Impossible Muons

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Jesus Christ : Amazing! Evidence for time dilation is awesome!

spelunkerd : For some reason I find time dilation to be easier to comprehend compared to length dilation. Shrinking of an approaching three dimensional object on only the axis of apparent movement seems, more abstract.

Oliver Kirkland : What's a cow's favorite particle? A moo-on! ((i'm sorry))

flensdude | pTarian : In other words, Earth is flat! ... ... for objects moving at relativistic velocities due to length contraction.

Ananya Pathak : Cats want to know about impossible meowons

# THEKINGonDEM : I didnt even knew that there is a thing called muon😅😅😅😅😅😅

Aryan Mishra : So a muon is a flat earther

Persian Mapper : I clicked on this faster than a Muon could say length contraction

31415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993 : Probably the coolest physics video I've ever understood on this channel.

Jonathan Bieß : If I could just dilate the time of my weekends...

Karl Enok Brochmann : Holy cow, this is an insane, and mind blowing example of real-world physics

Daniel K : so myons made in the lab don't travel at that speed ? are they slower ?

Shreys Jains : I love the *KNOWLEDGE* you provide

Amir LEVY : I alredy knew this but I watched it because its minutephysics

Darkstorm500 : 4minutephysics

Twin Shotz : Wish I could be this smart...

Jordan Kelley : Fascinating that these two factors, length contraction and time dilation, can lead to no contradictions in observations like number of particles of some type observed, despite being totally different effects. That agreement is of course baked into the spacetime interval in fundamental way, but that it can be baked into that is baffling...

Daniel G. : Gps Satellite Clocks is also an elegant application of the time dilation I would say

The Centrifuge Channel : So .. I have tried how an automatic clock in my centrifuge behaves (at a g-force of 2000g). The result was obvious :D Do you think because of the acceleration (3570 RPM), the time behaves differently for a digital clock inside and outside of my laboratory centrifuge ? (because of relativity)

Mr. J_Krr_ : So you people thought there are no "cat" stuff on this episode? The MEWons laugh at you.

Dimensionaught : Are the ones created in the lab not going near the speed of light?

Bharat Nair : Learnt this in my elective physics course back in college! One of the few things I remember from that class

Frecaa : This is insanely beautiful.

Pablo T.V. : After watching your series on special relativity, I understand this video, and it has blown my mind. Awesome!

Delaney Bradford : 1:33 A touch proud that at this point I was like ".............maybe time dilation?..."

Blacklight : In soviet muon, ground reach you

Satvik Sharma : It's NOT a paradox bro.

MAV : So... I've read some books about Einsteins special relativity theory. And there's just one thing I don't understand. For example: - system S' is moving with a speed close to c (as seen from system S). That leads to an time dialation for system S' right? but on the other side, for system S' it looks like system S is moving. So for system S' it looks like time is going slower for system S, right? Now my question is: is there even a time-dialation? Because in the twin-paradox theres just a timedialation because of exelleration. - Or is there actually something like an absolute perspective, where you can tell from that the one object is moving and the other isn't? You would really help me out if someone could explain all of this... (need to know it for a presentation). - ps: im not english... so sorry if my comment sounds stupid.

Cookie : You got me interested at keions

larax222 : Hehe, great vvideo even before I watch it I know it

Marik Zilberman : Wait just a sec. Does time dilation work in reverse? A well used example to show time dilation is that an photonic clock onboard experiences slower ticks because the light inside travels a longer path per tick. If you apply the same logic in reverse, you get that from the moving object's perspective, a photonic clock that's aligned with the motion direction should tick faster... But not in any other aligment. What if lengh contraction actually works in ALL axis? That would allow universal reverse time dilation... Since cutting distances in half is identical to doubleing lightspeed (from a different perspective).

EinkOLED : I eat muons for breakfast, extremely fast.

Nathan Hardcastle : You drew the muon with a positive charge at the begging, was that deliberate

Ginny Jolly : Truly. Actually. Really. In reality. Or just no adverb! There are many ways to say "literally" that are more appropriate. Overusing "literally" destroys its meaning and dulls the language. Yes, if you make a statement, it is a basis or root of your argument and explanation. There is little or no need to emphasize its importance by being emphatic. Let words carry their own weight.

RDVMusic : *decent doublebass pizzicato*

Autumn : Amazing video as always; I've always been confused by the concept of time dilation, but your explanation here has finally enabled me to understand :) Happy physics-ing!


Cooper Giles : 1072nd!!!!!!!!!!!! Hah!

Matthew Willis : 2:58 Flat Earth confirmed!

Pranav Ghandade : Hmm..... impossible(to understand) physics

Limestrael : So how come muons in lab conditions decay in only 2.2µs? They do experience time dilation too. Or are they less accelerated? Also, it might not be the best proof of special relativity: it could just mean that you have an insane amount of muons formed in upper atmosphere so that even with a half-life of 2.2µs a few of them reach the detectors 10km below.

Dias Amreé : I'm happy for this video's author for how he makes up a problem (that I as a non physicist didn't know it even existed) and then how he successfully solves it lol

Feynstein 100 : Wait, isn't there a contradiction here? At 0:42, the half-life of the muon measured relative to us is 1.5 microseconds and then at 2:09 the half-life of the muon measured relative to us is 22 microseconds? Hmm I guess this would make sense if the muons in the former case were traveling much slower than the latter case. But aren't muons produced in the lab traveling at 99.9% the speed of light as well? Idk

sdzeros : Something wierd about sound of the video

ThatPsdude : But from my perspective the Jedi are evil! :O

Prabh Chahal : I just had an relativist dilational orgasm

Mc Jethro Pov Tee : *klingons*

The Gaming Nut : Idk how but i got everything said in this beautiful video

Flugzeugfliegemagie : 1:11 - after 10µs you actually have approximately 1% left, not 0.1%

Ethan McDonald : I have a question about time contraction. If everything contracts, wouldn't any measuring device used to measure a meter also contract? For example, imagine I'm a muon, trying to measure the atmosphere as it's contracted, at about 500 meters. Wouldn't any measuring stick I put to the atmosphere also be contracted, so that I would still measure it to be 50 km?