Jaime Foxx tells hilarious stories about partying with celebrities and meeting Kanye West

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PowerfulJRE #990 - Jaime Foxx Jaimie Foxx tells hilarious stories of partying with celebrities like Puff Daddy, Jay-Z, The Neptunes, Pharrell, Kanye West. Kanye asked him to sing for him and Jaime butchered it.

Comments from Youtube

Gary Whelan : Man Jamie is one of the best story tellers I've ever heard. He puts you right in the moment.

Stephen Douglas : I wasn't expecting much out of this. But damn. Great story.

C Dub : Jamie Foxx has literally told these same exact hollywood stories word for word at every interview for years.

BlassReiter1100cc : I'm doing some excellent cocaine right now.

flatearthgoth : Jaime Foxx: 5'9 Pharrel Williams: 5'9

pirate radio : Dave Chapelle should turn this into a skit!😂 #TrueHollywoodStories

Alex Yeon : Man I love Jamie but he gotta get some new stories.

Milli Mill : "When opportunity comes; if you're prepared for it, now you can jump in and grab it"

RFAB Productions : Django Unchained is a badass movie

Spurs_ : Jay z impression was so on point lol

Сергей Мешков : Jaime Foxx tells hilarious stories about partying with celebrities and meeting Kanye West For the 100th time

JAMS DjPhotoBooth : My party cost only 450 dollars playboy!! Lol

Joose Beats : Jay Z was unknown (Pre-1996ish) Pharrell was unknown (2000ish) and Kanye had a broken jaw (2002ish) This party was all over the place as far as time lol Jamies time memory is HORRIBLE hahaha

xXLuismxX23 : “Long story longer” thats the first time i hear that lol

Liam Hicks : Why does jay z sound like Kermit the frog so Jamie foxx

Bi Ed : A million dollar for party? Shit. I'll buy a quarter of weed, some nachos and burgers, and thats it. Thats a typical saturday night party for me.

RyanJ504 : Coke and KFC. I like how Hollywood never robbed Foxx of the ability to be thrifty and have a good time without blowing tons of money.

Kevin Jurkiewicz : At 3:05 he says he is talking about different parties. Jay z was at Jamie’s puff party and Kanye was at a different party

Jabu Phiri : Nah that jay z impersonation has me gasping for air 😂😂😂

MarcAnthem : Lol he told this story on Graham Norton ages ago

adrenaline : I had to stop the video and go listen to Slow Jamz again. Nostalgia...

Jeremy Lopez : Jamie Foxx should be a weekly thing.

Tyson Williams : The Kanye impression was great

Skyy : *yo pierre you wanna come out here* hyaaaa

king mswati : How did no one not recognize Jay-Z at a party in 2000?? He already had a number 1 album and a Grammy. This story doesn't make sense .

Cosmos the hustle man : That jay z voice 😂😂😂

Omar Scruggs : Definitely those eyes wide shut type parties that he plays nakes basketball at

lil baby tears : “She said she want some marvin GaYyyyYEee” “Uhhh don’t do that” Lmfaooooo!

Tim Bishop : He needs to have him back at his new set up <3

andy chang : Jamie foxx' talking voice sounds identical to kid cudi's

ayo30s : I'm glad Joe Rogan had fun listening, he's always having to carry a conversations

l holliss : Spittin' through the wire

william chiusano : Very Interesting. Jamie Foxx is always FULL OF ENERGY .. He is a good guy and I admire he loves seeing everyone around him grow, expand, grow LIVE ..

Exit Paradise : Slow Jamz literally changed my life. never will forget the first time i heard it

Free Man : Jamie Fox is the man... used to love watching his show in jail everyday! Lol

Goose : Diddy is like a male Paris Hilton lmfao!

123 z : Jimmy Butler looks like him, for real

TheHeroicDoses : gold. my respect for jamie foxx just went way up

James May's Flying Washing Machine : I died when he did the Jay-Z impression.

Genevieve Russo : joe imma let finish but jamie foxx had one of the best impersonations of all time!!

The Dude : Impression game is on point dude

Kelley Morse : He’s a great story teller! Great interview.

kervens bossuet : 2:44 funniest part😆😆😆

PewDieCake : Jaime is a Good story teller, does not lag with unnecessary long pauses for suspense.

Jeff Clement : Musical people? Jaime and Marvin Gaye and I'm out

Gavin Henry : I don’t know what it is about this guy but he comes across as false! 🤔

Kevin mcnamara : Dang Jamie Foxx is a proud boy

Phillis Powers : Be blessed, Bro Jamie, spoken with wisdom. Key, reinvent one's self..know the GAME, So one DOESN'T GET GAMED... smiles. .keeping integrity every step of the way...much respect, be blessed!

C M : “Through the wire”. Rapped through his broken wired up jaw