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Simon Rex : Last time I go to Tijuana on acid.

klashy80 : This is amazing!!! He feels really confortable on his "legs", it's so well done =o (IDK how some could dislike that...)

Eddy Charles : This is sad. That dog can dance better than I can.

jane doe : that dog really looks like it's having a good time. it's really hard on a dog's body to be standing up like that for too long, though, especially since retrievers have hip issues. i hope it gets a lot of breaks and isn't pushed too far. such a sweet dog.

Frank Medrisch : this is not salsa...its merengue

Diana Phoenix : Have seen this before. Its amazing & I never get tired of it. Hope it makes you smile.

Trina Macko : This dog is a better dancer than most humans! Amazing he could train it to do and remember all those complicated steps, and so well! Totally awesome.

Stephanie L : get ya facts right... this isnt SALSA.. its merengue.. different country of origin and time signature...but still cute!:-)

galacliva : Lol, Give that Dog a steak... a normally dog treat won't do...

Sally Kouba : amazing, this dog is amazing ! just it is merengue but the result is wonderfull, crazy, fun and i repeat again 'amazing'

Elena Bass : That dog dances better than I do! Loved the video and both of them looked so very happy!

lee kitchens : Should have danced that good on America's got talent....

Brian Castro : Thats merengue ''''not salsa

Enzo Compañ Badillo : Its el "Baile del Perro" (The Dog Dance) by Wilfrido Vargas. It used to be really popular in latin America in the 90s.

Kelly Lee : I used to think that this was so cute and incredible. NOT ANYMORE! I always wondered what it took to get a dog to do such?? I felt sick to my stomach when I learned the cruel training that gets a dog to do these type of things that are not natural at all for a dog. There is a reason why God gave a dog 4 feet. SICK and CRUEL.....just to get money and attention. One word....KARMA. Look out, because it is coming your way.

Elizabeth Cortez : Came here to say that's not salsa! But people beat me to it lol. Still, a dog dancing merengue is still pretty damn impressive!

Giglia Galarce : If it would have gone on America got talent then.... she would have won the whole thing! She was AMAZING then! But it seems Carrie in older now and she has lost some of her strength. LOVE this video.

Celeste Tran : this is so wonderful, oh god I wonder if my little dog can do this? Ohhh too cute to be true.

Liz Greenspan : I think dog's should be dog's. I don't think this is not funny so no mean comments please. That's my opinion.

I Want Boba : Current Status of Faith in Humanity: Restored.

JulieDoesNailz : That dog can dance better than me

alyzavantassel : It's so adorable and made my day

Ariana : AMAZING

Kiss The Lord : Thanks I needed the laugh. LOL

The Stampium : lol

Alexandra Santel : Don't understand why people are feeling bad for this dog...Doggy dancing or Freestyle to music is a known sport, especially in the UK. These dog owners have a very strong bond with their dog and train with positive training to make them do this. A dog wants nothing more than to interact with its owner and people and this dog is obviously having fun doing this instead of being tied to a chain or left alone. I think it would be cruel to leave a high energy breed dog like this doing nothing all day and being bored...If you want to see what a real mistreated dog looks like look up puppy mills and hope for paws videos

Alex : mERENgue

Christian Jalore : It's surprising how the dog remembers the whole routine

Bar Steff : That pooch is amazing and gorgeous, but let us give a little credit to the guardian to that amazing animal.

Angelina De Rosa : INCREDIBILE....! Un ''BRAVO'' va anche al Maestro di ballo...!

Spencer Russell : Well, simply put, this dog is amazing.

Debra Given : The best I've ever seen!

Betty Rohr : Betty, so much fun to watch this dancing dog.

Darya K : Wow!  

Kommissar Knusprig : thank you internet

Omar von Muller : @elijah7k I think that you were abused !!! If you don't like it DON'T watch it !!!

Zueiful : lol Dog Dancing To Eminem Shake That Ass For Me /watch?v=4Gfk2FTAHO8

Eccentricka1 : The way he leaned her back at the end.lmfao!

KAI BAE : I wish my dog did that(:

AvrilLavigne Scotland : Briliant!

The Tribe Biomechanix records : awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so sweet

strikerk : @lvnthedge Um~ that's what MAKES them smarter than dogs. If I tossed a toy at you, would you go get it for me?

BlueonGoldZ : Based on this video, I calculate that dogs will be our overlords in 10 years.

Edward Joel : Oh my gosh, that dog needs to go on Animal Planet and win their contest show.

Judicial78 : Lets see a cat do that :P

Wensleydale Gaming : If Ron Burgundy's dog can speak Spanish, I'm sure this one could too.

A G : @broadwaygirl2001 it also couldn't have been a kid because it is clearly a dog! lol

lprice2829 : Amazing! The cutest thing I've seen in a long time!

miss_midge_6515 : Te amo.

Dogmeng : wake me up im dreaming @.@