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Comedian and musician Reggie Watts takes over a stranger's Tinder. Still haven’t subscribed to Vanity Fair on YouTube? ►► ABOUT VANITY FAIR Arts and entertainment, business and media, politics, and world affairs—Vanity Fair’s features and exclusive videos capture the people, places, and ideas that define modern culture. Reggie Watts Hijacks a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair


miriam young : When he accidentally swipes left on David and you know Lilly will never get to ride in his boat.

Prowler9000 : "Sorry, didn't mean to swipe right." *next person, swipes left instead of right*

Didrik Malmstedt : If she's 42 I'm 2

calumisamazingg : hey James can you James 😂😂😂

esketit : "my new friend lilly" "WE MEET GOOD LOOKING GUY I JUMP ON THEM"

Nevel Papperman : She reminds me of the little women from the incredibles

DarkBeef197 : The guy with Roller Blades is a rare pokemon

Katie Dunlap : I can tell Lily was really pretty in her hey day. She's so charming and blunt I love her. Plus she's on Tinder? 🤘🏻 I would be honored if I was her granddaughter. ❤️

P West : Holy shit the picture of the dude in roller blades on a rock has me crying! 😂

Lets Snugglez : Some of these older guys are pretty good looking and fit.

Andrew Pahos : "he celebrates wine by having it"

Edwin Fredericks : "This is a classic dog master, he's 58, he's probably like level 22 dog master...." Lol Reggie is too much.... 😂 😂 😂

Cameron McIver : "He celebrates wine by having it" lol same

aaron4820 : Damn Reggie's face and hair are acknowledging physics but choosing to ignore it.

White Chocolate : "Hey James can you James"

KitchenASMR : "In fact, yesterday I drove a car into a wall and walked away."  This is how I'm going to introduce myself in business meetings to assert my dominance.

Maureen Miah : "Regular shaped dog, but he's holding it weird.." wat.

SPLASH DADDY 420 UNLOVABLE : did anyone else noticed how many times he messed up on his rights and lefts lol

Michael : I want to watch a show with Lily as the main character. I love her personality.

Christine Howard : lmaaooooo you like product? well he developed them... i love reggie so much

bookieplow : LOOOOOL he swiped left on David! I'm dead.

Cameron McIver : James's reply. "Yes I can James pretty well"

annisam : I need 2 more hours of this please

IanMaCee : She is into men into there 50s-60s and shes like 70 something haha

It'sAlexForShort : I didn't know older people used this

Gene Dexter : 42?

Ali Sherri : Did anyone also notice the guy with the boat, the granny said to the right while he swiped to the left hahaha

Alex Zlavog : shes like an older female christopher walken

Ty Richardson : no fucking way did voice control work that well

Rayan Saidani : anyone else feel like she was really attractive back in the day

Dan C : Damn when did Reggie Watts become so goddamn sexy? :O That shirt and suspenders and muscles look so good on him

n111cky : this makes me want to go on tinder... and then i remember i never get any matches...

アーサー : You can't shave the world.

Jack Tanner : You can't shave the world.

BugIn TheRug : pear shaped dog HHAHAHAHAH

Lucy Chen : I'm loving this woman...

Travis Godfrey Evans : That last dude worked at SpaceX. SPACE X.

Allante Burnett : She sounds like a female version of Christoper Walken

onarionaa : Wooooooooooooooooooo. Thanks bra, you know so many guys tell me that and at this point it's kind of crazy that my life is the way that it is. When I was a little girl growing up in one of the hardest places to grow up people used to tell me even as a little girl you'll do well with guys as you get older. But now that I'm a little bit older I feel like I'm stronger than ever in fact yesterday I drove a car into a wall and walked away.

NANI : omg I think I've got a thing for Doug

cats cats : she was really not having any of his jokes

justine : "Do you like guys who look like George carlin?" Hahahahahahhahahhah

BNL07604 : So far, EVERYONE has better than Amy Schumer. Reggie may be as subtle as she is, but at least he's funny. And he's multi-talented.

Vanessa ! : I was into Doug tbh

FreshOutTheBoXxX : Mmm.. Harry Potta grown up 😏

Mrs. Morbid : Doug looks like Marty McFlys dad

Atari Grams : yo congrats to reggie he used to be fat, now hes pretty buff af

ol : Reggie is hilarious! Swipe right for him any time

alicia posthuma : "sacred" ??????? -_-