Inside Game of Thrones: A Story in Score (HBO)

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Thijs Goedegebuure : Ramin if you read this, which is very unlikely. Please know that europe is ready for concerts. Would pay tons of money to visit a concert, if you are european and want a europe tour please like. Legend says Ramin is Azor Ahai.


Nazar Novak : Whatever they are paying him, it's not enough

BB Mod : S6E10 is probably the best composed TV episodes ever -Light of the Seven, (Cersei's trial) -Maester, (Sam at The Citadel library) -The Tower (R+L=J confirmed) -Winter Has Come, (King in the North) -Hear Me Roar, (Cersei's coronation) -Winds of Winter (Daenerys sails for Westeros) And not forgetting of course, the legendary open theme

Olivia Kessler : When the snows fall. And the white winds blow. The soloist dies. But the orchestra survives.

GerryBolger : Let's not forget that this dude also does the music for Westworld. He's ridiculously talented...

BlackPenzo : This man is as much of a reason for GoT's success as George R.R. Martin is

Gillipie : Seriously need a full length documentary just on the music of game of thrones 🙌🏼

Stefan Marković : Long may he compose

CACox97 : This guy is amazing. You can tell he LOVES what he does and that makes it all the more wonderful to experience.

Cassio Costa : this guy is a genius he has also played great part in GOT success

Goutham Reddy : Light of the seven is single-handedly one of the greatest piece in the history of music


#it'scomplicated - : "Every year I have to do something I haven't done before". Season 7 godly music confirmed!

Shrey Sinha : S06E10 background score was extraordinary!

kucingsalting : TIL Ramin Djawadi is as attractive as he is talented. Swoon.

RhinoMuzclez : Sevens blessings to you Ramin. The music you make for GoT is truly amazing and triggers every hair in my body to rise up.

Layla R : I LOVEDDD Winds of Winter (last song of the episode) but I was curious about the lyrics sang by the choir so I googled it and found out it was in Valyrian... like damn they're just great artists

OTDA : I saw the concert in Atlanta, Ramin is just as important to this story as anyone! And he's a class act. Season 7......IS COMING!!!

Gavin Rowe : Ramin Djawadi is too amazing for me to praise in one comment. But I want to particularly talk about Light of the Seven. I, as many viewers was, was confused when I heard this piece. I immediately felt a tear run down my cheek when I heard it, because I knew something was way off. And that for me is why Game of Thrones is one of the most amazing shows ever made. When a show can make me emotional just from a music score? Wow. Anyways, Margaery Tyrell was one of my favorite characters (on the show at least) and losing her was heart-wrenching, but it was even worse with that score. Almost like my mind knew what was going to happen, but my heart and eyes were in-denial and didn't want to accept it.

anticholinergic09 : this is the same guy who wrote the theme for Pacific Rim - it made going down the cinema stairs more epic during the credits scene

Amar La Mar : A man loves Game of Thrones mostly because of this guy. A man has nearly finished a complete classical + electric guitar arrangement of Light of the Seven. A man would greatly appreciate anyone's support so that a man can record it in high quality. Valar Morghulis!

Leinad5664 : This guy deserves all the awards!! From the moment Light of the Seven started in 6x10, I knew somethin huge was about to happen, they had never used piano like this before. Plus, he also made the score for Westworld, that instrumental version of Paint it Black is gold!!

TheGamesVoice95 : Now I want a 50 minute documentary on the creative process behind all my favorite themes thx for the tease -.-

Robin : My favorite is still when daenerys gets her army at the end of "and now his watch has ended." Seeing that birds eye view of the dragons and daenerys leading her army and that music.... its emotional.

Aman Soni : who the hell disliked!!!

Matin R : Ramin you are a gift to humanity 😍

THE _0FF : he is iranian 😍😍😍😍😍

Jane Warner : WHY HAVENT I SEEN WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE BEFORE OMFG HE'S SO HOT. As tho his music isn't enough no he gotta be hot as well just kill me

The Hh : _Light of the Seven_ was genius!

ishan o.o : that's why game of thrones is television Gold... best thing that's happened to me... from score to direction, casting, everything is just over done....

ishan o.o : it's so true! piano was never used as an instrument until Light of the seven... that's why we all loved it!

Nirat Anop : Ramin Djawadi is a genius, the Light of the Seven is one of the most fantastic pieces he's done.

Skorch Row : And again a german (he is also iranian) is making great music. I think that making music is a thing we germans can do pretty damn good.

Samyak Patil : like for hans zimmer and ramin djawadi

Shraddha Hudale : Light of the seven is epic 🙌🏼✨

The Cult of Undesirables : He makes me so gay, he's so hot I want to have all of his children.

Josh Alexander : this man is genuinely a god

Al Capoontang : They didnt use a piano for 6 seasons, one of the most used instruments. that made the intro for s6e10 amazing

Max Lng : He is a iranian man 😀 long love persia

saina sandoghchi : I love how he uses old Persian instruments like hammered dulcimer which is for 5000 years ago. No wonder we get the feels of ancient history and legends when we watch the show. So proud of Ramin Jawadi ❤️

vishal mishra : A Musical Genius

Jimsteinman : You know, the concept of patriotism or national pride or call it what you will is really really alien to me... But when I went to see the GoT Concert Experience in June, and Ramin suddenly started hosting in fluent German and said that he is actually from Duisburg, which is about 30 mins from where I live, I couldn´t help but feel somehow elevated by the fact that all around the world people hear and love this guy´s incredible music

omygodwatthehey : They dropped this because they knew this season's soundtrack was gonna straight up murder us all

Lovely Bun : what a genius.

S. Y. : Long may he reign

M S : The real legend in GOT

random name : light of the seven is just perfection it cant be improved it has reached the maximum level

Aravind Babu : This guy is a sheer genius.. some of the brilliant bgms have come from GOT. Huge fan and sending my Love from India...

Luis Siopa : dude is fineeee