My cat attacks me when I sing

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Luc fpv : I would attack you too

Alex Prachnhavong : How can you sing to the point your cat starts feeling tortured and then you take him outside as a punishment after it hurt you ?

k i : No. You need to go outside.

milesaph : hes not attacking you he thinks youre dying

Ronja Alatalo : Your singing made my cat attack me while listening so thanks

Bart Simpson : She attacks you because you RUINED a Whitney's legendary classic song

MC Judith : “that wasn’t nice” well, your singing aint either..

Rose King : I think you were hurting the cat’s ears. They have very good hearing and that high pitch screeching sounds must have been hurting his poor little ear drums 😐😐😶😶

Min Yoongi : 1:30 "... Will Always Love - AHHHHH"

Angelvirus : omg it's horrible ...and I'm not talking about the cat

hornetluca : I would attack you too if you sang like that in the same room I was 😁

Sabiq Tamir : I bet the cat is a reincarnation of Simon Cowell

II EXANIMATE II : this cat needs to learn how to use a gun

dawg : Honestly, I’d attack you too.

Not Today : The cat is not having the shananigans, it feels like it's the only adult in the house.

Vilen Everett : Some people think that you are singing like this for real XDDDD Funny cat tho

amit kr sarkar : The cat got a mental trauma after that

Marsha Pierre : He is like are you kitten me right now? I'm not nice??? you cut my lives down to 8 and I'm not nice. I played dead and you kept on. This was not part of my moving in agreements.

Kelmendyy : I really dont blame the cat

Justin Carnes : How are you gonna antagonize him like that and then be rude to him for teaching you a lesson?

living godness : Don't blame the cat..🙉

Moliminous : Lol I didn't even recognize the song untill the chorus

FDR - FierceDeityRick : Cat: Who sings that song?? You: Whitney Hou- Cat: *Interrupts* Yeah let’s keep it that way *Attacks*

Mcsteveberry : you're torturing his ears

krish b : If that cat doesn't kill you I will

Andra Utd : I go outside, in the side of the street, play this video loudly, now i'm in the hospital. I don't remember what was happened, but people said fourthy nine and a half bloody cats attacked me. Thats all.

Calico Cash : "that was not nice"... neither is your singing.

David Matine : There's nothing funny about torturing animals

Howlsengal : It feels like for the cat at least that this was less about your singing and more to do with butchering the late and great Whitney Houston lol

Rob Paul : That cat should be a judge on The Voice

Sarah Panda : Pff it also wasn't nice of you, so pls stop being angry at the cat at the end. She did all right. An owner who teases his pet on purpose, what's that for an owner. A terrible one, maybe.

Parry Home : I would attack aswell... The cat is the only one brave enough to stop you

Adalbert K. : Cat smarter than “mama”

KM RD : RIP EARS👂👂👂😭😭😭

Weeb's Gaming : Sorry, but your singing makes a bad sound in way that the cat thinks you're in distress... That's a good cat, it will tend to you if you're not feeling well. Edit: Didn't see the last part. Welp, I don't know then. I guess the cat doesn't like her singing after all then?

Jack Xavier : You try to get HIs attention n NOW you mad because of that n your freaking voice. I thought you the one should get out.

maggie 10103 : I don’t blame it

kAsi : If I was your cat I would bite your tongue off

Aggronn : 'how do I shut this thing off??'

Alpha Stoutland : Haha this was great! 😂 I love how he just lays down like "Please Lord, take me now" lol

Nick Raeff : Now, THIS is some high-quality internet

BlackSheepMan : even my cat was looking at me when i played this like "dude wtf are u listening? pls staaap"

Lex AH : *Poor little kitty!* 🙀 No living being deserves such torture...😅💕

toddlerwipes : That cat took you off your own chair. Cool.

SRT-10 RAM : hahaha you deserve that. Good kitty.....

Kevin Sp : I unterstand the Cat 🙈

Geralt z Rivii : Nice cat.

hung juree3 : We see who holds All the talent in the family... The Cat 😻! Don't quit your day job👍

bk playz : I feel sorry for dat cat his ears probably started bleeding

christina love : Kitty knows best