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MCEW : So close to 50K Subs! Thank you fam!

Robbert : Alright.. Now I've seen the full video... Gotta admit, nothing but mad respect for this. The marketing strategy is absolutely incredible, the cleats look like they could have been a real release and the link ups between other accounts is so smart. I WANT A PAIR but can't afford them unfortunately.

F Meh : Wait isn't that illegal?? He used Nike's logo without their permission and marketed the cleats as if Nike was going to release them. Isn't that illegal?

Phosnerd : top 10 pranks that went too far

Jasprr_Yeet : Why do you sound so much like Daily Dose of Internet

nicekid76 : To everyone who thinks this is copyright infringement. . . It's probably also Trademark infringement since the Nike name is trademarked. And it's arguably fraud to use footyheadlines' watermark on his own post to pretend it came from them. Not a lawyer. At the same time I'm still pretty impress he fool this many people but yeah super illegal. If I worked at Nike, I might have to give him a job though for designing something so many people seem to want. Plot twist - he already works for Nike and this is actually a paid for ad ( jk but maybe )

Sam Sam : That is the greatest marketing scam ever... literally color cleets with sharpie and put it up for $400

Banana Dude : You were hoping the Instagram one would go viral but you better hope this video doesn't go viral or you could be in trouble by Nike

Benjamin Robledo : Gimme a sharpie, I'ma about to custom make my own Striver shirt.

Bite of the Bleeding Hollow : Nike can sue him if they really wanted to because it’s their logo and he’s basically stealing from them

-Cameron- : Where's the video were nike takes you to court?

Mathieu Constant : The ink will wear off so fast

G Barlos : Finally someone gets it. Virgil is a cancer to the fashion industry. He literally just puts words in quotations and turns things inside out. Not creative at all, plus the price is ridiculous considering the material quality. Just because it hasn't been done yet doesn't mean it's a good idea. I think nobody did what he did until now for a reason.

The KimJongIllest : Soooo this was pretty much illegal since they said they tried to pass it off as an official product...

IS THIS LOSS? : i wouldnt believe your edit was an ad

xXAlmakXx : Bragging about illegally trademarking....nice.

That Guy Luis : Ofc that's your own explore page. Don't be dumb. Sit down, hope nike gets you for using their name.

Final Hour HD : You're gonna get sued m8

Nashat Gith : so you basically did a scam, and then posted a video about it? i dont really get it, it's like going to a person who suffer from amnesia, ask him to donate a dollar for a charity then come back 5 min later and do the same thing. after that hire some people to do the same thing all around the city and pretty much earn some easy cash. now what you did is of course different from my example, however the most important 2 points in common is that it's a great idea but also a very despicable one. bottom line is, dont be proud of it and make a video deceiving people that what you did is an idea that deserve a praise just because it's smart.

Amelia_C : Nike should do a collab with you. The cleats look so clean.

Taesticles : bamboozled

Mi llamo Jose : At the end of the day we just don't buy stuff for their beauty? Even if you say "Oh but it's the status of the brand that really counts", you still gonna buy it because it is... "lit", it LOOKS "lit" so in the end, anything can be sold with the right marketing...

We Are Borg : hull city should be playing in these bad boys

Kina Tower : it made me cringe so hard

ŮPŘ-WarRobots : I saw your merch on the vudeo and it looks nice i might buy a hoodie

Brave Isabella : How do you draw sooooo gooooooddddd!

Joe : The final marketing photos with the yeezys though are silly because yeezy is adidas and the boots are Nike so they wouldn’t do that but still cool

Angel Mazariego : Bet they hire him at a Fortune500 company for a marketing apprenticeship soon

John Smith : Nike would have used an actual tiger in their marketing ad, super common practice using animals to cross compare with products. Then probably spew some hyped up bs that makes the customer become more "animalistic" on the pitch if they buy the shoes, with some tagline "release your tiger.." or "release your animal". Although this example is humorous, you have started with a solid base of an already established world brand in nike, copying trademarks like footyheadlines and then actually made a cool design. It's not super difficult to achieve what you did but emphasises that complete ridiculousness of products and their subjective value vs actual value for what you're getting and for that I applaud you. Hopefully you don't get sued, but if I was at nike I would see this as good promotion, steal your idea, not credit you and make money of it.

Mopi : sick

iMonstaa : This is so good. You're a God bro.

Asian Boye : wouldn't the stripes wash out when playing in a wet field?

FazeX : I have fooled 300000 people and now fooling a more couple of millions!! mad respect!!

Hurrican : Hey that released on my birthday XD

AwesomeJohnny6 RBLX : Should’ve wrote Custom on it.

Adrian del Campo : guy sounds like frugal aesthetics

Shirotabi : So you illegally used Nike's logo and misinformed people using their brand, did some rudimentary manipulation, added some cancer emojis and a crappy edit to boost your ego and make some sales? Gj bro, did you take that Jake Paul influencer course?

Jojo siwas Hair line : Cmon how can I not subscribe

CookieGacha Tv : looks like the real ones

Jasprr_Yeet : I would never be able to make custom cleats lmao

Araw Ruiz : Mcew clickbaited the world 💀

E X : Dang I need a lesson from you about viral marketing

Salty Lemon : And 300k views too lmao

Porky Pig : July 22 is the day before my birthday!! My birthday is July 23!,

Gryflir : I didn't even know drawing on shoes was a thing

Brendan Leahy : You legit need to be hired by Nike or something Mcew, those were 🔥🔥

Stella Luna : You madlad lol 😂

Sarcastic Kai : I don't like Cleats

Toasty-J : Is this Crea Tyler?

*Erimi* x : Oh wow. I'm proud of you.