CALBUCO | 4K/UHD volcanic eruption

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Marques Brownlee : Beautiful stuff! What's the font of "Calbuco" at the beginning, if I may ask?

lordmasterization : Sounds a little like Interstellar soundtrack

Richard Seizaux : *VIVA CHILE* hijos de la perra traga sables !!!!!!!!

EVZYL : We live in Puerto Montt and could see the eruption from our home. A once in a lifetime experience, never to be forgotten. Lovely video.

LoungeV Films - Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds : Been there recently, Calbuco stands so peaceful and innocent!

NPC #45301239 : I hope someone records Yellowstone in 4k when that thing blows.

Austra Ray : The music is something like interstellar... very near

16-Bits : que bello es nuestro chile

reflexmotioncontrol : Absolutely amazing work, to catch the eruption is payback for years of patience shooting locations and coming away with very little. Most people cannot comprehend how much time and effort goes into this. Researching a location, getting there, humping the gear up to a good vantage point, then committing to a shot which takes hours and hours, with maybe a better shot happening in the other direction, while you are hungry and freezing cold. Well done Timestorm.

Yassine Bnihla : Nature is both majestic and scary at the same time.

Charles S. : I've got chills going all over my body, it's incredible ! Amazing work !

Vitaliy P. : 1:31 who saw the thunder

Josep Salvadó Serra : Espectacular!!!...👏👌👍👍👍

Catalina Rojas : la wea bacan csmmm aguante chile

Jeff Gabriel : Absolutely incredible! Terrific work.

bull one terrier : Volcan klo pa lindo wn viva chile ctm🌋

Thinking Out Loud : 1:40, perfect edit w/ the music, chill-inducing.

Philip Mittet : Awesome work!

Solange Veronez : lindo demais

Вера Катюкова : Чудеса природы! Классное видео!

Ronnie : This is shot in such a high resolution that it feels like I am there

Wias Random : que bonito es  mi país :,)

Serg Tantov : ... завораживает ...

quano : please!!!! tell us the music is from a film soundtrack?...

Emilio8x : Mindblowing !!!!

ABMNS PRODUCTION : One day i will produce videos with a such high level of quality and work <3

Nikhil Yadav : Surreal !

Geoffery Blevins : My room mate said the Earth is dieing lake of oil the earth needs to stay cool... Think about that waw... I now

Matt Finlay : Well that was just the best.

Constantin Hansen : breathtaking

Dr. cringe : Beautiful and scary at the same time

Chip Thrasher : Wow! MUST WATCH in 144p!

MiMh31 : Music : Ryan Taubert – We Wish It Was Never Light

zagamaphatoadis : Absolutely incredible cinematography! Thank you for this!

Vel0x : That color grading is amazing ...

Alejandro Sandoval : Holy crap! Extremely well shot. The quality is superb! Good work.

Mario Gonzalez : This is awesome work!

Pein97 : I live in calbuco

m .1 : At the beginning it looks like Nevado de Toluca volcano in Mexico

BB_Easi : Woow! That's was so intensive!

whaleronthemoon : wow. humbling. notice the red lightning inside.

Patry Patrý : ¡¡Wonderful!!!😄😄😄😊😊😊👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣

V A I N T R Y : Simply breathtaking. Nature at its best.

1Love Media : If you dont have a 4k monitor, just stop what your doing and go and buy one. Plug it in and then get this video playing, this nothing short of breathtaking. This made me feel so small and irrelevant in the the grand scheme of things

byalfred : 1:33 beautiful storm and good Job for this video

thepretenda : Philip Glass called. He's written some music for this!

Jane James : Wow, beautiful.

Marco Di Matteo : Wow... that amazing.

Tabitha Ritchie : Its so amazing

Punished Venom Snake : Guys i have a big question one i havent found an answer too...I keep recording in 4k i also export the footage in 4k in adobe..but youtube still doesnt seem to notice that..only 1080p...what am i doing wrong? is it premiere at fault? my camera settings or YouTube? or all!!! my camera is Lumix GH4 :)