Atlanta - Guy sees ex-girlfriend in Jail

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CapGod 1 : “You was on the outside in bootyholes” 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

Increased Standards : Brilliantly written and executed. There's so much this scene addresses. I like how each person represents something within himself he denies...

Mr SS : "Stop being weird" lmao

Lokey Masters : "Sexuality is a spectrum, you can really do whatever you want..." "Naw that boy gay as hell" 💀💀💀💀

Lynn Reed : This scene is when I knew the show was on to somethin

Light Shade : the whole room is roasting him but hes mad at that one guy who is just sitting down not saying nothing lol

Malcolm Reynolds : "Stop being weird" "MAN I'M NOT I'M JUST SITTING HERE" 😂😂😂

gogotrololo 619 : Why does this feel like a scene out of the Boondocks?

Intentional Feeder : I love glover's acting lol

R U N N I N - G U N N I N : I like how he keeps piccing on Childish Gambino cause he can’t confront no one else 😭😭😭

LUCIAN2731 : My boy went through the 7 stages of grief

Steve Borelli : @2:08 dude in the orange like... "Watch this, he bout to cry" lol

Tony Dangle : "Your Guuurl?" I always die at that part...

Nova G. : I knew this was gonna be funny when I saw his hair was half braided. Looking like that episode of "Martin" when he ran away and joined that cult. 😂😂😂

Crazea : Guy really got scared when he said, "I'm a stab your old ass when we get in them cells". You can tell it gets real in there, it's not a game.

Andon Christian El : I bet it was so hard to not laugh at dude in this scene

High Tea with Miss G : This scene was somewhat deep to anybody who really pays attention clearly he saw a woman and clearly he still saw a woman when he tried to defend her I think the same speaks upon how the black community can make people feel wrong or bad for loving who they want to love

Tuck Carruso : 1:41 "That ain't gay. That's just jail."

X_PhantomGod_X : They should Deadass put this on Netflix bruh

SiestaFace : That gay actor is great

Choppa Love : His girl look like meek mill 😂😂😂

Tim Atkin : 1:15 dude sound like Riley from boondocks

killraven123 : Black culture is so homophobic and transphobic, great social commentary.

James Remus : Yup! That’s ATLANTA for you!

StarRoseAngelic : I know it's a funny scene, but this dude is actually a pretty good actor. @2:09 with his expression and that break in his voice he legitimately seems distressed.

kobe Bryant : Not going to Atlanta

NSK : "Stop being weird neega"

deafwing : LMFAO 😂🤣😎😎😂😂 I died " STOP BEING WEIRD " OH GOD LOL

Kym Hinklin : Yoo this whole comments section is exactly what Glover is talking about with this scene, how it's just 2 people having a nice time and a sweet conversation and the environment (maybe black community) invalidates and shuts down any prospects of nuanced understanding of sexuality and love because it's "gay" 👏👏 Glover👏👏

chill tha kelly kid : It's funny how he was acting all player at first then get his bubble busted.

Drayonis : Very powerful scene. It said so much in such a small space

Aaliyah Detroit queen : Lol bruh I didn't start laughing to childish start talking

Marcus Mackey : "Imma stab yo old ass when we get upstairs in those cells" 😂😂 How you gonna tell somebody you gonna stab them before you do it. Lol. Absolutely genius this show

Linny Crocus : I know this was supposed to be funny but it just made me feel sad. The guy could just say " what?" Are black men really that homophobic/transphobic?

Dannie daughter of the King : Bruh we gonna act like Lisa don't look and sound like Larry??

Jacob Ramon : I remember Kevin he was loud 😂😂😂

Jae L. : Why he gotta be mean to Donald though?😂😂

Simple thoughts from a loner : This is America

SADBOYLAO : His hairstyle really adds to the whole scene lmao

Neshia Neshia james : Your ex girl friend a man.😯😂😂😂

Eddie Holmes : You can really do whatever you want.. That boy gay as hell. Lol!!

Newmoneyboyz1 : Your girl? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀

Randall Holloway : @1:13 - Riley Freeman to the max 🤣💀

Candice Dice : they take your wig in jail

Malek Clay : This is like boondocks scene😹😹😹😹😹

Street Minister Whitehead SoSo-Blessed Records : That ain't gay, that's just jail 🤣

Cleopatra Paul : I watched this over and over...the facial expressions are everything😂😂

Ajonye : *This is America*

mikeandmars2345 : @1:56 man boy guy as hell 😂😂😂

JaneDoe : "that's not gay, it's jail" 😂