Gangs Of New York Epic Ending 1080p HD
After 911 most movies removed the Twin Towers from their film but Gangs of New York which shot the final scene of the Manhattan skyline just weeks before the 911 attacks kept theirs as a tribute to the history of New York City

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Gangs Of New York Epic Ending 1080p HD I Do Not Own any Videos uploaded. All Credit Goes to the Creators of the Movie


Suhcamara : 1900-1930-1950-1980(2001)

Tanner Maxwell : "The people in the film...were part of the creation of that skyline, not the destruction of it. And if the Skyline collapses, ultimately they will build another one." - Martin Scorsese Totally Badass!

Rembrandt van Rijn : A sad, moving but hopeful ending. NYC has always been a city of immigrants coming to America for a better life, leaving whatever past they left in their original homelands. How many stories of triumph, tragedy, hope, enduring love we will never know about? These quiet streets where terrible and crucial events happened in the past. To some people one day we will all be just memories once we're gone.

Eclectic Reader : This movie and it's ending scene are eternally epic.

Rembrandt van Rijn : The producers wanted to edit out the towers from the end but Scorsese refused because the movie was for the people of New York those who built it up.

Wasted Talent : Amazing that the Five Points, would become the financial capital of the world.

Kyle Campbell : Directed by Marty MOTHERFUCKING Scorsese

Mahmoud Ahmad : NYC is lucky for having Scorsese, so damn lucky.

joaquin flores : This ending was epic

marioalll : amazing ending scene, though it is painful to see those towers...anyway this ending scene is art!

Frank Castio : The Song, Playîng At The End Of Thîs 2002 Classîc, Îs "The Hands That Buîlt Amerîca" By U2 For Those Of You's That Are Searchîng!

Chris K : The best ending scene I ever seen

Tyler the tiger : 1:44 in the memory of the twin towers

Austin James : "And no matter what they did to build this city up again, for the rest of time, it would be like no one ever knew he was ever here..."

Tanner Herzman : Casualties Death(s) 119–120 Injuries 2,000

Steve S : fun fact: New York was originally controlled by the Dutch & it's original name was New Amsterdam. So that scene when Bill asks his name and he answers "Amsterdam" Bill responds with "Well I'm New York" is a neat little history tidbit

DRAGONLuksis02czLP : 1:44 this is maybe alternate 2002 year when twin towers still exist and maybe be destroyd in 2011 :(

Rey Rogers : That haunting music rolling in like a tidal wave accompanied by the stunning visuals of time passing is the most profound motion picture ending ever created.

ForceMaximus84 : Makes sense that the score has a LotR vibe, given that it’s Howard Shore composing it.

flatsfishingonline : Dust to dust- for us all......

Danny C : I truly believe this is Scorsese’s best film since Goodfellas. You have an emotional contact with this film I never got from The Departed Casino ect although those films were thrilling at times.

Todd Grayson : 😩😭

Sam Kresil : 0:00 Hopefully, not all of those bodies belong to those of Amsterdam`s men

Sam Kresil : 0:00 Oh,THERE`S Amsterdam,alongwith Cameron and is alive,after I saw a clip where he got stabbed by Bill earlier.

jamesattenbourgh : So... Barry Lyndon ?

milad zamani : A Haward sound....

manuel martinez : La ingenieria civil avanza

Sam Kresil : 1:08 What actually happened?

Te Puia Haenga : 😫😢🏢🏭

The assassin who cheated death : R.I.P

Un Fulano : Este final fue una pieza de arte, magistral manera de terminar una que de por si ya era una fantástica pelicula.

Locktwiste72 : I was living in Toronto in 2002 when I went to the cinema to see this movie. The ending blew me away that night, and it still does. One of my all-time favorite historical films. I just finished watching a documentary on it and I discovered that, except for a few embellishments, about 95% of the film was actually true down to some of the incredible characters and the hang names and origins. And btw, U2? Epic band!! The ghostly sight of the Twin Towers made me cry because it had only been a year since 9/11.

smishize : Pardon my ignorance, but can anyone tell me the name of the bridge.

Christopher Bleidt : Whats the name of the soundtrack at the beginning of the video?

Blue Brick Wall : Waiting for Trump to do this to ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER.

poontang3zizo : This ending hits you like a fucking brick