Brazil Port falls into the sea; 300ft Sinkhole to Blame
Brazilian Port Falls into Ocean Giant 300ft sinkhole

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nicman2011 : lol...go home earth, ur drunk.

snakebitmgee : How do you even begin to clean up something like that?

mtssvnsn : Clearly organized religion is to blame.

Ing. Max Koschuh : that's so weird

Firman Adi Wicaksono : caused by liquefaction?

BigHistoryBuff44 : wow, what a mess...

danzreggae : Why ddnt I see ths on da news

Beyond Deft : lol people don't understand it's a CCTV camera or whatever

chavesbra : It is not the sea. This is the Rio Negro (Black River). Tree miles downstream is the Encontro das Águas (Meeting of Waters) with the Rio Solimões. Both make the Rio Amazonas (Amazon River), the largest in the world (in water volume).

SunDance00 : Fast shipping

ramos3x : 1´09´´ Container ´´CooperCarga `` yes is in Brazil...

Raj Patel : Imagine all the tons of cocainum... RIP.

UDubFootballFan : or from human drilling and excavating materials like oil and salt.

Joel Brito : Sinkholes happen due to the erosion happening at bedrock the water eroded it so much that it can't stand the weight of dirt above therefore it falls

Theo Judd : Damn Nature You Scary!

alexis perez : WTF

MsMariajoo : This is the Amazon river and the sliding is cause by haarp There are no sinkhole in Brazil and no apoalipse neither. The earth is spining as well as the sun and the moon. Not because is the end of life but a natural process of the universe that we are lucky to observe.There is no end of life neither for the humanity. I am a historian that constantly reads science. Please dont talk to humans like if they were pets you can domesticate. Humanity is more inteligent than that.

Denisse Alvarez : si amiga fue en Octubre del 2010 en manaos

yokonzo : Just add yakkity sax in the background annnnnnd....

Sandip Sheta : OHOO

Andy Griffiths : Scary shit

Harold Reardon : Did some clown on dope film this ?

Martinele Ma : This was in BRAZIL? Are you sure?? Doubtful this video!!

Martinele Ma : Isso foi no BRAZIL?? Tem certeza??? Duvidoso esse vídeo!!!!

Mike R : Damn, Nature... You Scary!

Mike R : And I'm still waiting for my coffee and Nike's...

Mark Peterson : u r an idiot...nuf sed.

mavis wilson : more like SIM CITY

Andy Griffiths : Holy hell

edson o : The port falls into the Amazonas River, not into the sea.

FateKillsXoXo : I think it was a security camera because they move every time they detect movement

kudjo24 : yes, security camera folks, they are sometimes remote operated

ARW : Was this filmed by an owl?

~Nimble Navigator~ : The Almighty flushing his toilet!

Josh River : Nobody was holding the camera. I believe it is CCTV security camera being operated from a remote location. The film was sped up at times for editing purposed. Sorry, but there is nobody to put down in this situation.

It's Me : I bet if the earth was falling rite b4 your eyes you wouldn't even be able to hold the camera

Scumbot404 : It's not a sinkhole but a landslide.

nevetsspillihp2011 : camera guy was freaking out

LONE PUP : jesus christ why is the camera so jerky

Alfred Mayer : Good and stable building sites are scarce. The best are already used. So peeople build on land thats eroding under their feet.

bernie carpstinkenson : NUTHIN TO DO WITH IT,,, Large lime deposits in South America GET saturated and drain off like water This was a very big one. My dad would hire villagers to walk ahead with long poke poles so big machines wont fall in one of these voids.

Russ Avshalum : i hope we have done messing up with mother earth

Harley Quinn : dammit, dude. stop moving the camera around so much

IsleOfFeldspar : Silly people, this is just the new shipless container transport system.

DemiBejita : I'd like to report a stolen port.

yurrtg : i stand corrected. wow. i'll think twice about cranking up that backhoe.

Pool of tone : They must haven been shipping some bad, bad things

vitorfray : Actually, nazis were pretty fucked up people, with stupid beliefs. If this had happened in some port of theirs, it would have really been a nightmare to military logistics.

littlespinycactus : It is a real event. It occurred on Ocober 17, 2010 in Porto Chibatao, a river port in Manaus, Brazil. Apparently, the type of substrate. known as 'quick clay', is prone to catastrophic failure in certain conditions. In this instance, suspicion has fallen on vibrations caused by the nearby operation of a back hoe!