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elvis316 : This would be funnier if he lifted some weights and got some botox.

burteriksson : Still funnier than Amy Schumer.

theedgeinshow : Mel Gibson hasn't laughed this hard since he watched Schindler's List

Emiasis : I just realized He looks and sounds like Bill Burr.

zigZagz TwitchTV : . . . *i saw him in Vegas recently, i think the coke was better in the 90's.*

Ruben Delgadillo : Can you imagine if Carrot Top and Kathy Griffin had a kid!

Nate one : Carrot top looks like a crash test dummy with red hair who was left in the sun too long who's plastic face melted a bit

martinsmartians : Someone should've told the band to STOP trying to be part of Carrot Top's act.

Prison Mike : box office poison

SPENCER POND : damn to think he shot up a movie theater 6 years later....

On Our Last Leg : At 2:20 he says oh know somebody got killed.... he has the worst timing and says things that are rhetorical. Oh and he laughs at almost every one of his own jokes

Christopher Payne : I met Carrot Top and had him sign a Wendy's bag

Steve Finch : Is it carrot top for the red hair? Or because he should be buried up to his forehead in dirt?

Madnessonman : If the phrase, "Haters gonna hate" was gonna fit anywhere the most perfect, it's for CT. Don't get it though. Dude is funny.

Sheldon Cooper : Funny but also Cringey, that was rough.

Sweet Daddy : It’s funny that the jacket would probably work in today’s world

Aou Celloutus : Before steroids.

air port : That was pretty funny and entertaining.

MCarthur4life : People hate on carrot top cause they can't stand that his act is simple but still funny and they think they as creative but trust me you couldn't think of his jokes

Brock Nichols : This dudw was never funny.

alan betts : Greatest comedian in history.

Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch : This guy and ANY ventriliquist... suck.

Cable Vamp : Carrot Top was his own style. To say he was a bad comedian is stupid as hell.

Wildboy789789 : I didn't really like carrot top, till he said "LOOK MAMA IT'S A DOUBLE WIDE MAMA" hahahaha that was bad lol

Mark : Crazy to see how low the bar was set not so long ago.

TheBeteljuice : Oh my GAWD! Jay Leno, Mel Gibson, and Carrot top! A satanic trifecta of entertainment hell! ..

TheGhjgjgjgjgjg : Anyone who says this guy isn't funny (Not even the slightest) is a moron.Dude is a riot

Another Lost Alice : Envelope to the IRS had me crying 😂😂😂 wish I had one too lol

vonschuhart : Some of these props elicit a slight chuckle. But on the whole, carrot top isn't funny. His reliance on probs, while somewhat clever in their construction and premise, removes any sort of cohesion his act could have. On top of that the fact that he needs to explain the joke behind every prop removes the careful wording and nuance of a traditional stand up act. Any one who can sit through a full act of this guy must have the attention span of a worm

Jay Algonkin : Man I love this guy

Mickey Bitsko : Why does he insist on explaining every joke?

HXL : Looking like a sideshow Bob after being attacked with acid.

irrelephant : i hate carrot top

maxthereof : I saw him at the Majestic thester in San Antonio many years ago... my face hurt afterward from being stuck in laughter for 90 minutes

Capt'Wes Starwind : Youtube went and recommended this ass hat so I have to dislike this.

John Gray Atkinson : oh Carrot Top. You are a national treasure! God Bless your redhead !

martinone9 : Still pretty funny...

Robert E. Waring : Yikes.. cringe

Jose rojo : This was actually really good even for today's comedy ... Funny is funny

Jason Moore : He invent cringe?

kenneth brown : he looks like that deformed kid in that cher movie.....

Bill Hicks : Swastika at 2:18; camera quickly pans to Mel Gibson.

daniel mayen : That taco bell bit was hilarious ! hahahah

Michael Caldwell : He looks like rubber

Pascual Liera : Taco bell does not serve coke bruhh...

Surah Online : I LOVE Carrot Top!!!! He's soooooo funny lol x😂😂💖

Bill Proud : Still funnier than Tom Segura........there, I said it!!

Wolff : The mannequin heads reminded me of Bob and Tom

ronjon83 : ...... still better than Amy Schumer

westy40 : This guy is hilarious. Idiotic when other comedians say he sucks because he uses jealousy. His net worth is estimated to be 75 million. Most of his critics are nobody failures.