Silly Walk City March in Brno (2013)

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Illusive Prime : The Ministry would approve of this.

Tony Littman : This is what makes me proud to be human

dremm0723 : If people did this more often, maybe we'd stop having wars.

f1f1s : Dear sir, I wish to object in the strongliest possible turns to this hideous façade. Regarding some walkers, their right leg wasn’t silly at all, and their left leg merely did a forward aerial half-turn every alternate step. Yours truly, Dr. Elsie Zzzzz (fried slice and golden three delicious).

KrautGoesWild : The most under-funded ministry in the world!!

etheangel2220 : Nice to see that the government funding came through

Ernst Krippl : I love to see that people from the neighbour country (I am Austrian) have the same strange humor like me - Ministry of silly walk rules!

Alissa Florisbal : The man with his child is the best. Even his little boy has a silly walk! 👌

Maria MkUp : HAHAHAHA My god i really loved.. i wish my country there was a special day for that !! <3

DerVesper : from germany 100000 points to this xD

The Black Flash : I came here for inspiration for the ministry of silly walk jazza contest

Xialyd : It needs to happen in France, Nice ! XD

Klara Mrkáčková : Silly Walk forever! Next year I go on this march!

ThePitofSidLord : Mass Effect: Andromeda.

bubmah axr : running is the silliest walks of all, honestly

jános kurucz : sillyness is borderless. :) greatings from Hungary.

Dr.Incognito : I AM SO JEALOUS this needs to happen in NYC

Darkmesna1 : Things like this makes life so interesting. I might even say, my faith in humanity has turned up a few points.

British brick : This is how we will invaded the French

AC Keeble : I have a silly walk and I want to be a part of this.

Franz Karl Harald SCHULZ : Great Idea, this Silly Walk Day! An Hommage to genial Monty Python.

Jay Flippen : If you had about 2-4 people doing it then it wouldn't seem like a popular social contagion like a flash mob. I liked the silly walks of the first three dudes without the crowd. If you had camera operators distant from the line of walk but within reasonable distance to record it then you could get the surrounding public's reaction.

Venom Snake : Reminds me of monty python

ranhojic : Teribble. One walker: 1 man with camera.... atmosphere is killed...

aubsdaddy : Keep the silly alive. Silly isn't born its found.

Girom Christian Calica : My dreams have come true

S Lee : I thought those cops were going to arrest those silly walkers

Abdullah Drury : Can I safely assume these are the folk responsible for the Greek economy ?

Sanne MvdB : Fantastic!!! 😆

Wilhem275 : Superior.

Djordje Pivnicki : Great! Hats off!

Glenn Sharp : That was pretty silly.

Mar Zum : This is beautiful!

ruispuuro : Some of the walks weren't particularly silly. Not to worry. With the Governments grant it is possible to develop your walk to a much more sillier level. Simply head to the Ministry of Silly Walks and our servants will surely help you according to their best capability.Now, keep in mind that there might be a slight delay in the service, simply because recently some of our servants walks have gotten much more sillier.

Astrollord Wesmírnaut : Super video, ale hrozná volba hudby - přijde mi málo švihlá!;)

p divoky : Vynikající !!!!!!!!!!

Glorious_Dominator16 : Too funny.

GomirofWRA : That's amazing.

Arne Admiraal : Hats off.

Rick Lewis : The inspiration for the Titans

An ordinary Realist : They're noooo good at it . . . But good initiative! :)

Luke Frangeskou : This is fantastic! I want to do it!

mgregggphone : This looks like great fun.

DrPujasRedDot : Nice work :)

Freddyfootlong : I want to take part!!!

snorri arge : Thanks for this great clip.

Vitoria Dias : UAHAUHAUOAHUOAHAUOH how not to love these people? hahahaha

TheMrZombified : Oh that's just silly.. wait ,forget what I just said ...{ walks away very silly }

Anneke Beks : Ha,ha,ha....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂‼️

lorr eleng : so much fun