Terribly Forced Marriage in India

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In this Sick video is a woman who is terribly forced to marry In India.All the people responsible for this should be bought to Justice


Gunner Miller : A term I came across in a science fiction book describes India and a good part of the region as a "Thermonuclear fire culture".

Angelus Gia : Dang her disgusting parents deserve to a place called a prison.

THE KINGKEVKA : Thats India for u

Des Nebula : This is not an "Indian" thing but I think it exists only among poor families. Women are not your property. You cannot trade them.

jungkooki hella hot : So sad 😟😟😟😟😟😟

Edward Carnby : Yeah, I'm sure that's not gonna backfire on the groom at all, will it? "Hey, let's try and trap a woman against her will in a relationship where she's expected to be a carer and a mother. I'm sure she'll be more than enthusiastic about carrying out her duties, right?"

jungkooki hella hot : This was happen to my sis she dont want to marry ugly and older men but my parents forced and beaten her to marry she dont have option groom presher on her to marry him and also she forced to say sorry to groom to reject him before .πŸ˜” i also get beaten for helping her .. But my father say if she not marry then i have to marry instead so i was neutral .. It will happen with me in future so i seth my mind to its my destiny When people change ???πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”its hurt to see her like that

Bohdi Zafa : "diversity"

Que Bzr : These traditions are well known in the West, but I have never heard that one wants to put a stop to them.

Truth Win : she can't even run because of unemployment rate in India and population is too high that she can't afford even piece of land to survive however nightmare there are lakh or I should say crore of girls who are human resources but modi is enjoying just by saying "Beti bachao beti padhao" yojna 58% fund spend on advertisement with modi face and on it

Shagun Mathur : Can you share the source of this video, tweet and retweet it till it reached public attention? Are you sure this is authentic? Did this happen recently? I am sure, with enough public outrage, at least the girl would know that she has the support and maybe get out of the forced marriage.

Prakash Singh : If you focus on darkest spots on Trump's face you can conclude that he is blacker than Obama. Same is happening here, you are just showing a crying woman without any context and claiming things that could or couldn't be true.