Talking to someone from a different country - ft. Gus Johnson

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Gus Johnson : oi you boys callin back or what

Salted Snail : There's so much information I can't process anything ahhh

ashycloudy : I could've watched an hour of that tbh

GG123 : You guys are seriously one of the funniest channels I’ve watched

Joe Short : How can he mow the lawn when the grass is covered in snow? 👀

Bob Ross : The greatest crossover in history - Marvel

RiskyBizznue : Screw Infinity War, this is the cross-over we truly deserve.

Minks Rule : Who knew you could mow a lawn in the snow?

Udipta Dutta : Greatest rap battle in history.

Caleb Campion : From 'What are you up to' to ''You were slightly dissapointed by Willem Dafoe's performance in the 2002 film Spider-Man as the green goblin AKA Norman Osbourne?''. So good.

river blue : I choked on my beer Edit: That’s a lot of likes for me choking on my beer

Fraza : Fairbairn and Gus.. Wow <3

ActionPactCinema : You were editing a collaboration video about misunderstanding someone because of their accent and then got hungry so you grabbed a sweet apple from the fridge and ate it down to its core????

Alec Dalton : There’s nothing wrong with being just a guy who mows lawns, Gus

Katrina papa : Irish man named Sean....

can you not right now : Jaxson messing up the shots is one of the best things.

Mohamed Izlanshah : that norman osborn bit made me laugh so loud lmfao

Oscar Devereaux : More crossovers with GUS please

Rian : They finally collabed!

Hannah Kuchel : why was it so short

Cori : I hear RuneScape, I upvote. Simple as that.

Tristan Gorman : I love mild high club! Great outro music


Memeophile : I want a one hour version of this

Kito Burrito : I actually needed this collab to happen, thank you.

Rex Is Here : Here before it goes viral... this is GENIUS

Ruben Lopez : the outro is good

Emily House : *why hasn't this channel gone viral yet*

Ella Russell : always banging music in the outro, thanks guys

Boshmash : Mild High Club at the end 👌

therealvicepresident 69 : Damn... that was some good rhyming

Adolf Hitler : Mild High Club outro Yes.

Lucy Servo : 0:14 jaxon, did you just smell your phone case?

Bronabonle : This was a great collab! So cool seeing some of my favorite dudes getting together to make some *fresh* content on YouTube


Sabrina : Me: I like dis.

Randomness Potato : First like and view

Ultimate Fan : YES

Scarlett Straford : U are my actual life😂💖💞💖😍

JackinAssasinVege Blackman : Finally a collab

Lucy Servo : You were just rescuing a Siberian Husky with a hurt paw?

This Mystic : Hahahahahahaha!!!!

HOTLILPAPI : I think theres a slight *miscommunication* here

Purmhy : "You wa mowin youh lawne?"

Jlee Wlee : 100 k nice one guys

Cole Dickey : Yo home slice 🧀

kermin : All of that and nobody realized it was winter. You don't mow in winter....

Chris M : No kidding the third toe on my left foot is actually sore, accidentally tripped

psycopathic maniacs : You guys are so cute 😘

Shelby May : This is just great, that’s it