Haunted Elevator (ft. David S. Pumpkins) - SNL

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WAWDoing : The funny thing is, it's funny because David S Pumpkins is supposed to be a "thing" that we don't get.  But this was so good that it'll become a "thing" that we do get.  In a way, its own popularity destroys it's premise.

Steven B : I've seen this so many times and I still don't know why it is so freaking hilarious.

AxeKick80 : Anybody starting to get amped up for that David S. Pumpkins time of year again?💀🎃💀

Julia Citkowski : "And David Pumpkins is"... "His own thang!" "and the skeletons are"... "Part of it!"

mugflub : "WHYYY did you go all in on David Pumpkins?"

UberDurable : Tom Hanks never disappoints!

Alyx Valentine : Starting off October the right way

Brandon Thornton : Tom Hanks is a goddamn national treasure.

Mitzi Lee : I love how they originally bought the costume for like, twenty bucks at a party store and now if you want to by a David Pumpkins costume they cost up to like, eighty dollars.

Amara Collier : And the skeletons......? PaRt Of It

Andrew Scott : Every good holiday has always had its own leader, Christmas and Santa, Easter and the Easter Bunny, but Halloween has never had a clear representative. Is it Dracula? Frankenstein? The Great Pumpkin? No one ever knew, until this sketch.

Patrick Wells : “I’m gonna scare the HELL... out of YOU!” *dances and does sideways finger guns* “Any questions?” “YES, SEVERAL!” That was me lol.

john allen : He says in the beginning that he is going to scare the hell out of them. And he did. Hahaha

Cajun Swing : I like the cute part when Leslie Jones dances with the chainsaw

Brenda Singer : it's that time of year again!

Elijah Espinoza : When that skinny skeleton moans and the chubby one screams AYE PAPI!!! 😂😥😂😂💀💀💀💀

Austin Sadler : Whomst is here in September 2k18

Gail Spencer Choate : I went from thinking this was stupid to one of my all-time faves. It just takes awhile for the mere mortal to wrap their simple minds around the genius that is David S. Pumpkins.

Luc Bac : Right up there with “More Cowbell”😂

Randy H. : I want the David S. Pumpkins song to be my ringtone. #AnyQuestions 🎃

Your Ego : It’s amazing how one made up ridiculous skit gets such notoriety. I love this skit. I remember watching it live and was like “this is great” Hahahaha

nonamesleftdammit : I love how the ride starts off promising until David S. Pumpkins completely, and irreversibly, breaks the immersion.

Broken Soul : They made him a Fortnite skin...Hes made it

BJ Murray : This is brilliant. In the tradition of SCTV: It just keeps going until it's funny. That's commitment.

Christmas : My English teacher dressed up as David S. Pumpkins for Halloween. He's my favorite teacher.

Herman Pesina : I have been ignoring this skit forever because I just thought the screen pic looks stupid I finally gave in just because it's Halloween and wow I can't believe I was this late to the party

Jaylee Jenkins : It’s that time of year again #DavidPumpkins🎃🎃🎃

Shook With : My teacher showed this in class this morning

Aimee O'Neil : I find myself here every damn night...

Shannon Miller : AYYYYE PAPI

PhamTMac Mucho : They’re making a Fortnite skin for David pumpkins.

Jordan Kimmel : I saw the suit in a Halloween store. I WANT IT

sunny child : His theme song is my ringtone

Shari : It's that time of year again!!! Best sketch EVER!!!

Lavender : Still.....watching......

Alex Wyatt : Give it up for the music - the weird synth track they dance to makes the sketch! Wonder where they found that...though I really wanna believe that someone was commissioned to write music for the character of David S. Pumpkins.

conversequeen64 : Watching this live was beyond surreal - I'll never forget it I thought I'd die from laughing. Sometimes SNL takes a chance and it jsut LANDS.

Emily Copp : When Tom Hanks steals Doug's Nostalgiaween jacket

Can we get 10,000 subscribers with 1 video? : *Any questions?!?*

qballer82 : Who is back from the David S. Pumpkins special?

foxsux123 : I am still laughing at it in 2018.

Kristin Schermann : LOVE THIS!! does anyone else just love the song playing when the skeletons dance?! lmao

FiveFootFierce : "What?! He has a middle initial now?!" 😅

rwdplz1 : This has to be one of the top 20? SNL skits of all times.

Raymonf Rose : I didn't realize that was Tom Hanks for the longest time.

Lilli Crow : It’s been two years and I still can’t decide if this is really bad or really good

Matt C : So I told my friend about the great David S. Pumpkins and he says "I don’t understand how anyone could find that funny. Its childish humor" clearly he doesn't get it. Pray for him everyone.

Minnie Dash : 4:12 I literally didn’t expect that XD

philip Shaw : I hope they bring back David S Pumpkins for 2017

LPS Erin : David S. Pumpkins: Hi I'm David S. Pumpkins! Guy: I know but who are you? David S. Pumpkins: IM DAVID PUMPKINS MAN! Girl: Yeah, and David Pumpkins is? David S. Pumpkins: MAI own thing! Me: laughing so hard!