Impossible Muons
Impossible Muons

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Thanks to for supporting MinutePhysics! The first 200 people who go to will get 20% off a Premium Subscription to Brilliant. This video is about how terrestrial muons are part of our experimental proof of time dilation, length contraction, and special relativity in general. REFERENCES Cosmic Rays Terrestrial Cosmic Rays Cosmic Ray Interaction Depth & Muon Production Altitude Cosmic rays are stronger at the poles Cosmic Rays on Hyperphysics Exponential decay and mean lifetime Support MinutePhysics on Patreon! Link to Patreon Supporters: MinutePhysics is on twitter - @minutephysics And facebook - And Google+ (does anyone use this any more?) - Minute Physics provides an energetic and entertaining view of old and new problems in physics -- all in a minute! Created by Henry Reich


Jesus Christ : Amazing! Evidence for time dilation is awesome!

Aryan Mishra : So a muon is a flat earther

spelunkerd : For some reason I find time dilation to be easier to comprehend compared to length dilation. Shrinking of an approaching three dimensional object on only the axis of apparent movement seems, more abstract.

Persian Mapper : I clicked on this faster than a Muon could say length contraction

Ananya Pathak : Cats want to know about impossible meowons

Jonathan Bieß : If I could just dilate the time of my weekends...

Oliver Kirkland : What's a cow's favorite particle? A moo-on! ((i'm sorry))

Karl Enok Brochmann : Holy cow, this is an insane, and mind blowing example of real-world physics

31415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993 : Probably the coolest physics video I've ever understood on this channel.

Daniel K : so myons made in the lab don't travel at that speed ? are they slower ?

Sat Man : Can't these muons be used for the MUON CATALYSED Fusion, showed in a previous minutephysics video?

GoLogical Gaming : How fast is everything in perspective from light???

Amir LEVY : I alredy knew this but I watched it because its minutephysics

sans the skeleton : I love the *KNOWLEDGE* you provide

Darkstorm500 : 4minutephysics

Pablo T.V. : After watching your series on special relativity, I understand this video, and it has blown my mind. Awesome!

Hoo Ha : at 1:11 shouldn't that be 1%? since 100(0,5)^(10/1,5) = 1%

Blacklight : In soviet muon, ground reach you

René Lz Nicolás : Henry, PLEASE make a video explaining how particle detectors work!! Great job, btw. Love you

klsar1 : I wish if i could get my bigmac in 2 microseconds

Daria Pavlova : Henry, you are the best. Thank you!

ThatPsDude : But from my perspective the Jedi are evil! :O

Autumn : Amazing video as always; I've always been confused by the concept of time dilation, but your explanation here has finally enabled me to understand :) Happy physics-ing!

SKILL_KILL__ : So room-temperature fusion would possibly be effective in space, provided we go fast enough?

Gunnar Oddur Rósarsson : Up, down. Back forth. Left right and time. 4 dimensions. Quite elementary, actually.

Three Little Trees : This is a conspiracy of nature!

Prajjalak Chattopadhyay : This exact question was in my university exam, in the special relativity paper. I knew it and was able to write. Good representation here.

Jordan Kelley : Fascinating that these two factors, length contraction and time dilation, can lead to no contradictions in observations like number of particles of some type observed, despite being totally different effects. That agreement is of course baked into the spacetime interval in fundamental way, but that it can be baked into that is baffling...

Bharat Nair : Learnt this in my elective physics course back in college! One of the few things I remember from that class

Matthew Willis : 2:58 Flat Earth confirmed!

christian Saldaña : I don't like flat-earthers,they don't have common sense. Ask astronomy,not physics.

Cookie : You got me interested at keions

Vibudh Sharma : Do one on the twins paradox please! I've calculated the stuff in your video in one of my recent classes. It's awesome

Frecaa : This is insanely beautiful.

Majin Buu : Could we somehow absorb these muons for the muon-catalyzed cold fusion?

Shivam Kaushik : Einstein disproved the quote "Time and tide wait for none".

Vaughan Wittorff : You make a mistake at 01:12. After 10 microseconds there will be 1% left, not 0.1%.

Mystery Man : We got a MinutePhysics video. Vsauce should be uploading soon

# THEKINGonDEM : I didnt even knew that there is a thing called muon😅😅😅😅😅😅

amanda claireon : everything is is subjective even for subatomic particles thats's amazing

Indraneel Kukday : This was in a Vsauce video This is more explained Love it

AWESH KHAN : , 😂🤣🤣🤣 so funny

The Centrifuge Channel : So .. I have tried how an automatic clock in my centrifuge behaves (at a g-force of 2000g). The result was obvious :D Do you think because of the acceleration (3570 RPM), the time behaves differently for a digital clock inside and outside of my laboratory centrifuge ? (because of relativity)

Nathan Hardcastle : You drew the muon with a positive charge at the begging, was that deliberate

Cosmic Background Radiation : This makes sense and doesn't all at the same time.

Kerry Fitch : Time IS length. More precisely, the 4th spatial dimension, sometimes referred to as" trength"

Kock Arthur : It's about time we got a video on this. Great job Mr. minutephysics.

Der Radfahrer : Oh man, this brings back memories. (I did that lab experiment my self at my university)

Mal Mack : Idk why I watched this.. I can't function past fractions smh