R.I.P. Dolores O'Riordan Zombie - The Cranberries (Cover)

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Jon Paul : Thanks everyone for the comments! I have fell under the weather, but I will be putting up another video this week. In the mean time, my buddies from Dicodec did a cool cover called "If You Have Ghost" Check it out and subscribe! https://youtu.be/A4QfejOMdII

Легендарный Матвей Северянин : Этот Сукин Сын просто охуительно поёт

Dom Leo : There's people moaning about his screaming... It's a fucking grunge song, this exactly how it was meant to sound. Incredible Jon.

Asian Gainz : I can hear his soul😩✊

Александр Бондарец : Ну наконец-то также от души как Долорес! Пять баллов!!!

Vivien Prs : Nice cover dude, u have a pretty good voice ! Continue like that ! ;)

DJRomew : Ахуенный жиртрест!

ZoxX : I legit got chills from this. Keep up the great work man. Mad respect.

Владимир Панамарев : Очень круто Привет из Украины

Алики Бомбоне : Нормально,заебись ебашит!!!

Amanda Peterson : I love the softness of your voice in here with the added raspy bass that makes it manly and intoxicating. I could listen to you all day long. How old are you kiddo?

CarlosAnn .Alejo : Impresionante gran cover. Saludos desde México 👍🏼👍🏻👍🏻

Davey Grondman : Good job dude I liked it a lot Keep it up👊🏻💪🏻👍🏻

On Air : Omg Jon i want to marry you!!!!i love you so much!! Dolores was and is my favourite singer!You have such a strong voice!!! Come to Thessaloniki,Greece to Street Mode Festival if you want, so as to be more recognised and more people to meet you.If you want to know more about the festival chat me on instagram or facebook.Continue the good work!

Oliver Speakman : OMG, WOW YOU ARE A FUKIN GOD , bro you put loads of passion into that, be proud 👍👍👍

Shina93 : Better than the original!!! Like if you agree

Balintskrrr ϟ : Dolores would be proud of you, son!

عصمت نعمت : Dolores RIP oh mein Gott so sad 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

AstroDreamer : I wasn't aware Dolores O'riordan had died. The Cranberries were always one of my favorite bands. Their song "zombies" is one of my favorite songs. You nailed this John. I think Dolores would be proud of this cover.


Dead Pikachu : Wow... Your voice is amazing ❤️

Проект [3] 338 : Мужик !!!

Kirito : RIP DOLORES...

xXx Kupferschwinge xXx : This somehow makes me feel happy, not just because it's a good song, but it reminds me somehow of me and my friends. We're so close together that nothing can pull us apart, this just makes me think about every happy moment we've made in our lives. So please respect your friends and don't see the bad things in them, see the good things and memories in them that makes them great people. Edit: Thx for the likes and the heart Jon :3

RedRiding Kath : That was literally the first time that i had to cry because of somene elses voice. You are so amazing with such a beautyful voice. Keep it up!!

Márlon : Excelente Cover, de arrepiar. R.I.P

BOYKAFR65 : tout ceux qui n'aiment pas vous êtes des imbéciles vous n'avez pas d'oreilles ! il as une très belle voix !

Aleks Yotov : I can tell that in 3-5 years this guy is gonna be the lead vocal in an amazing hard rock band.

samu Hsq : Very nice respect from #ITALY🇮🇹

Transformaster : Amazing. Simply amazing.

The Fifth Path : Gave me chills sounds so good man!! keep it up!

Brandon Ramroop : Wow. Just a mind blowing voice

Lorenzo Campisi : Wonderful.

Sophie Casterwill : Wow! Love this!!

Woody : Не ожидал, что запоет так круто после шепота. Ахуенно

Дамир Рахметулов : Amazing)

Emil Wiklund : Yeah, this aint gonna be good.. 1:24... wait, what?! Good job dude! :)

多 多 : OMG, Very good!!! 好聽

LEBA julien : Amazing voice...

my music : Spettacolare

Vivthenoob : literally crying

no name : You’re pretty good for an incel.

NachoMan :c (CTM) : Next Paramore-Decode PLSSS <3

OogieBoogieBabadook92 : Nice Fkkn Work Bro your Fkkn Guitar skills give me chills but when you hit tht well i see its not mee its not my family. Immidietly had to subbb.

Baddicus B : Exactly what I wanted. I was looking for somebody to yell! The emotion you put into it, insane voice and impeccable guitar.

Frank Wendel : Wow! Your voice really has grown over the years. Very strong. This was suprisingly awesome, dude!

Ong Anan : how old are you

Ben Huot : you shocked me... a big wow

МАСТЕР САМОДЕЛКИН безделие признак сумашествия : +!

Xristos Iacovides : You are the best dont give up for excellent job