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Brig McMullin : Who agrees they should do a second one of these?

Brian Karp : Which battle royale was cooler Comment MrBeast Like Dude Perfect

Stephen Samuel : Can you make airsoft battle royale part 2. Please.

Hello Hello : That's probably one of ur best vids ever like if u agree

Ace Liwag : Cody: *has machine gun* Garret: * shots Cody with pistol* Cody: HE HAS A PISTOL

Dray Gaming : I kinda wished they played more than on round though...

MoRu Wu : This one of the coolest dude perfect video ever!

_ elincyt _ : So Cody camped The twins betrayed each other And garret and Tyler were latex hungry

White_ Panda : You should have joined mr beasts youtuber airsoft royale

MG Official : That's probably one of ur best vids ever like if u agree

Evans 38 : They should make part 2 like if you agree

DiabolicGamer 245 : When ty threw the nade it looked so cool when he threw it and when he was running

Zi Xuan Goo : 41th battle. 41 million views *Balanced as all things should be*

Juan Britto : The best, I wish someday to do that with my friends 🤩🏹🛡️

Riley Rae : Garrett should have won...Cody is a camper

Matthew Ko : Who else wants a remake with much more people?

Kobby Brand : They should make this a real life game...the last person who wins gets a reward or money...plenty people would pay to participate

Rachel Lee : so uhhhh mr.beast just stole Dude Perfect's game okay thats fine

Pandora 2099 : Dude perfect should have been in the mr beast air soft.

Joe Gaming : It looked like i was playing it for real

Just Brxyan : They should make a part 2 like if you agree

SS Tech : Amazing you guys should go for another one with more players

jared mac : cant believe they actually had crates drop in lol. so cool

Carol Yohn : Cody: you aint got nothin boi Garrett: i got a pistol...

Meli Games : Cody is the type of players I hate in call of duty.... CAMPERS!!

bearblt : TBH was expecting that from Cody. he seems like a camper

Stu Str : This is actually interesting to watch. I like the balloons as lives.

jason xd : Had to win Garret because Cody is a camper

Joseph Sharp : Do a Battlebots battle, you could upgrade your RC Cars with weapons.

Gavin : Cody: *camps the whole game* Also Cody: That was so fun!!!!!!!!!!

spx_mylotics : I want more videos like this, this was your coolest video.

JOSEYT THE ROBLOX GAMER : I can't Believe you did this guys!

Skills And etc : who would you save with your last ammo 1. your teamates 2. yourself

ILHAN FAIQ SUBSCRIBE WEYH : I thing you play PUBG and Fortnite

Paul Monroe Graham : The coolest Dude Perfect episode yet!!! Super awesome! :)))

S_T_R_E_L_0_O_K : Garrett :how did I miss? . . Me : lag

Philax22YT : True winner Is Garret cuz you know who Is a dirty camper

Alaina Patchett : I laughed so hard when Coby popped his ballon

Aiden sharifi : cody’s definitely gonna win

Aman Vinod : The guy who hides The guy whose hiding edit is used as a comic relief The guy with the most badass costume... WINS

Learning & experiment with Ashtam : We need part 2 who else needs like

Gaming with C channel Channel : 6:01 :Tyler: not worth it :Cody after he loots supply drop: that was so worth it

Sandro Tabidze : * finds a level 3 backpack Tyler: I DoNT ThINk I NEeD a BaCKpAcK!

Jeyhun Zeynalov : I love you dude perfect for the vid

BLAZ3Rml Gaming : Ty:Not worth it! Cody: Worth it xD

TazTheHero : I have always waited for you guys to do an air-soft video and this.. was awesome!

Jamie Robertson : Garrett should have won. He got 4 pops. Purple hoser nation

nazish faisal : Your video is so perfect thanks for it

Sangeeta P : 0:30 when cody jumps at start there is a car at the corner right of the screen...