John Carpenter, Coolest Million Dollar winner

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にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : That's a real man right there

Deborah Ajide : If you look up SAVAGE in the dictionary you’ll find his name next to it I’m telling you

Axiom Ape : Imagine if the confetti was the million dollars lol. Btw, best contestant ever.

Sibat Dagra : The Myth,The Legend,The man JOHN CARPENTER 😎

2COOL REPORTS : He nailed it like a carpenter......

Rvolta : He created thug life in this world

Angry Chicken : The 250k question was a joke

*the jimster that's always poppin* : "I didnt really need your help i just wanted to let u know im gonna win the million dollars" Savage

TreyDongz : He was trollin' before it ever became a thing lol

Spancify : he looks like a serial killer, they're always smart like that.

Gotham Promos & Clips : Legend has it John is TheLegend27

Ikuzo : He definitely got the puss that night.

SyedYashal Raza : He doesn't care that he just won a million dollar that's what I call gansta

Mj Xerxes : Cool dad + cool son 😎

Abelhawk : I saw this the day it aired! Good memories.

Mahir Cave : Now imagine he'd have been wrong with his answer

ColdBlooded18 : Just LOL at that $250,000 question - that should've been the $8000 or $16,000 question at best. Guy is still a badass though

AbbeKing : Don't gloss over the fact that he STILL had 2 lifelines in tact, at least just to be sure he could have had 2 wrong answers removed... but this guy has confidence.. a straight savage!!

Hammurabi the ForgotMeme : "Hey dad so I don't actually need your help I just called to tell you that I won a million dollars" What a god damn savage.

Rizz CS : Easiest $250,000 question ever. The only way you could get that question wrong is by not knowing what monotheistic means.

A Simple Cephalon : My brain keeps telling me I'm looking at Edward Snowden.

Gautham Krishna.S : hi dad..... i dont need your help i just wanted to know i just won a million dollar ! ( SAVAGE LEVEL : GOD )

Ion Horn-E : Surprisingly I got the last question correct too Sadly Richard Nixon was the only one of those four I actually new in the first place

Xerya Kirie : "Uhm.. hi dad I don't really need your help I just wanted to let you know that I'm gonna win the million dollar"( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Christopher Wong : What a genius - even got the show to pay for the phonecall to tell his parents!

John Wick : His dad was like: "that's my son"....

LaroTayoGaming : Thug life af

later ? : 1)Monotheism questions is very simple. 2) Louvre architect is pretty specific but still not worth of half a million. 3) Is impossible for people who don't keep up with politics.

Niko The Arms Dealer : More like "Who wants to be a seven hundred and fifty thousandaire?"

Teodor Hristev : Let's be honest that 250 000 question was easy

A Buzzed Whaler : This man is so slick that I slipped and fell just watching him.

anonymus person : Thug without a cap, gold chains, tattoos and cigar 😎😎

STEPHEN MICHAEL : As cool as the other side of the pillow..Stuart Scott

Simply Mike : At first I was like: "Nah, this ain't the guy who made Halloween, The Thing and Escape From NY"

David L : maybe they should consider to create a new program called, "who wants to be a Billionaire", since those questions were just too easy for him.

FieryFlames : he must be more intelligent than einstien

Bobcat Fink : This guy's level of Savage is making me depressed

Extraterrestrial Horse : Carpenter? That's the surname of the famous paleontologist who is said to have found the biggest dinosaur ever: Amphicoelias fragilimus. No wonder he's such a smartass!

David James-Cameron : One of the few times i wasnt dissappointed by my recommendations

Prakash Sharma : john was lookin at the host like " man..u really dont match up to my standards and IQ ..."

The Mouse : Dad, I hate you! Okay bye

Laservox : He reminds me of the guy from the flash

Anonymous Anonymous : I don’t think the questions are hard...which of this religion are not monotheistic religion? Lol even i (19 years old) know that answer😅 I have seen program like this,which have lots more hard questions.

of a adrian : iDubz? 700 IQ?

Choppytehbear1337 : That question at the beginning is so damn easy.

Psy Sahil : Hoho that guy rocks 😀🤘

Nabiya Ri : .... the 250,000 $ question was ridiculous ...

Peter Phraner : Hahaha cool i wasn’t expecting this

Rodelyn Haylo : Hi dad i dont really need your help but i just want to let you know that im gonna win the million dollar... finally the real sheldon..:) 😃😃😅

SourCan : *"ah, Dad I don't actually need your help just called you to tell I will win a million dollars" like how is he so confident and cool for a million dollars question?* Savage AF , this dude man......