Brazil Port falls into the sea; 300ft Sinkhole to Blame

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snakebitmgee : How do you even begin to clean up something like that?

nicman2011 : lol...go home earth, ur drunk.

Firestormlover : This was not from a sinkhole collapse, but a Quick Clay slide. Quick clay forms when clay is under just enough stress that it liquifies and sets off a sort of chain reaction throughout the entire clay layer. There are some other videos about quick clay slides, also the short documentary about the Rissa Norway slide explains the phenomenon.

Jesus Christ : This is why you don't piss off Dad.

mtssvnsn : Clearly organized religion is to blame.

Raj Patel : Imagine all the tons of cocainum... RIP.

Ing. Max Koschuh : that's so weird

Beyond Deft : lol people don't understand it's a CCTV camera or whatever

tombear31 : The owner said after fishing out his semi trucks and other equipment he said he suffered $200 dollars in damaged goods

BigHistoryBuff44 : wow, what a mess...

Firman Adi Wicaksono : caused by liquefaction?

Harold Reardon : Did some clown on dope film this ?

MsMariajoo : This is the Amazon river and the sliding is cause by haarp There are no sinkhole in Brazil and no apoalipse neither. The earth is spining as well as the sun and the moon. Not because is the end of life but a natural process of the universe that we are lucky to observe.There is no end of life neither for the humanity. I am a historian that constantly reads science. Please dont talk to humans like if they were pets you can domesticate. Humanity is more inteligent than that.

Alex Rodrigues : This is the Amazonas River. Not the Sea.

lythsian : When Mother Earth pushes fast forward on the "think again" button.

Frederick Martin : OMG global warming. The sea is rising. The sea is rising. Quick ban something.

John Doe : Oh no, my container of Rolexs

Joseph Astier : A lot of that stuff looks recoverable.

Channaelise Rich : zkxe LOL :)

Sitik channel : itu mah abrasi

lytken : not sure if it is a sinkhole ore a underground river, it just look like a underground river flowing from the right to the left, but i could be wrong

bendari : WOW! That was very dramatic. Livin in The Twilight Zone! Maybe DC is next!

James Kirk : Brazilian quality........

uhfnutbar1 : its a land slide, the land fill was done wrong what new in a corrupt country :)  

aurelien clair : look unreal.

Anthony Ciccariello : wow that,was crazy

Rgb Rides : The law of the briny deep enforced

allkill종북 : hoax

Kardam Manu : Poor engineering.....but some thing I noticed...there was something who pass on screen at 33th and 34th second....

china man : wow thats incredible

danzreggae : Why ddnt I see ths on da news

gary rimington : that was pretty cool!!

Phil Taylor : Casualties?? Did see any people which is bizarre for a port.

Smarty The Pants : Someone not gettin their Nikes or tampons.

Greg McKee : Hope they cleaned it up

CthulhuSaves : Well, thanks to this video, I now know what it's like when you give a camera to an autistic child on a sugar high.


BG Davis : If these images are really from Manaus, whoever wrote the headline/caption is a total idiot. Manaus is hundreds of miles from the ocean, on a river.

Allan Rasmussen : Are there some who one know what city this recording is from ?

UKOnation : Oh God, please give brain to those idiots, posting false-named vids on youtube!

chavesbra : It is not the sea. This is the Rio Negro (Black River). Tree miles downstream is the Encontro das Águas (Meeting of Waters) with the Rio Solimões. Both make the Rio Amazonas (Amazon River), the largest in the world (in water volume).

SunDance00 : Fast shipping

ramos3x : 1´09´´ Container ´´CooperCarga `` yes is in Brazil...

UDubFootballFan : or from human drilling and excavating materials like oil and salt.

Joel Brito : Sinkholes happen due to the erosion happening at bedrock the water eroded it so much that it can't stand the weight of dirt above therefore it falls

Theo Judd : Damn Nature You Scary!

alexis perez : WTF

Denisse Alvarez : si amiga fue en Octubre del 2010 en manaos

yokonzo : Just add yakkity sax in the background annnnnnd....

Sandip Sheta : OHOO