CALBUCO | 4K/UHD volcanic eruption

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Marques Brownlee : Beautiful stuff! What's the font of "Calbuco" at the beginning, if I may ask?

LoungeV Films - Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds : Been there recently, Calbuco stands so peaceful and innocent!

Charles S. : I've got chills going all over my body, it's incredible ! Amazing work !

reflexmotioncontrol : Absolutely amazing work, to catch the eruption is payback for years of patience shooting locations and coming away with very little. Most people cannot comprehend how much time and effort goes into this. Researching a location, getting there, humping the gear up to a good vantage point, then committing to a shot which takes hours and hours, with maybe a better shot happening in the other direction, while you are hungry and freezing cold. Well done Timestorm.

Jeff Gabriel : Absolutely incredible! Terrific work.

Madraga1 : que bello es nuestro chile

Austra Ray : The music is something like interstellar... very near

Thinking Out Loud : 1:40, perfect edit w/ the music, chill-inducing.

Pete Pagan : On my iMac 5k w/ AMD Radeon R9 M295X, 32GB ram, 1T-SSD. Connected to a Scarlett 18i8, listening through AKG K712 Pro.......JUST AMAZING! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. This video showed me the beauty and the clarity.... Powerful video.... Speechless! The sound track...... everything.....! Pure Awesome video. Made me see the powerful world and its beauty. Makes us say that there is a powerful God! A God who made this amazing earth!!!! :-)

Sachin sunny : sound track owsome

lordmasterization : Sounds a little like Interstellar soundtrack

Kayla Moore : UNBELIEVABLE!!! Just beautiful!

thepretenda : Philip Glass called. He's written some music for this!

0nly1truth : It's funny how everyone says "Soo Beautiful" - until the uploader says; "I have a confession to make - that was a nuclear bomb in North Korea."

LUMEiLiO : this is absolutely incredible :O amazing work guys

Cristófano Varacolaci : Amazing ... astonishing

garaughty : Incredible work!

Chip Thrasher : Wow! MUST WATCH in 144p!

Артем Сяпуков : земля прекрасна во всех своих проявлениях

Constantin Hansen : breathtaking

Emilioh888 : Mindblowing !!!!

MiMh31 : Music : Ryan Taubert – We Wish It Was Never Light

Catalina Rojas : la wea bacan csmmm aguante chile

FunkyBear : Amazing like always. I have thrill when I see that!

GiuseppeAbbaFilm : This is phenomenal!

PAVANZYL : I just wonder how the f"£$k anyone can give this video a thumbs down. Jealousy?

Serg Tantov : ... завораживает ...

Psv35 : It is an awesome video! I hope that I will see something like this one day... I am looking foreward to your next timelapse video!

Vitaliy P. : 1:31 who saw the thunder

Igor Grunskyi : One of the most beautiful things I ever seen. Nature is by far the best artist of all the times!

Matt Finlay : Well that was just the best.

Tomas García : La erupción del volcán Calbuco

Andrzej Maciejewski : piekna jest nasza planeta

Satish gadhe : Feels like a Nolan Movie

马钢 : 太美了 厉害

EGORLORN : What kind of music in this video?))))

Punished Venom Snake : Guys i have a big question one i havent found an answer too...I keep recording in 4k i also export the footage in 4k in adobe..but youtube still doesnt seem to notice that..only 1080p...what am i doing wrong? is it premiere at fault? my camera settings or YouTube? or all!!! my camera is Lumix GH4 :)

ProSuper : great work !

dance for me savedra : bkn.

Predrag Djurdjic : Bravo  ...

EVZYL : We live in Puerto Montt and could see the eruption from our home. A once in a lifetime experience, never to be forgotten. Lovely video.

BTH : Absolutely terrifying

ABMNS PRODUCTION : One day i will produce videos with a such high level of quality and work <3

Krzysztof Słomski : What is small object's in 43s???

Richard Seizaux : *VIVA CHILE* hijos de la perra traga sables !!!!!!!!


Ginger Marie : I hope someone records Yellowstone in 4k when that thing blows.

Federico Souza : Just awesome

fu paner : It was all like a concert.

123TauruZ321 : Hey that was a nice video, for once!! That is a 1/100. Big eruption, one of the biggest i've seen across Youtube. And the timelapse-thing around 2:00 was very cool informative, thank you for making that! Just imagine Yellowstone, that will be about 1000 times bigger than this. It is almost unimaginable.