The Restoration of Ave Maria Ambient Sounds Version (ASMR ish)

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seva809 : I bet this guy already has a reserved place in heaven.

Ralph Wiggum : This is excruciatingly satisfying. Almost too much to handle. : *It's like a puzzle game* with real life consequences :-)

lostdarkness : Hard work ,very successful

Megaskizzen : ASMR (Ambient Sound Mary's Restoration)

Keks Gloryhole Fun : Restore me like one of your French paintings

Meg Rose : Absolutely outstanding work, yet again. However, the one thing I wish you would put in the description, its how old the pieces that you work on are. Even an estimated age. “Estimated to have been painted in 1650-1660” etc. As one of the most fascinating thing about watching you work, is seeing the finished product resembling how it once would of looked to those people that lived long ago in a different age. Its almost like time travelling in a way!

Carolina Mirante : since the video where you showed your atelier, I was praying for you to record this restoration... thank you!

Name Surname : I love how he just gave up and started calling these ASMRs (ish)

Buch : 9:05 Beat the devil out of it.

KillThad : Holy hell, that looks rough. I don't think anyone would've been blamed for thinking that was too far gone. Props to you, man.

Marshmallow Princess : The poor painting! Don't worry. The doctor will fix you!

tehonionpotato : Literally all of your videos are like ASMR... It's just so calming to see you work so methodically. Keep up the great work!

mcswiftino : 11mins is way too short!! I could’ve watched you clean that picture for hours! Now to watch the narrated version to see what it was you were doing!

T. R. : i kept thinking "ah, this is so relaxing, but i don't understand what he's doing and it bothers me" and then i had one of those OH WAIT moments, so basically what i'm trying to say is i love the fact that you make both a narrated and an ambient version of your videos.

Arcii Park : i've gained a massive love for fine arts because of your restoration videos! thank you and i hope you keep doing what you do!!

Klaudia Mach : If I saw that painting I'd probably think it's irreparable. You're a genius! Authors of paintings you fixed, wherever they're now, they should be thankful for your help with making them proud again of their masterpieces. I'm truly moved.

Nana Liu : It's like this painting underwent a surgery.

random : I wish I had that much patience

Maria Bjåstad Hustadnes : This is actually better than ASMR

Ali Love : I cant believe im watching this video twice. Narrated and ASMR...ish

Chandler Russell : The amount of varnish that was on this painting is genuinely disgusting. I damn near started dry heaving when you began removing it.

S Ali : this is trur asmr when people are actually doing stuff and not acting like creeps. i feel like most asmr channels should be shut down

Bob Bobson : This is beautiful. Honestly, what excellent skill and care. What an amazing job to have.

sabriele : What’s was the initial removed layer of varnish made of lol, mud??? Omg

C.M. O.M. : I really like that you publish two videos, one where you actually talk about your process and one where I just get to watch. It feeds both my interest and need for knowlege, and my need for relaxation, and I really enjoy watching both videos.

Alex : Wow this is fantastic!! Only one request: the cleaning process it is the best part of all your videos, can you please make them longer in the future videos? Thanks for sharing :-)

Nathaniel Lawson : Now that I’ve listened and watched the voice over I love going back through these and seeing exactly what it is you’re doing and seeing if I can remember the process step by step. I love these videos holy crap

Sarah Asmr : Beautiful work. Keep it up. Even though the methods you use are reversible I’m sure it can be quite nerve wracking

stefanel : how much talent can a human being handle

Marko Petrovic : sir, I must tell you, you have angelic hands. well done!

Claudia Radusch : How to recover a dead patient...

B L : How can someone dislike this ?????

Nobodys Dogma : I appreciate how he gives us a narrated version as well :)

Snavels : Beautiful, You're very skilled in what you do. Bravo!

AwpitheAwper : I think I might pass out, such a pristine and dedicated work.

cool dad : If this was my job I think I would probably pass out from anxiety and fear of messing it up. You are amazing at what you do, it’s so impressive! There’s so much care put into each piece you restore

Rai Pogonowski : It is so breathtakingly beautiful under all that grime you bought it back to life and thank you for that

Raphael M. Lopes : Amazing job. Always that I watch your videos I wonder if you ever committed some mistake that you didn’t know how to repair. When you don’t know how to procedure with something, where do you research about?

Steph Anie : Thank you SO MUCH for posting this version! This is incredible. I love all restoration videos, but I’m always a bit disappointed when they’re sped up or dubbed over. This just made my day 😊

Stefan Kimmlingen : Mindblowing. You Sir... you are a genius.

Orinta Ivanauskaite : I always get excited when it comes to the part of cleaning dirt cause after that you can see how beautiful that painting really is. The best part of repairing. And the end result always surprises me . Some of the painting you repaired in my opinion were hope less, but you did them beautiful again

Sanskruti Patil : If I were him, I would've listened to some music and done it cos I'm damn impatient,forget about asmr. Maybe that's why I can never be like him lol.

Lucas : Yes my dude, yes. I love watching both versions for different reasons and am so glad you realised the asmr potential with these.

- DARK - : OMG! This must have been the most difficult restoration you've ever done!😍

Casual Account : I need more!! Honestly could watch this for hours, 11 minutes is not enough.

El houssein Mohamed : This is the second time you wear a shirt that I own .... DO YOU STEAL FROM MY WARDROBE ?


Carly Melzer : These are the only asmr videos I will ever watch

Adrian Zhang : What do ancient paintings smell like