John Carpenter, Coolest Million Dollar winner

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robert bateman : Just love this guys cool attitude

Subtle Visualisations : john was lookin at the host like " man..u really dont match up to my standards and IQ ..."

Gazzy : Thats a smart dude right there!

A Retard Who Needs 1000 Subscribers : That giggle before he said he’d call his dad, he knew how badass he was gonna be.

shifou fosh : He created thug life in this world

Neeraj Reji : I laughed really hard when he talked to his father

John Wick : His dad was like: "that's my son"....

Titus : Can you imagine using your lifeline now that anyone with a smartphone has access to google

Teodor Recabarren : This guy directed The Thing

FoC-Penny : "sir what is it like living with 12 pound balls?"

Jimmy Shraim : The best thing happened in this show not that he won a million it’s that Phone call he made to his Dad all the Respect for this Man....... absolutely Gentleman.....

FootballLoverz TV : imagine he was wrong, omg, that would have been the cringe'iest moment in the history

Andre Haddad : Ice in his veins ❄️

Mahir Cave : Now imagine he'd have been wrong with his answer

sebastian mccullough : I thought that first question was the 100 dollar question or something lmao. Wtf thats so easy

Blazing King : John*Hey dad I'm just letting you know that I'm going to win 1 million dollars* Me*hey dad I'm just letting you know that I'm going to win 1 million dollars and I'm not sharing it with you!*

Niishta : So this is what Google would look like as a person

Chad Silver : This man is a mad lad

Jaded Jonny : Coolest guy on the planet.

Shreshth Raj : John Carpenter : I didn't choose thug life, thug life chooses me....😀😀

Ali Alshami : Bruh. He was so chill about this.

Brad C : 3:48  His version of whahahahahahahaahaha! Savage!

にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : That's a real man right there

Axiom Ape : Imagine if the confetti was the million dollars lol. Btw, best contestant ever.

FenceDaGreat : If he wanted to be really cocky he could have asked the audience and been all "I know the answer, let's see if you do"

Hontaki - Gota, Dual Agar : I dont really need your help im just saying im gonna win 1 million dollars : Him: dad i dont realy need your help i just want you to know that i won 1 million dollars. Me: hi dad i got a big question for you. Water is wet or not?

Vanessa Pescador : Money:treasure that u cant keep forever Knowledge:treasure that u can keep forever

Edward Slavov : The coolest? Looks like an absolute loser who doesn't enjoy life. He didn't even take his wife to Paris after he won.

ImmortalRises : John is a true savage.

Lord Voldemort : Oz

Brian Acosta : If idubbz and logic had a kid..

SkyCrunch : he is savage af XD

XiZiop : omg man he is toooooo savage, I DIDN'T RLY NEED UR HELP

Norj Tom : 3:42 he looks like, "Really? A very easy question? You gotta be kidding me." And 3:49, that smug snicker though. 😁

Peace Of Mind : like a boss !! savage

Biowulf : My man is a Savage I can see it in his eyes

Emirhan Özkan : that's the Definition of THUG Life.

Fadi Shour : His last name is “carpenter” and he is a genius . Ironic .

Adventurous Life : Wait waht !! Everything inside ..✊💦👄

Derek Stark : Such a savant!!!

Jokke216 : Am I the only one who thinks he kinda looks like Dexter from the tv show xD

thunderssound : Like a BOSS

Kenza bouayad : Ps is it me or he looks so much like Channing Tatum

Dzidzor Decutt : OMG!!!!!!!

Willma Aiya Kraulen : I was the 99.999 like

Ali Khabazi : There is a wierd smile in my face

In Loving Memory Of Pablo Escobar [1949 - 1993] : Legend

martin vasilevki : S A V A G E

AaronPlaysTV : Legend has it he won Kahoot later that night too 👌