Atlanta - Guy sees ex-girlfriend in Jail

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CapGod 1 : “You was on the outside in bootyholes” 😂😂😂😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

Mr SS : "Stop being weird" lmao

Loken : "Sexuality is a spectrum, you can really do whatever you want..." "Naw that boy gay as hell" 💀💀💀💀

LUCIAN2731 : My boy went through the 7 stages of grief

Light Shade : the whole room is roasting him but hes mad at that one guy who is just sitting down not saying nothing lol

Increased Standards : Brilliantly written and executed. There's so much this scene addresses. I like how each person represents something within himself he denies...

Rocky Aqua : Man, the guy getting angry was actually a great actor. I know this comment is pointless, but he did an amazing job.

Sudoku-_- : They should Deadass put this on Netflix bruh

Crazea : Guy really got scared when he said, "I'm a stab your old ass when we get in them cells". You can tell it gets real in there, it's not a game.

Nova G. : I knew this was gonna be funny when I saw his hair was half braided. Looking like that episode of "Martin" when he ran away and joined that cult. 😂😂😂

Mordo Uchiha : "stop bein weird" "I'm nooooot" Story of my life just be sitting mindin my own business yet somehow got in the middle of some dumb stuff lol

killraven123 : Black culture is so homophobic and transphobic, great social commentary.

Marcus Mackey : "Imma stab yo old ass when we get upstairs in those cells" 😂😂 How you gonna tell somebody you gonna stab them before you do it. Lol. Absolutely genius this show

Choppa Love : His girl look like meek mill 😂😂😂

813Productions : This is the most Atlanta shit I’ve ever seen 😂😂😂

Joseph t : " nah that ain't gay that's just jail" lmbo🤣🤣🤣🤣

Omgo Longin : How this guy didn't know this girl is a man everyone can see it why can't he He gay

Randall Holloway : @1:13 - Riley Freeman to the max 🤣💀

Tuck Carruso : 1:41 "That ain't gay. That's just jail."

Christian Coleman : "Its not gay its just jail" lol IM so confused 😂😂😂

Drayonis : Very powerful scene. It said so much in such a small space

Dannie daughter of the King : Bruh we gonna act like Lisa don't look and sound like Larry??

Queen Mia : When she started talking I knew she was a he. 😂🤣💀

Just Tish : This will never ever ever not be hilarious 😂

TJ Jackson : "Yo ex girl a man" 😂😂😂

Kym Hinklin : Yoo this whole comments section is exactly what Glover is talking about with this scene, how it's just 2 people having a nice time and a sweet conversation and the environment (maybe black community) invalidates and shuts down any prospects of nuanced understanding of sexuality and love because it's "gay" 👏👏 Glover👏👏

Candice Dice : they take your wig in jail

Eddie Holmes : You can really do whatever you want.. That boy gay as hell. Lol!!

Destini Abrams : Lmao this was one of the funniest scenes i have ever seen... I died laughing

Sheesh Meesh : Why was the funniest part about this to me was him telling Donald to stop being weird lmao story of my awkward life...can't turn it off

Jae L. : Why he gotta be mean to Donald though?😂😂

gogotrololo 619 : Why does this feel like a scene out of the Boondocks?

Vaughn Gainey : "Sexuality is spectrum you really do whatever you want" 😂😂😂.

Eleanor Leeson : I love how even after the guy in red says Lisa is a guy he still uses feminine pronouns to refer to her


Jacob Ramon : I remember Kevin he was loud 😂😂😂

isaiah adams : 1:14 brought back so many memories i had to rewatch boondocks

Romeo : This is America

JLeon40 : I love how uncomfortable donald looked😂😂

Heema _ : the level of awkward is just pure gold

R U N N I N - G U N N I N : I like how he keeps piccing on Childish Gambino cause he can’t confront no one else 😭😭😭

natty fabulous : The blood of jesus.....jus another way the gov is tryin to turn men in to women the devil is wicked stay woke mi brothers god bless

Eddie Holmes : 2:08 the guy tapping the other guy arm 🤣🤣🤣

Nicolás B : One of the things that makes Atlanta such a good show is that even the actors who only appear for a few seconds, in just one scene, are also amazing. This is an example.

westbreezy : Sexuality is complicated ... I think his heart goes before his mind and he finds himself attracted to them before it registers they aren't fully woman... sexuality is wierd like that ... We register different stimuli later than others and by the time u know you are already in too deep to realise it's not a woman ur dealing with...I think that's what this guy in the scene is going through.

Malcolm Reynolds : "Stop being weird" "MAN I'M NOT I'M JUST SITTING HERE" 😂😂😂

danteangelo212 : "That ain't gay thats just jail"

Darth Watson : "Your ex girlfriend a man"

BedStuyBro : He's a great actor.

Karma92 Sims : This makes me so sad to watch scene is so deep