WSHH Presents "Questions" (Season 3 Episode 1: Times Square, NYC)

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Its Niiko : Missed these videos 🙏🏼🔥

Its Niiko : These people making us New Yorkers look bad🤧😂

Robert Peguero : Happy to see questions back, but not happy with the questions.

Thot King : If you like this you will have a blessed 2019 with everything u could ever wish for😊😊

Ziggy TM : Ayo what!! This is a big salute to the OG’s that remember WSHH questions back in the day

Young Money Sounds : Don't go down! You're now officially gay... like to undo!

JILLIZA : We wanted the og host not this dude🤦🏾🤦🏾

LeBeautiful : No more of those bootleg versions on YT...the OG is back fr! It really be more than 2 years 😩

theproducermic : lol. *Internet been missing this shit for sure.* RIP Q.

PlugKingz : some of these were just terrible questions...

#9 : 4:44 girl on the right is a dimee😍😍😍

Marco Mark Productions : "Name five members of Dipset" "What is that?" 💀💀💀

NightWolf : This is the *C O N T E N T* we want WorldStar

Hellaracks28 : Lmaoo you can tell the host from Maryland😭😭 “tuoo”

Sean Howard Jr : If that 50 Tyson ass dude don’t go on

Christian Mensah : Pitbull and rick ross on dipset.....i cant smh

Rogue Christian : Never thought we'd see Season 3, lets go!!!!!

yagirldani : It’s been like what? 3 years

ganz funny : diverse responses

One Real Ass Nigga : Hold up, I could’ve swore February only had 28 days when I was little 😂😂

Malik Fisher : I don’t even fw number 4 😂

Infinite : 6:55 The host’s face had me dying lmfaoo

Cameron Hollis : 9:30 he was so 🔥 she took her blindfold off 😂😂

Numberonejohnny : That freestyle was crazy someone sign this man

IsaacTownerBeats : These memes have me dying 😂😂😂

Treal Oso saucy : 3:40 wshh found 50 tyson 😭😭😭

Kyle Mightly : I swear, people are complete idiots bruh 😂!

KeidotKei : 2019 gotta be it if worldstar dropping another season of questions

GabePWNZ : Dan comeback for the people

Jdor D : Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way the truth and the life, whatever your going through give it to God in the mighty name of Jesus.

Strive ForExellence : This was not funny at all. 1st season was the only one that was funny smh

Angie gaming : Go rewatch all of the old videos after this you will not be disappointed

MacCYT : 9:15 90% of the rappers out now

Zeus' Olympus : What's a Dipset?

La .9kk : Bring the other dude back 🤧

Dequan : Who saw the woman at 3:55? 😂

CHU CHO : the kid with the white tee has mental problems i actually know him & he’s homeless

lil world : YEA.. THIS NOT IT.


Andy Camblor : Shit I’ve been waitung for a question vid for awhile now

No Fresh Cuts : These finally back 😁

David Collins : This was not as funny as the old jawns

Treal Oso saucy : 4:05 my mans coat clean asf

Dark Archer Nova : Took y’all 4 years to come up w new questions? Bring back the old host this dude ass

Manny Manhattan Music : Whoo need free beat🔥🔥

Bradley Johnston : He from Baltimore u can hear it in his voice

Khalil Griffith : Who else though they where First here ???

Mark Henningham : yo they edits get better each season LMFAO

Bugra Altınel : Before 1m a also before 5k

AlanYtXDBOYZZZ : No stop with the smoking