Taraji P. Henson Needs a Stunt Double to Eat Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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KiLLUrShelves : Security Dave is a BEAST! He cleaned those wings! Impressive!

Emily00Strange : Please get Ryan Reynolds, Tiffany Haddish, Dave Grohl, The Rock, John Cena, Will Smith, Marilyn Manson...

TechGeek RLD : Taraji was lit.... 🤣....

RyBread TV : I can't get over how drunk she is 😂 this was a really enjoyable episode. Fuck what the comments are complaining about

Matej Perica : once you realize she is drunk, some of her reactions are just gold

Christina Latu : THE HALL OF SHAME SEGMENT 😂😂😂

ahicks Hicks : Please she had me cracking up!

CODPOV : The security guy and good editing saved this boring interview

alessandra pulido gibelli : I fucking love her

Alex K : Security bro Dave killed it, get this man a episode!

Jordan Patriarca : She is so adorable

Marcus James : Her facial expression. Can you rap. Can u give me bars!!! More than 16 😂😂😂

Chris M : She's definitely very intoxicated, only had to watch 30 seconds to realize that. I have an important report though: I tried my bottle of The Last Dab first batch in a cup of noodles... it was amazing. Knocked the spicy level to a 9 without ruining the meal. Next step is trying it on some legit Japanese ramen.

Something Somewhat original : Get Jesse, Kyle, and 905 from Nelk. Would go viral best episode to ever be recorded

Shantanu Bharvirkar : man that guy killed those wings!!!

witty screen name : She should just start working for Dave instead. He's the real star here.

Joshua Gallant : Lame.

King_cah 100 : I wanna meet her soooo bad!!!!

lil cumstain : Put Dave in the hall of fame!!!

Crystal Morrison : Body guard dying

Alan Phalen : I have watched about 60% of these interviews. I love the show. The concept is great. Taraji unfortunately is the worst interview so far. If you don’t eat the wings.....you don’t get the interview.

C.Wallace : dave was just hungry they need to feed him more

Moebanggga SOClouded : "I'm from Trinidad we love this stuff"

hectro805 : Sean seems annoyed AF

elzeus13 : "I like playing Donkey Kong... not with him" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

leandro loman : Dave the Security guard needs his own episode

MisterZhivago WheelieMaster : Worst episode

Charity Bogan : I love it.. Don't put Cardi in the trash..HOTSAUCE!!

OptimusGPrime : This was sad. Thank god for security Dave.

Wave Man Mike : "That burned my noise hair" 😂😂😂

J Rod : Fall asleep after Game of Thrones... Wake up to Cookie with Cookie Monster the next day! True story!

JT18S0cc3rFreak : This one sucked

lonlyblackwolff : what is going on i can't even understand half the things she is saying. She seems crazy all the shouting

saul : MAKE DAVE FAMOUS ! Get him his own interview

Wave Man Mike : "I have good karma, is this gon kill me?"

Magentaboii : bad episode

DatNigga Jeezus : She still bad asf

moviemetalhead : By far the most obnoxious guest. Clearly didn't want to be there cause she was drunk and criticizing the show for not accommodating her with booze.

Joshua Parris : For the next episode of Hot Ones, Could you bring in Terrence Howard???


o z : Never seen someone so intoxicated by their own fame... Though i know she's pretty much like this 24-7.

Pierce Ingold : I want a hot ones with just the body guard dude with a killer line up

TheDoomer : Bodyman Dave much respect. Taraji, no respect. At least she knows her limitations.

Monica Morrow : I liked video b4 seeing...love her!

BigK : Get a Hot Ones crew special in the mix! Would be great to see a table full of camera folks and whatnot sweating it out and feeling the pain of the guests!

VVIX Phasakda : haha, she got mad drunchies

Joseph Jones : This is the worst hot ones ever

Robert Haik : Get $uicideboy$

bobby cole : i need some of those happy pills she got stashed somewhere

JaxBlade : Fitting since he has that Fiery personality