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Brig McMullin : Who agrees they should do a second one of these?

Connor Gamer1290 : Tyler: Not Worth it Cody:That was Definitely worth it

Stephen Samuel : Can you make airsoft battle royale part 2. Please.

Ralph Martin Salvador : Legends says Cody is still camping there 😂😂😂

LORD Brawl Stars : Balloon got struck in tree... Loses one balloon LOL

Flaming Charcoal : This is one of the things you wish you can do

ItzPayton YT : "On gosh he's got a pistol" said no one ever in PUBGM

TheSkitBrothers 101 : 3:38 I wonder if Cody is playing PUBG mobile

MR PIZZAS : Can you plz do a 2nd I loved this one 😍

Huy Vu : Ty: supply drop not worth it Cody: It was worth it

Izaak Mendelsohn : I bet 10 bucks they played liked 100 rounds after this

Habib Khan : Plzzzz bro other part of this Who agree like here 👇👇

lancer : I learn something Camp to win

Sloppy Chicken Strips : Cody is the smart one he picked up multiple guns and multiple magazines for those guns

Dalwoo : "Part 2" on Amixem channel ;)

Charitabl Animations : uhg i love the way they edit these videos with the poping balloon animation and so on. its the little things that make a DP video better

an orange fox : Cody:sponsored by pubg Also cody: play fortnite mobile

Aman Vinod : The guy who hides The guy whose hiding edit is used as a comic relief The guy with the most badass costume... WINS

TheRealTedi : ty (saws a airdrop) walk pass and says : not worth it 2 mins later killed buy an airdrop gun ✌️😂

Madhavi P : Please make airsoft battle 2

Fabian Tube : Now imagine this with 40-100 people.

Lewis crawford : I love watching this Part 2? Anyone else want to do this for a birthday party?

Archie Playz : My name is Curtis williams I Love your YouTube channel and I want your de U

Ezerka : This is the best PUBG Mobile ad I’ve ever seen

Han Solo357 : Cody is the walking arsenal, lol

Aacro X : This ain’t PUBG or Fortnite This is Balloon Battle from Mario Kart

William Freeman : Love this field never played it but watched revelations

You Tube : Can u do a airsoft battle 2?! Thxs

FSI Clan : Garret Is Most Likely The Person With Most 2nd Places

Patrick Grimes : Tyler passes supply crate Tyler: not worth it Cody passes supply crate and opens it Cody:that was so worth it

Learning & experiment with Ashtam : We need part 2 who else needs like

nilofer qureshi : Plz take me also in second part plzzz I am your biggest fan plzzzz

Ayesde. : Could of been easier to call hits.

samueltandixhen1040 : Absolutely love the fact that the twins were the ones who killed each other off

Kish Jain : This video is like the best so far. I love DP!

matthew shimaitis : Do stuff like this more. Like if you agree

zp Pienaar : Hello dude perfect I love you guys I wish I could meet jou I want to play airsoft professional but dont have the money i love you guys


ZeroFox75 : When camping is actually a valid strategy and you don’t get ambushed by a bunch of players 😂😂

Leon Skalczynski : Part 2!!!

omar w2s : part 2 with alot of peaple and teams like my comment if you want that

G4B Aizers : Qui vient de la vidéo d'amixem.😁😁 👇

Acacia Farms : Whos here in june 2019, if you are make this blue 👇

08 Sek Audrey06 : I love this challeneg i want to have Next Ep

Kang Daniel : After this video, I know that if there are campers, they have an 80% chance of winning!=)))

Trying To Pick A Good Username : I'm not big on Battle Royale games, but man, this video looked so fun. DO MORE

SUBHAM DAS : Nice video dudes ....I will love to watch the second one

Hydro Films : we need a part two! This was amazing!

Jack Pack : This has to become a real olympic game and should be played worlwide (Pretty ironic cuz i hate battle royale games)