My cat attacks me when I sing

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Rob Paul : That cat should be a judge on The Voice

Rgggt Trev : Simon Meowell right there.

bk playz : I feel sorry for dat cat his ears probably started bleeding

commonman80 : Well The Cat was Right... No Doubt About That... Nope...

CRSyoyo : he protec he attac but most important i would attack too

Aggronn : 'how do I shut this thing off??'

Luu Xyy : 1:29 how to sing in high note and thank me later your welcome

Enmanuel Peña : He or she could be thinking you're injured or crying for help

Do Me Solo : It's Whitney Houston's spirit animal mad cuzz you're singing it wrong :) And he's mad you're recording vertically.

amanda843 : The cat is very upset over this.

hornetluca : I would attack you too if you sang like that in the same room I was 😁

Bashabsheh : cats have a sensitive ears, with that voice u have, feel bad for the cat.

NissanSucks99xVT : I don’t like cats, but your singing is just irritating.

Fruitiness AJ : I think we can all understand why it attacked her 😂

Literal Crown : Lmfao he thought you were in heat 😂

Shaun H. : I would attack her too.

Zeus Flores : top 10 anime attacks

Kimberly Kitty : This is me when my brother sings

Xen Yami : A cat has no owner, it just decided to live together with the person who bought it.

Vilen Everett : Some people think that you are singing like this for real XDDDD Funny cat tho

1misanthropist : You shouldn't have the right to subject the cat to cruel and unusual punishment like that.

eem eemmmj : can i like...punch you in the face?😂

Lalo Lacinato : Simon Cowell as a cat

Rolling Anime : *Top 10 anime bertrayal*

Joseph Irizarry : Kitty was trying to find the off switch.

Jaimee Atkins : i laughed at her singing and at the end when the cat didnt let go.

Pinhead : Fukin love cats...they have such cool personalities :D

frine kristia : Why would you pet an evil in the first place

Tree : *That was not nice* Yeah, I'm sure torturing that cat with that horrible singing was nice

SatisfiedPanda : The cat attacked you because it noticed your recording vertically

lord zomb : I thought the cat was singing

sk5130 : Cute bite

Mavors44 : Your cat is attacking you because you're filming vetically.

Kreativer Als Du : I think the cat attacks you because you film vertically.

BlackTide Gaming : My cat heard this video and flipped out like ARE YOU OKAY😂

/k/ unt : It's not your voice the cat just wants to hurt you

Arvind : Can't blame the cat...

Honey uwu : Yo igual lo haría si fuera el gato :s

King Corder : The cat was trying to put you out of your misery. Can't you understand. Such a merciful creature. May we all have something to help end us when we're in pain.

Kaseyluvsu Gray : 🎵Please don't sing🎵

5K sub Galaxy s7 edge give away : Girl even i feel like biting u listening to this ahah 😈😂

randombytes : Cant blame the cat for attacking, but it was funny when the cat had enough and was going in for the kill xD

Jorge Urcia : Hahahahah

Ultragreenyellow56 : I will always love- **screech** halarious

Ghostie‘ : 2011 was a weird time 😂

Virenus Bram : Even ur cat knows it stacey

Lone wolf : Don't forget to mute this video before watch

Franklin Rivard : This borders on insanity

yas96225 : The plants in my living room would attack me if I sang like that.

Justin Anderson : Thats the worst voice i ever heard