‘Let’s try that again…’ iPhone X facial recognition fails at launch – video

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Pop Films : My S8 facial recognition works 99% of the time and is way faster. Plus the finger print reader works even better.

Shockk : This isn't the facial recognition failing. It's a security feature after rebooting the phone. You can't use Face ID until the Secure Enclave has been unlocked with your passcode. This is by design, and has been in place since Touch ID.

Attizzoso Dissaldato : what if my girlfriend puts the phone in front of my face while i'm sleeping? would it be so easy to hack it?

caaspark : Lol, the second device which worked actually didn't do the job even faster like the finger print scanner. So that's an epic fail!! So now we understand how much slower that will be in low light!!

pete smyth : another 'fancy' feature no-one needs and might be hackable.

annt hill : so do you have to get two? one that you use and then the back up one that works?

urbanimage : Must have been holding it the wrong way 8--)

darkultra : Windows Hello! or not I think it uses radar to create a 3d mesh of your face hmmm