Reggie Watts Hijacks a Stranger's Tinder | Vanity Fair

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MASKRONER : "He's not good at sentence structure"... Later: "HEY JAMES CAN YOU JAMES?"

Prowler9000 : "Sorry, didn't mean to swipe right." *next person, swipes left instead of right*

miriam young : When he accidentally swipes left on David and you know Lilly will never get to ride in his boat.

Edwin Fredericks : "This is a classic dog master, he's 58, he's probably like level 22 dog master...." Lol Reggie is too much.... 😂 😂 😂

SPLASH DADDY 420 UNLOVABLE : did anyone else noticed how many times he messed up on his rights and lefts lol

DarkBeef197 : The guy with Roller Blades is a rare pokemon

Nevel Papperman : She reminds me of the little women from the incredibles

Andrew Pahos : "he celebrates wine by having it"

esketit : "my new friend lilly" "WE MEET GOOD LOOKING GUY I JUMP ON THEM"

Lets Snugglez : Some of these older guys are pretty good looking and fit.

aaron4820 : Damn Reggie's face and hair are acknowledging physics but choosing to ignore it.

calumisamazingg : hey James can you James 😂😂😂

Christine Howard : lmaaooooo you like product? well he developed them... i love reggie so much

Michael : I want to watch a show with Lily as the main character. I love her personality.

P West : Holy shit the picture of the dude in roller blades on a rock has me crying! 😂

Didrik Malmstedt : If she's 42 I'm 2

It'sAlexForShort : I didn't know older people used this

Ali Sherri : Did anyone also notice the guy with the boat, the granny said to the right while he swiped to the left hahaha

Katie Dunlap : I can tell Lily was really pretty in her hey day. She's so charming and blunt I love her. Plus she's on Tinder? 🤘🏻 I would be honored if I was her granddaughter. ❤️

Maureen Miah : "Regular shaped dog, but he's holding it weird.." wat.

Dan C : Damn when did Reggie Watts become so goddamn sexy? :O That shirt and suspenders and muscles look so good on him

bookieplow : LOOOOOL he swiped left on David! I'm dead.

Gene Dexter : 42?

Alex Zlavog : shes like an older female christopher walken

onarionaa : Wooooooooooooooooooo. Thanks bra, you know so many guys tell me that and at this point it's kind of crazy that my life is the way that it is. When I was a little girl growing up in one of the hardest places to grow up people used to tell me even as a little girl you'll do well with guys as you get older. But now that I'm a little bit older I feel like I'm stronger than ever in fact yesterday I drove a car into a wall and walked away.

annisam : I need 2 more hours of this please

Cameron McIver : "He celebrates wine by having it" lol same

IanMaCee : She is into men into there 50s-60s and shes like 70 something haha

n111cky : this makes me want to go on tinder... and then i remember i never get any matches...

White Chocolate : "Hey James can you James"

Rayan Saidani : anyone else feel like she was really attractive back in the day

BNL07604 : So far, EVERYONE has better than Amy Schumer. Reggie may be as subtle as she is, but at least he's funny. And he's multi-talented.

Allante Burnett : She sounds like a female version of Christoper Walken

Travis Godfrey Evans : That last dude worked at SpaceX. SPACE X.

BugIn TheRug : pear shaped dog HHAHAHAHAH

Jack Tanner : You can't shave the world.

Arthur : You can't shave the world.

Lucy Chen : I'm loving this woman...

Atari Grams : yo congrats to reggie he used to be fat, now hes pretty buff af

M : is she actually 42 years old? 😂

NANI : omg I think I've got a thing for Doug

Cameron McIver : James's reply. "Yes I can James pretty well"

Vanessa ! : I was into Doug tbh

cats cats : she was really not having any of his jokes

alicia posthuma : "sacred" ??????? -_-

Mrs. Morbid : Doug looks like Marty McFlys dad

The Mavericks : She sounds like she is trying to do her best Christopher walken impression

ol : Reggie is hilarious! Swipe right for him any time

justine : "Do you like guys who look like George carlin?" Hahahahahahhahahhah

Lovely Wallflower : I wish Seth Rogen got this lady.