus addictis'. Es decir, Salieri es un hombre malvado debe ser enviado al infierno. Empieza Vocame y en ese momento vemos cómo Mozart lo canta intentando redimirse de sus pecados y ser aceptado por Dios. Confutatis, otra vez el carruaje simbolizando a Constanza; aunque aquí ya entra la imagen de Salieri escribiendo la partitura (que no nos olvidemos se quería atribuir la autoría), pero ahí está trabajando a las órdenes de Mozart, al fin y al cabo siempre está a la sombra de Mozart. Cómo imagen final de esta parte está Mozart cantando la parte del final del Confutatis ya dando a entender que está maldito e irá al infierno. Justo en el corte del vídeo terminaba el Confutatis con el carruaje negro simbolizando a Constanza y empezaba Vocame esta vez con una imagen luminosa de la mujer abrazando a su hijo. Habían sido redimidos de sus pecados pero Mozart había quedado condenado.

greato80 : Mesmorized with this scene as an 80s kid whose was into hip hop n pop. Amazed i could recognize the beauty of it the music.

Duan Torruellas : Most powerful thing he ever wrote , and with that coach scene at dawn , good lord the genuis.

_Nika _ : After this scene he says "We'll stop for a moment, and then we'll finish the Lacrimosa". And he never will:(((((((((((((((( At that time i just wanted to beg him, please don't die like that:(((

Keith Overall : I dont understand!!!! Best line ever

KeXing Lu : Poor mozart. He is still working even if he is sick.

CherryCandies1 : One of favorite scenes. Genius at work.

MBT 0787 : When Salieri got so nervous that he didnt get it right jajajajaj


xx Gamer girl xx : Such an amazing scene, the music is luring

Club Nether : que escena mas exquisita ,con melodías que golpean el alma .

Ghost ft : WolfGang🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥

Erdem Kartal : Came for ostinato.

greg wx : Truly amazing acting from both, they really sound like a musical geniuses writing music.

davis bravin : So sad indeed... the Morzat dye

Albert Zweistein : Which of Mozart's songs is this?

Heinrich Kaspar : What acting!


John Odell : 0.33 there is a head at the side of the bed. Do someone else noticed, its like someone is sitting there.

Amber Medellin : 2:35-2:42 Very nice, F. M. for scatting in rhythm. What an angel!

uncd2000 : Verdi was quite familiar with the Mozart Confutatis/Lacrimosa text and was able to surpass it in a significant manner,

Hugo Roldán : Esta película me encantó!!!

Latifa Rosa : C faut salieri ne la pas fini c est mozart qui a dit à ces apprentis et du coup il long fini est salieri à dit que c était lui parce que 1 heure avant il était avec lui donc mozart est à cause de ses cordes vocales

Chris Johnson : A true genius unlike poor Bradford's Delius

Cata Hidalgo : I LOVE❤ MOZART

AllClassical channel : Theu fazmżýků §ÂĻÌ

Cosmo Coralles : Too many notes.

AllClassical channel : Opera klasiko

AllClassical channel : The super art