Flick AXE Wrist Mounted

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An AXE at the flick of your arm. Check out the Arm Mounted Shield https://youtu.be/OCq8adZdKP4 This Video was made in association Activision and From software. This Loaded Axe is inspired from the Game Sekiro Shadows Die Twice which is out on 22nd of march, next week I'm making a stainless steel fold out shield. Check out the game here https://youtu.be/OqsJSeJ_0kU Follow me on Social Media to see what I'm up to before the video is released Instagram https://www.instagram.com/realcolinfurze/ Twitter https://twitter.com/colin_furze Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Colin-furze-521680751253584 Music The first track is called "Burger King" and is by "Subtastics" https://www.facebook.com/subtastics https://subtastics.bandcamp.com/ https://twitter.com/subtastics https://www.instagram.com/subtastics/ https://www.snubbedrecords.com/ The 2nd Track is called "Dirty Clothes" by "Bedspin" Visit http://bedspin.bandcamp.com 3rd track is called "Everybody" and is by "Nosebleed" Bandcamp: https://nosebleedband.bandcamp.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/nosebleedband Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nosebleedleeds/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4gEoL67ta59CysHdWWK3Ld Last track is called "Churches" and is by "Look Mum No Computer" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCafxR2HWJRmMfSdyZXvZMTw In a band? Want your music on my videos! Send your tracks to furzemail@yahoo.co.uk as all music on this channel is from viewers #flickaxe #furze #invention

Comments from Youtube

calculated not chillin : 6:08 >blood circulation has left the game

Koski : At 6:23 there is blood under his arm. I think he messed up trying to flick it

Dymiow : The problem is.... *IT'S CUTTING OFF YOUR CIRCULATION!!* 6:10

Beedy KH : Man it scares me when it comes back up. Be careful guys if you think about making it too.

Pickle Person : Accidentally cuts off arm* Colin: ok guys we’re going to make an actual replica this time

theprimegamer : top 10 people who could survive a zombie apocalypse ,

Abe Kasper : 6:22 hurt yourself with the flicking you have?

Micah Philson : It's not a Colin Furze invention if it doesn't have a very real risk of chopping your own arm off!

FragJump : Axe-assin's Creed: The Lone Ronin

Miracle Max : Uh oh, looks like Colin forgot to protect the blade before practicing swinging it. Do I see a boo boo on his right tricep? 6:22

Miojo Pronto : That seems like some thing that could actually comes in handy ;)

sksksk : 3:09 thats the most overkill glue gun I've seen

Torva Messorem : Sekiro releases in 2 hours at midnight (EU). Have to get up at 5am for work. Work can wait.

Devil In Me : Can't stop laughing and also it looks like you have it on left hand xD

isaac cannon : Any one else we the cut on his arm at 6.23

ShadowxPhoenix : Am I the only one getting scared he might chop his elbow off?

Charmatic YT : TL;DR Ye boi wanted to put an axe in his arm, so he damn well did it.

Jovan Jovanovic : Sekira is actually Axe on Serbian language hah! :D

CENTRAL BUG : 6:22 - Look at the blood, cut off the whole arm.

Caillou's Mutter : At school: "what does your dad do for a living" "he builds wrist mounted swinging axes"

danteelite : That is legit one of the most badass things you've ever made. I'm absolutely making one, and I'm absolutely buying the game to support your efforts. Even if I hate the game, I'll still buy a copy because of this build. This is awesome. I have a total love for crazy body mounted weapons, and made a wrist mounted full auto steel bb gun when I was 13 to match Deadshot from DC comics lol it was pretty sick. I love this kinda stuff and this is right up my alley. I can't wait to make one.

nuscup soup : Im subbing to you because of the accent

Jayvier Brock : That would be good for the zombie apocalypse

JJ_JETSET26 : Colin would be great in a zombie apocalypse

Offlineable : 6:22 did the axe swing back and cut your arm there mate? Geez Colin be careful!

Joe Smith : I come to colins video to get new music but tbh I'm making this because I'm constantly in the woods doing dumb stuff XD

lasdi : *Un vrai tueur colinfurze, a bientôt.*

Elia Giudici : 6:22 looks like the experimentation hurted your arm man, for SCIENCE

Meme Master : Next headline: Plumber in hospital after cutting forearm off

Joseph Stalin : How on earth do you still have all of your fingers?

Jake Benson YT : 6:22 you can see where he cut his arm with the axe

Shimazu Toyohisa : This actually looks useful ........... for a zombie apocalypse

Jayden Games : Every superhero/game hero in one mind

Mark Pepito : If Zombie apocalypse happen I'll go with this guy...

D-TeK : 6:22 yep its better to put the axe´s blade protection

Mollie tol : 6:22 he's already stabbed himself with the axe

Prince Uy : I just found your channel! Your stuff is amazing!

Autistic toaster : Colin is set for the zombie apocalypse

Mike : Acho que isso num apocalipse zumbi seria muito útil

colinfurze : Although this was taken from a video game this thing is quiet practical and actually very useful, it just works. Next week the fold out shield boom.

Dunne N' dusted : Flicking the ax back into place gives me anxiety.

Clarence Tagon : Imagine flicking it back and accidentally hitting your elbow. 🤣

DesertWolf : Honestly clicked thinking it was some sort of new Bloodborne trick weapon... Still not disappointed.

MYNAMEISLONGWITHNOSPACE _OG : Colin would be a survivor in the zombie apocalypse lmao

Snorre Straum : 9:09 «It doesn’t poke me in my body» 6:22 (we can see that...)

Green parrot : Next do optimus prime swords haha.

LEON GAMER : Omg i want that axe so bad

Dr. Phil : You like you would be a brother or cousin of Ewan McGregor

Brendan Attias : I imagine this would be EXTREMELY useful in a post-apocalyptic survival situation.