The Restoration of Ave Maria Ambient Sounds Version (ASMR ish)

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Follow along as Julian Baumgartner of Baumgartner Fine Art Restoration in Chicago works to conserve and restore this icon of Ave Maria. This piece was likely created in a workshop that specialized in religious icons for churches and was the product of several craftspeople and artists with no one claiming ownership or signing the work. These icons appeared commonly throughout Europe and were often lost during war or the closure or relocation of a church. This piece came in with very little provenance other than that the original owner was an antiques dealer who traveled extensively throughout Europe in the 50's and 60's collecting pieces for sale back in the USA. This was one that the dealer held on to. Covered in years of grime and linseed oil with extensive losses and instability this icon was at high risk for further losses if not complete destruction. The process of conserving and restoring the piece was delicate and tedious but the end result reveals how it might have looked to parishioners when it was first revealed. This version of the video contains no narration and showcases just the ambient sounds of the restoration. There is a narrated version here:

Comments from Youtube

seva809 : I bet this guy already has a reserved place in heaven.

C.E Bentley : I think he needs a Netflix show.. I would love to see how these works of Art come to him.. The consultation process.. More details of the restoration process.. And the owners reaction when seeing it fully restored..

Hi There : Hi random person scrolling through the comments have a good day

X : I feel like I'm watching an advanced version of woody's restoration in toy story

Payton Wafford : 9:03 thought he was gonna start praying lmao

Yui Tachibana : 6:14 Mary come thru with that skincare regimen 👌🏻

shrek lord : This painting is so old that if he dropps it it will probably turn into dust

Odette Gonzalez : I absolutely love the clean up part! @7:00

Natalia Marquetti : Please make more videos without narration or music, I absolutely love the sounds!

Sam Pause : As soon as I win the lottery I’m buying damaged art just so you can keep making these vids

misska : It reminds me Toy Story when the old man fixes Woody....I don't know why

Ludovice : This... *...This is art surgery* : *It's like a puzzle game* with real life consequences :-)

sphnnissassy : Please make more of restoration videos in ASMR'ish setting! ❤️

Hanna Hervai : Meanwhile i try to draw a circle

Abby Beatson : They need to do this to the damn Mona Lisa already.

Imran Ullah Khan : *_ish_* makes all the difference.

Ralph Wiggum : This is excruciatingly satisfying. Almost too much to handle.

Reynard Yonatan : while watching i was like "what is that? wow the hell is that? what's he doing? is that yoghurt? what how he do that?"

Ludovica Puggioni : I cried.. thank you so much. I dream of doing this job❤

Norlax : Jsjsj, cuando quitó la suciedad pensé que había borrado la pintura, soy especial

Елизавета Сладкова : Oh my God! Now I want to restore old icons and paintings.

Name Surname : I love how he just gave up and started calling these ASMRs (ish)

k a y l e e : he's basically a fine art surgeon.

OrangeSoda : Sometimes I come back to re watch this video as it fascinates me to an infinite extent as to HOW HE WAS ABLE TO REVITALIZE THIS CRUSTY PIECE

Eduardo Venturi : Нахуя я это смотрю в 3 часа ночи?

N0R5K1 : Stuff like this is why I want to be a art restorationist

Nancy Lynn : Such delicate work. If I wasn't so old I would love to apprentice with you.

Burak Baggins : Why did he paint the missing parts with only vertical strokes? Is there a reason for that? It feels like It would be better if he painted in a more traditional way? (I don't know anything about brush painting or restoration. I am just curious, be gentle)

Дарьяха !!! : За не стандартный асмр ЗАЩИТАНО!!!

Moy Hell6 : Yo siempre e opinado que las obras de arte en ese estado deben de conservarse tal cual y no tratar de restaurarlas, siento que al hacer eso pierden su originalidad a pesar de el buen trabajo que hagan También es bueno apreciar como a pasado el tiempo atravez de la pintura

Jason Poole : One of the world's most revered works of art reconstructed meticulously. You are a Saint!

Reagan B : The lesson: don’t use linseed oil and especially not 🅢🅣🅐🅟🅛🅔🅢

hdb80 : I have never had the privilege of seeing a restoration. When you were cleaning her off with a paint brush and solution and cotton was that dried linseed oil or just years of grime? Thanks!

MT C : I hope you make more ASMR'ish videos of your restoration. It's very calming. Thank you

Buch : 9:05 Beat the devil out of it.

Franny Becker : Parabéns belíssimo canal super 🌹 Saudações 🇧🇷 beijos com carinho 😘 Love 😍 You.

Mats van den Haak : Now I understand why people like ASMR

_Milky Shadow_ : I learnt some things about my future job :DDD

lucy : you probably won’t see this but can you tell us how old the painting are in the videos to come are?

Meg Rose : Absolutely outstanding work, yet again. However, the one thing I wish you would put in the description, its how old the pieces that you work on are. Even an estimated age. “Estimated to have been painted in 1650-1660” etc. As one of the most fascinating thing about watching you work, is seeing the finished product resembling how it once would of looked to those people that lived long ago in a different age. Its almost like time travelling in a way!

longchicken : 7:10 my favourite part :D It sounds soo good and relaxing!

Leonie Blah : How beautiful! What a wonderful way to spend your life.

Maroon LightBulb : *sees notification* Me:*screams*

Paulo Monti : Magnífico. Parabéns! 😊. 👏👏👏

KillThad : Holy hell, that looks rough. I don't think anyone would've been blamed for thinking that was too far gone. Props to you, man.

Kristi Hardin-Alexander : Beautiful work . I love watching your restorations...especially on religious artwork. (On a less mature note: At one point during this video, I'm thinking, "Ooohh, Mary's getting botox !")

Fernando Br : Nossa otimo trabalho em n sabia q dava ora recuperar uma coisa tao estragada como essa top n sei como q alguém da deslike em um video desse tem q ser muito besta msm

Илья Сычев : Серьёзно? Он нарисовал мохнатые руки и так оставил? Не надо было вообще трогать тогда.