Fooling 300000 people using viral marketing

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I discuss how I fooled all of Instagram into thinking that my Custom Nike Mercurial Superfly 360 "TIGRIS" was going to be released by Nike Football. AVAILABLE NOW AT Edited/Directed - Andrew McEwen Videography - Robert Pizucco Music -


Phosnerd : top 10 pranks that went too far

Deven Jain : He had AirPods before people knew what they were

Emily : Nike wants to know your location

Makena : Anyone else seeing this in December?

squishyboy 11 : Instead of sueing when NIKE finds him they should make him a marketing advisor

-Cameron- : Where's the video were nike takes you to court?

T : If you did the tiger pattern a bit thicker I think it would have looked better

Flannel Channel : Your edit looks something like a battlefield 5 commericial....

Inktup : MCEW: โ€œHow I fooled 300,00 peopleโ€ Me: *Why is there 14?*๐Ÿคจ

Ra V BhUzel : legend says that nike is still searching his location.

froger5762 : How to get sued 101

Gux : Anyone seeing this in March?

John Smith : Nike would have used an actual tiger in their marketing ad, super common practice using animals to cross compare with products. Then probably spew some hyped up bs that makes the customer become more "animalistic" on the pitch if they buy the shoes, with some tagline "release your tiger.." or "release your animal". Although this example is humorous, you have started with a solid base of an already established world brand in nike, copying trademarks like footyheadlines and then actually made a cool design. It's not super difficult to achieve what you did but emphasises that complete ridiculousness of products and their subjective value vs actual value for what you're getting and for that I applaud you. Hopefully you don't get sued, but if I was at nike I would see this as good promotion, steal your idea, not credit you and make money of it.

MinseongTLG : I was one of those 300.00 people...

Siddharth Agrawal : isnt having those brand logos, or impersonating a company, against the law?

Austin O'Hare : Say hi to my dad in prison for me please

Robert Wheeler : only question? Isn't it somehow illegal to use another companies logo to promote your own stuff without their permission?

KryptonicHD : Longest commercial I've seen in a while

Robbert : Alright.. Now I've seen the full video... Gotta admit, nothing but mad respect for this. The marketing strategy is absolutely incredible, the cleats look like they could have been a real release and the link ups between other accounts is so smart. I WANT A PAIR but can't afford them unfortunately.

Kidnick Atura_kidnick : This guy finessed the entire soccer community ๐Ÿ˜‚

CromaticGames Fiver : *Nike* wants to know your location

Zachary Konkel : This is the epitome of self incrimination. Literally laid the entire story out for an attorney or prosecutor lol

Mysterious Fool : These graphic designers are basically garbage...

Amelia_C : Nike should do a collab with you. The cleats look so clean.

cutenessawesome : low-key be looking like stretch mark shoes

akaGemini : Who else is just now seeing this

Jimmy Turkowski : you were doing so good until the yeezy photo which would never be used in a nike ad

Zzra : I've never seen any of your videos before and this randomly showed up in my home page. Watched this whole thing and I don't regret it at all, sick video. You're also extremely talented, wow.

Sam Sam : That is the greatest marketing scam ever... literally color cleets with sharpie and put it up for $400

Lude98rc : The dislikes are the people who got fooled

Gilles Verbruggen : Cool shoes and cool marketing strategy, however your regard towards trade names and trade marks are close to zeto. Truly illegal.

Squeegle! :D : Who else thought he was doing his part by making pewdiepie themed shoes

Brave Isabella : How do you draw sooooo gooooooddddd!

Benjamin Robledo : Gimme a sharpie, I'ma about to custom make my own Striver shirt.

Oskar Meester : Subd right away just genius And nice montages by the way.

Az : Some random shitty editor put a getty images tiger image as a background for the shoes Dude freaks out thinking he just fooled some high class full time editor

fdd : epic illegally trademarking moment

Chirag Khurana : Can we just forget the scam part and look at his hardwork. He made the shoes dope !

Colin Harrington : I can't believe those things are so expensive but NOOOPE

Sander Van Sant :P : *yoooo whats up MY CUTIES*

nukester : Ok fam we get it you dont need to flex so much we get it you youtuebers are rich no airpods needed

Miki1337 : Is this legal?

Asian Boye : wouldn't the stripes wash out when playing in a wet field?

Kugelblitz : At the end of the day we just don't buy stuff for their beauty? Even if you say "Oh but it's the status of the brand that really counts", you still gonna buy it because it is... "lit", it LOOKS "lit" so in the end, anything can be sold with the right marketing...

Sharpshotz Gaming : *Those cleets would look dope*

GalacticOrilla69 : Fans: These Nike Shoes Are ๐Ÿ”ฅ MCEW: You Just Got Bamboozled ๐Ÿ˜‚

Arctic.Hazard : Why do you sound so much like Daily Dose of Internet

Almytho : 3:43 i can see how you spend your money you got from instagram... ๐Ÿ˜

FazeX : I have fooled 300000 people and now fooling a more couple of millions!! mad respect!!