Message from Jeff Bezos - SNL

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Obi-Wan Kenobi : These burns are almost as bad as the ones Anakin received on Mustafar.

Jasmine Houston-Burns : While I admit I don't know much about Bezos or his supposedly sordid ways, people are misinterpreting this sketch as praising Bezos. Placing him in those photos with Trump's favorite dictators, esp crotch riding Putin, was surely not meant as a compliment.

Depression Talks With Immanuel : This was awkward and heavy at the same time

AFishBicycle : “Literally 100 times richer”

Diane Ong : However you feel about Bezos and Amazon, this was a REALLY SICK BURN!!!

ThisIsInfamousJBlack : *Trolling at it's finest*

TheSodomizer6000 : Why does he look like a bald Steve Carell

Isaiah McClymont : Damn.. the only book with 4 chapter 11s

Carrie Siesser : weather or not Bezos is also a horrible human being does not detract from this being well written, and well executed.

Misufia : Oh well he’s paying me 15$ an hour so I can’t really complain

TrueSake : 99% of people talking shit about Bezos end up shopping at Amazon anyways.

GLENNJAMIN : Bald Steve Carell looks too much like NicePeter

Angel Loveli : This is so good and perfectly written and delivered that I'd think Steve wrote it.

ThatOtherKid : "Shave its head like a real man would"-bald man

NoahPro64 : Damn dude they even used a toad picture.

Monique Ortiz : Can we talk about how realistic that bald cap looks tho...

Z E P H Y R : It took me way too long to realize that’s Steve Carrel

roven 08 : You can both hate Trump and denounce Bezos for his monopoly and greed. If anything, there are more similarities between the two crooked and corrupt billionaires who dodge taxes. I'm not a fan of Trump but he is right about Amazon abusing the postal system. Just like Trump, Amazon dodged taxes.

pop5678eye : Wow SNL gets to burn two rich white guys for the price of one!

Ahsan Habib Joy : Never before has a SNL sketch burn been so brutal. Kudos 👌

FreelanceXD : If Steve Carell looked just like this, but was twice the size and had a deeper voice, he’d be the perfect Lex Luthor.

Kodjo Swole : This is pure gold. 😂😂😂😂😂

Dian Destiny : Michael Scott has came a long way

Larvitar Dratini : Bezos should buy all of Trump's properties and turn them into abortion clinics

DrGrumholtz : *casually walks past Toad poster*

BellaRose A : Personally, I just like the fact he's trolling 45 ... 😉

Cosmic Fatty : 100 times richer than trump. Damn. Thats gotta hurt.

bauhaus : Wow, they even got that eye correct. The saddest thing about Jeff Bezos and all that money is that it pretty much proves there's no cure for baldness yet.

Jraymiami : Bezos just scammed major cities in USA of all their private information of business dealings, building planning, infrastructure, etc!! Information that no other company could ever obtain, yet after this stunt, bezos got it handed to him free & on a silver plater.

OceanBagel : Can someone explain the four Chapter 11's joke?

cdismufasa : SNL made several positive-spin messages about Amazon in this episode. Seems like a byproduct of PR efforts. The truth is that Amazon did not troll the president, it trolled our entire country. And by "troll" I mean swindle the middle class out of billions and billions of dollars.

pop5678eye : Of course DT is always tan... He's always BURNT!

joanne sferrati : Knocked it out of the box tonight!

Mark Furst : How I would love to be in the room when Bezos sees this.

JoJo Pemb : The makeup and wardrobe department at SNL are criminally underrated

TheLegendAX 99 : Everyone on here is saying how bad Bezos is and yeah he is, but the whole point was that he's at least better than trump. And plus they did do stuff to make him not seem 100% good

Jacob Weber : Finally, political humor that is actually funny

Nabiha Siddiqui : I don’t get the 4 chapter 11 jokes

meehd01 : You got burned moron corrupt Trump, burned!!!!

ben booth : This paints Jeff Bezos in a pretty flattering light....just because he’s disliked by Trump doesn’t mean he should be praised by others. This man has an insane monopoly on internet commerce, facilitates terrible working conditions for amazon employees, and consistently evades taxes. Not an endearing guy!

The Shill : ORANGE MAN BAD!!!!!!!

Bob Jersey : He looks good as Bezos... too bad that's the least thing on most commenters' minds...

Subscribe To Me For No Reason : 99% of people talking shut about Bezos end up shopping at Amazon anyways.

B Bodziak : Nailed It!

StairwayToEvan92 : “I guess it’s the only book with four chapter 11s...” My goodness the trolling level is unreal

Trent Vitri : This video is liberalism is a delicious nutshell. You have the 1% who control Hollywood and the media (people like Steve Carrell) dressed up as megacorporations and 1% who control the world (corporations like Amazon) telling Trump to f-off.

juan alvarez : Do you guys ever do any comedy? You havent been funny since Norm Macdonald left.

Kimerie Tate : Trump is IMPOVERISHED compared to Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Carlos Slim, and Bill Gates.

Paco Reacts : Amazon caravan😂😂😂

Kade Ratliff : Don't let this distract you from Jeff Bezos being the worst and most inhumanitarian CEO in the US.