Everglades National Park - Ashwin Enjoys Nature

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K G : You are criminally under subed dude. Your creatively is without queshwin.

Korncakes1 : I never know what parts of what you’re saying are serious so I’ll assume this one is 100% true.

Andale Andersch : i enjoyed this reused footage of nature

Biggest Bigfoot : Have you thought of pitching Ashwin Enjoys Nature to some TV networks? I could totally see this on adult swim or something.

Aaron Bransdon : I admire your dedicashwin

DJPez913 : Can't believe you caught that footage of a cougar! Thank you for showing it at the end!

Arvo Veit : What happened to the camera? :D

Cosmic Space Goo : The ladies love a trimmed mangrove.

Michael Schneider : I enjoyed this nature, but I'm really hungry. Can you give me a hip new food recipe?

Shakainu : Dude you are a genius! This Video is so freaking funny! 1:28 xD keep it up

Craig Crossley : Amazing use of steady cams for melky smooth footage and accurate animal identificashwin.

Azamyth : hey wait its not tuesday

Christopher Kinnaird : Dude...I wanted to see a Cougar. :?

Ben Gabrielson : This video is an ashWIN

kpopaspirations : Watch out! You're behind you!

Regina Falangie : the truest form of comedy

A-Chan : "Wet enough"..... hmm...

Traumkatzen : your videos are amazing and very creative.

LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 : Zombie ghost and Ghost Orchids. The Everglades in a nutshell.

Jetstoanywhere : your videos always make me laugh!

Zïne Hunter : Next season : Hauntshwin, the esoteric show.

Zïne Hunter : So, next hip foods will be with mangos ?

Clairo Z : My actual fave youtuber

samsqwanchey : Theys som gators all up in there!

Jan Giersiepen : Finally!

Simon Grundy-Reiner : Yooooo

Meg Ahern : Ashwin does it again XD

red sparrow : Where you in the X factor

15MinuteUpload : im still waiting to catch that coug

Jan Meijer : These just get better and better

ElTurbinado : So did you catch a coug?

Nitin Sampathi : Solid video. Great bits and jokes. Didn't get the zombie bit tho.

jakejoke r : Wheres the panther at?

Craig Crossley : TIL: that Florida measures all state and nationally owned wildlands in sq yards.

Ren3gaid : Yay a new episode! Keep going, your creativity is amazing! :D

Cameron Macones : Ah Ashwin if you're in South Florida again hmu. I know all the nature spots

aaltunto : And MANGOS!

FT029 : ew he's so wet

Yungpope : U the goat

Carl XVI Gustaf Bernadotte : Is this facts?

Lucy B : The camera bit :D :D :D

Umaima Baig : You are one of the funniest people on Youtube

Khoza : Great video, you're hilarious! :)

abhishekh1994 : i love you xx

Kat Mercer : Dad

NickDerHorst : 😅👌