Taraji P. Henson Needs a Stunt Double to Eat Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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slimkt : Welp...I love Dave the security guard now.

LinkTheCoward : Like the dynamic in this episode. Taraji shouting and bubbling all over, Sean going great with it as always and chill Dave just calmly cleaning wings in the background. Good one.

Erica : DAVE is a King. Absolutely Royalty!!

Charity : I love this woman soooo much.

Tariyah Banks : “Can I get 6 more of these please “ 😂😂😂

KiLLUrShelves : Security Dave is a BEAST! He cleaned those wings! Impressive!

gc68 : GOD I LOVE THIS WOMAN. LMAO! especially when she goees sassin' around. yaaaassss gurlll!

M's mylife : I love her😂😂😂

Jo Nyu : I rewatch this one often. Taraji is so energetic and cute^^

Michael Noeth : Who else loves the security guard the most?

Oscar Flores : Lmfaooo the security guard cleaned them wings LOL

Michael Noeth : Dave deserves more money. I stopped listening to her after he took over. He's a bad-ass.

Musicality Life : 21 Savage should do this challenge because in a song her said "I like hot sauce on my chicken"

MinionStudios : Seems like the hotter the sauce the more black she gets lol

KurtisLeeSinger : Tiffany Haddish & Cardi B would be hysterical on this 🤣 love me some Taraji don’t get all the hate for her. If people don’t like her don’t click simples 🤷🏽‍♂️

Liam Moran : Big up Dave the security guy

starlws : Tracee Ellis Ross next please!!!

Savvy : She is funny as hell. “This is hot , and it made the chicken grown hair. I dont trust it” I dies lmao

Ashleylovee xo : Dave killed those wings ! He wasn't even shaking or breaking a sweat! Don't ever try to walk up on somebody like him any one who can do that will violate you !😂😂😂😂

Chinue' Augustus : TRINI IN DE HOUSE!!!! but it's true they really do like spicy stuff

FMTYFILMS : Feel like the editors don't get enough love, you doing a damn great job guys

Lark Da Dark : Great episode F the haters

Weird Ass Candy Review : Security Dave is a bad ass!

JoeVaughn Brooks : She has a happy soul

terpinhawgin666 : I love how lit she got, everybody needs to be lit all day every day

BigK : Get a Hot Ones crew special in the mix! Would be great to see a table full of camera folks and whatnot sweating it out and feeling the pain of the guests!

lordjenn A : The cardi B one got me dead

ShireenPlays - Gaming, Tutorials & more! : Taraji P. Henson failed Maths... I don't feel so bad about failing it anymore!

Jacob T : Taraji is the best.


Class Act Media : dave is the true hero of hot ones

SlowClass Kai : Why so many dislikes? I love Taraji... I don’t get it??? 🤔

Ryan Kovacs : I didn't watch this episode to begin with... but now I need Dave the security guard to come back with his own series of interview questions. Please?

Jalisa Hamilton : 😂😂 I love her ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Chelsea Bella. Gallo : Damm that heat didn't bother him..His ass gonna be burnin!!..I hope she pays him well.

KingStix : Dave is mentally tough, building up that credit

Kelly Pagano : Dave the security didn’t even blink at Da Bomb. Badass. Lol

Michelle Elmore : Love the song crown royal on ice by Jill Scott and it’s too short

BackToBasics : "I didn't know what I was writing. I thought it was Chinese." 😂😂😂

Kasia Dean : I just love her maayyyn!! COULD YOU IMAGINE A GIRLS NIGHT OUT WITH HER THOUGH!!!😂😂🤣👏🏽🙌🏽🥂💜💖💕

brownguy903 : Bret Baker better put Dave at number 1

Michael Brice : Damn she is figgin wasted hahahaaa

Blake Williams : Dave, we salute you. A true warrior.

SINY Finest : Best person to get drunk with hands down!!!

J nelson : Taraji is so funny😂 she makes everything she’s in so entertaining and enjoyable

Leigh-Anne Marie : “I’m Trinidadian, we love this stuff.” Baller! 💪🏻 🇹🇹

Freedom Isn'tFree : She seems like She'd be super fun to party with.

brianna : Looks like regular Taraji to me, y'all trippin

Azule Android : I think she's hilarious 😂

uno-nuno-vision : west Indians eat lots of spice. hanging with them dudes got me eating jerk chicken that would set water on fire!!