Taraji P. Henson Needs a Stunt Double to Eat Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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slimkt : Welp...I love Dave the security guard now.

LinkTheCoward : Like the dynamic in this episode. Taraji shouting and bubbling all over, Sean going great with it as always and chill Dave just calmly cleaning wings in the background. Good one.

KingStix : Dave is mentally tough, building up that credit

a grant : He was over there in the corner tearing up those wings. Damn does she feed him?! 😂😭

Erica : DAVE is a King. Absolutely Royalty!!

KiLLUrShelves : Security Dave is a BEAST! He cleaned those wings! Impressive!

Max Pierre : Taraji is freaking hilarious Love her

real chass : She didn’t bother me.. she living her best life

potatomaster767 : Nobody’s gonna mention Person of Interest? Like one of her greatest shows?

Tariyah Banks : “Can I get 6 more of these please “ 😂😂😂

BigK : Get a Hot Ones crew special in the mix! Would be great to see a table full of camera folks and whatnot sweating it out and feeling the pain of the guests!

Princess Clark : Yes we Trini’s love this stuff! Go security guard!

J Rod : Fall asleep after Game of Thrones... Wake up to Cookie with Cookie Monster the next day! True story!

Mariah Logan : I’m waiting to see the tell tale sign that she’s drunk? Lol seems like normal Taraji to me

JC DIAZ : All these people complaining about how she's so loud and annoying. Taraji is that way . She's very loudly funny and that's just how she is . She's too real for y'all . I love her .

Oscar Flores : Lmfaooo the security guard cleaned them wings LOL

ColorMe Classy : I've been smelling my food before i eat it since I was a kid😁 Her wig is gorgeous. I Love that color on her.

African Scientist : "Cause you gon' die" - Taraji P. Henson & 21 Savage

Uzamakii : Her. Personality is 10/10

Onwell Ndlovu : Hate it most when they Disrespect them wings with 1 bite, like TF?

Liam Moran : Big up Dave the security guy

SlowClass Kai : Why so many dislikes? I love Taraji... I don’t get it??? 🤔

BMA Headmaster : she is so extra i love her

we winning : ‘in my humble opinion... WAITEMINUTE ITS WAKING UP IN DA BACK’ 😂😂😂😂

Adesh Garcha : her being drunk is just hilarious

FMTYFILMS : Feel like the editors don't get enough love, you doing a damn great job guys

kingdom 2 : this smell hot, and it made it grow hair, I don't trust it lmao.

Jo Nyu : I rewatch this one often. Taraji is so energetic and cute^^

Susan A : she'd be sooo fun to have a girls night with

destiny jones : "Dont put cardi b in the trash honey, shes SIGNED!!" 😂😂😂she so drunk man

Class Act Media : dave is the true hero of hot ones

M's mylife : I love her😂😂😂


Jesenia Fuentes : bring Tiffany Haddish here please!!!

Sir Valiant III : I usually hate when people act like this but I thought she was fucking hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing edit: HAHAHA the ending piano music! That was so funny

brownguy903 : Bret Baker better put Dave at number 1

Jacob Kim : Why do people hate her? Her personality is so bubbly and full of positive vibes! Edit- Thanks for 300 likes! lol

Jackson Brit : Y’all tripping in the comments 😂 She is HILARIOUS, and she gave the show more energy. The same thing is done with every guest, someone needs to liven it up.

LouPlays Mobile : "don't you hate that person that has to smell their fooWAIT HOW HOW" lmaoooo that part had me in literal, tears. 😂🤣😭

Coley Cole : y'all need to put Cardi B on here now that would be lit lmao

Leigh-Anne Marie : “I’m Trinidadian, we love this stuff.” Baller! 💪🏻 🇹🇹

Mitzi Nozaki : I just want to hangout with her

Cool Younkers : All the weirdos with no picture do the most comment lol.

gc68 : GOD I LOVE THIS WOMAN. LMAO! especially when she goees sassin' around. yaaaassss gurlll!

Liyah Hawkins : Taraji is queeeeeen!!!

6IX REVIEWS : I have a new found respect for people from Trinidad

Deedee Charles : Dave. Did. Not. Sweat. Wheeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww they need hotter hot sauce before having him on the show😂😂

Charity Amis : I love this woman soooo much.

Jacob T : Taraji is the best.

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