Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Silver And Gold
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Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Silver And Gold Sang By Burl ives


thunderrmuffin : It's September and I'm supposed to be writing an essay, and yet I'm sitting here reliving my childhood through an animated singing snowman, how did I end up here

Samantha Scotland : How can anyone not LOVE this song??

femaleonthecreek : I've been watching that Rudolph special since 1974! It never gets old!

bigoldinosaur : Oh Burl Ives thank you for your voice!!!

jerk my Chicken : Definitely watching this, charlie brown and the other original shows during Christmas, especially at night when they air, a cup of hot chocolate, loaded up in blankets and with the lights off next to my girlfriend. So great lol

rene kackline : Grew up with all these classics. Now, at 52, I own all on DVD. Love them! When I watch these it fills me with happiness of what Christmas is all about. Not the gifts. Christmas is and always will be in the heart and not a department store. Rene

hsharrott : timeless music from the great Burl Ives. Thanks for posting

Mike Weber : Everyone loves silver and gold

American made : I have Always loved this song!!

William Salinas : i remember watching this at elementary school

Debra Wilson Kuusela : Burl lves made the song w/ his voice :D Love the song and may he rest in peace ....

VDiBi76 : A Christmas classic for many years! Thank you, Burl Ives!

Japonaka Rucker : I love this snowman

Kurt Diggler : been singing this tune for more than 2 decades, never gets old for silver and gold

djs2356 : I'm here for the Gold!....Signed: Yukon Cornelius.

rene kackline : 34 people are crazy! I grew up with all these greats! Rene

Whitefox2298 : After all this time my 1994 baby self gets to learn who Burl ives is and I've watched this movies so many times.

Hank Hill : #Have a holly jolly Christmas

Tito : looks like my cat

Dion B. : Mr. Christmas

Harry Band : What a lovely simple song! Does my heart good to hear his voice.

expnand banana : amiibo.mp2

Phayzyre105 : Classic. Nowadays it’s silver rims and gold teeth!

tenorr : Being stuck in elo hell

davidpar2 : Still something I look forward to at 43

Jeff Karnell : Silver and gold big time investments in 2019!

Herb- i-cide : So nostalgic...

Rita Moskalensky : I love this movie, and I love the songs!

TheStarWarriorHorse : Yukon Cornelius must be a conservative! XD

Theresa Barr : He looks like Don Henley.

Wellch : Harry Reid theme song

Dane Bryant Frazier : Burl Ives was and is awesome. Watch this program every year several times, nothing like it and nothing will ever be like these classics.

Phil : Check out my improv!

Adolfo Serrano : The israeli National Anthem!!! LOLocaust!! (*,,*)//

guitarwinds : I prefer Christmas lights, they are much prettier on a tree


taebaek : $1=1 ounce of silver up until 1971, now for the same silver coin it is about $35.

mofoca22 : the song makes me sad because people lost the meaning of its worth. its not the money its worth its the beauty of its shine

Jessica Laubacher : This was one of my favorite Christmas movies. I would ask my mom PLEASE can I stay up and watch this movie. I miss being little.Christmas so much fun then.

Vegirobin : His name wasn't Frosty. It was "Sam the Snowman".

Karen Watkins : Have a holly, jolly Christmas!!!!

deerdestroyer2009 : I'm 22 I agree with everything you say

wayne chapman : christmas of years past , i long for those years again

ArkOmen1 : Good ole Burl Ives! I love listening to this song especially around the holidays. Was Frosty trying to give us all a hint about precious metals investing? I think so, my friends! I very much think so! Happy holidays! Pssst... (Buy gold and silver!)

Oskar Dirlewanger : even frosty here knows that silver and gold has real value- not devalued US currency

CrystalClear vlog : Im here because of producer Michael :)

LunaTalks : No one: Redditors:

Ted S. : always loved this song and the snowman. rest in peace, pete seeger, 2014.

Liane Cornils : I have plenty. Lol