These Are People

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TheDarkWut : a man is dead and she is laughing

Kristian Cooper : "What's your name again?" *Chair Breaks* "NYEAEGHH!!!*

Aaron Keyes : god damn that sound he makes falling at 0:43 "nyagh" can't stop laughing

hinatatas : what kind of fuckin game show is this

Liliana Arriaza : What's your name again

dragnalus : Star Wars 7 casting.

Alika Achong : This show made me laugh more in the opening then the whole of an episode of Jimmy Fallon. I love the randomness and shit

Wolfatadoor : I fucking love this show and appreciate all the weird bizarre humor, but the subtle normal jokes really elevate the humor like his chair breaking when he leans back.

yeppeun seonyeoyeo : Did they give her some salvia before the show started lmao

Ellie Thompson : this guy used to go to my school

Stormbane : Give this guy letterman's job.

medicore0000 : "omg, I have blood on me... ewww... :3" LMFAO

Django Mandingo : She's pretty optimistic towards killing people

Yess, Cuban B : Dude in the middle had it coming. Efiing sonuvabitch

Joseph : You can see the food behind the chair at 0:13 haha

Spencer : Did I just watch someone die?

bones jackson : i love the little song hannibal sings

ConstantlyComparing : If you think this is real, then you are too young to be on the internet unsupervised. Jesus christ.

Beto Camacho : Did they actually shoot that guy

Daniel Olson : That's the best combination of noises I've ever heard.

ThePumpkin506 : She reacts amazingly.

BootsNbigtrucks24/7 : To be honest I was hoping she's pick the old lady😂

whostolemyTV : who is she? she's definitely crazy enough to be on the show

metapodz : what's your name again?

NarwhalMuncher : I love that he just forgets his guests's name. He's so fucking good at just making his show seem like a complete and utter train wreck it's actually an art

Gerardo Cardoz : what's the name of the guest?


Demented Daniel : Best... Skit... Ever!!

Tom : This is why you don't wear a red shirt. The redshirt ones always die.

Dennis G : God damn white privilege...

Zander Bagley : 0:41

SD V : Wait someone really died?!

JasminLeblanc : Simply perfect

Sir woofish : That jingle makes it oh so better

3DKing200 : Just so we're clear, No one is gonna call the police and report the murder ..... No? Okay

Fittest Jeans : These were people

Capn Sebastian : Bitch was cold as ice, she knew he was gunna get shot and she was laughing afterwards. Perfect wife material.

SomeRandomDoctor : “What’s your name again?” NYAAH

Cole Bennett : Did he die?

Let It Takeoff : 0:34

dogsofte : i came from undertale

Super Cat : Probably the coolest guest he's had on the show.

Anthony Cline : Is this Maria Menounos?

klystron2010 : To be fair, being the dude in the middle is kinda gay.

Sum Gai : This whole episode was one whole build-up to me literally laughing shitting my pants at the end. God, every talk show should follow this format, its fucking genius!

Helvetica : the lady was scared. I can tell because of the look on her face and the way she was acting.

Eder 427 : White privilege.

Frederick Röders : The financial elites would love this gameshow unironically.

Jerry Armstrong : do not watch this show while eating. please.

Jungkook Bts : Omg is this real