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Anthony YT : If you will babysit a kitten. *Kittensitter*

Pancakes Gaming : Hey Kitty, *Adopt me* sorry i late, i had homework

Ana Pina16 : It so cute when ur a cat 🐈

Yuno Gasai : Yay another video!

xXNJBOYXx Plays roblox : This is good

GreenSlimeTv : good video #roadto8k

RamseyHacks : Hold on are you suli or a random yter I accidentally suscribed you

DOGGOPRO919 : Best video ever bro it’s me doggopro919 from The streams

Pancakes Gaming : *Bad Fat Kitty* Now in stores near you

LispyLeaf : thanks for keeping us entertained love the uploads

Chip-A-Rooney : Accept my friend request my name is kev_onduty

Russian Intern : yo yo nice video

Elexia Byars : Kitty yay

Roblox Gamer : First

Jamey Stupid : I’m still late...

lily johnson : Yay cats are cute

BARTIGAN MAGE : what happened suli

CoolDragonXX : Ur avatar is giving me nightmares

Ash R : Cool nice vid, I actually just found you and ur super entertaining :) plus I subscribed m have a great day

Aldo Mejia : Hey kitty i rember i was in your live stream do you rember me?

Renzo Plays : Can u let friends play when its something like a multiplayer game?

XxToxic_ AngelXx : Why family friendly ;(

Spencer Bjorklund : Nice video!

it rollina :3 Tran : noo i miss it because i was in school


Stephanie T : Yay

Jazzy Playz : Haha 😂A cat as a kid 😊🤣😂😅😀😃😄😁😆😇😋😛😝😜😜🤪

ღKaoto_Sunny ღ • : HOLA SOY KAOTO_SUNNY ME RECUERDAS SOY LA DEL DIRECTO ( ˶´﹏︎`˵ ) hello cat

LimberMaster : Can you watch my animation video?? It's cringey tho.. but rate it a 1/10 at the end.. tysm If you do..