Give me your Ticket!!
The train crew were trying to wake the two guys up Then this random women heard all the commotion and decided to take over

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For five minutes before I started filming this video, the train crew were trying to wake the two guys up. Then this random women heard all the commotion and decided to take over by strangling them! Hilarious!


Top 10 Archive : Don't plug his nose!!

BakedPotatoYT : If a man choked a wasted woman on a bus like that, the media about would be a different story.

Sub 2 me for No reason : Lady: *tells guy to stop holding the other guy's nose* Couple seconds later-- Lady: *chokes the guy*

HENRY THE RC CAR : 1:09 it's ok, she is a surgeon's assistant 😂

Daniel W : Imagine if a man assaulted a woman that way!

Stewie Griffin : put that predator in jail ☹️ how could she just harass two sleeping men... even tried to choke him woah woah... that's assault, molestation, excessive force... she touched his face and legs.. that's sexual assault... goddamn how can just these predators go roam around so freely... what has our society turned into... 😭 I'm so scared, worried about my future sons... the world isn't safe anymore

CarlDaLord : Yes I love *GRABBING PEOPLES NECK* so I can get their ticket.

VAV B reX : 0:08 Pussy

yeet skeet : 0:08 PUSSY

Chris J : So the surgeon's assistant assaulted the passengers...

Tritan : ''Hey don't plug his nose, I'll just choke him instead''

Antoine gagnon : 1:20 omg that face 😂

Erik Smoot : Did you hear I'm a sUrgEoNs AssIstAnT....

1Rod1ReelFishing : Best part - 1:17 Crazy Lady “I’m a surgeon’s assistant!” 1:20 Troll Dude “wtf huhhhhhh...”

Mister Black : 1:10 if a man would do this to a woman he would go to jail

DeFi / Saggy : God forbid a guy touches a woman like that

Nate Phillips : And women say they dont have rights? So why can they do this to a guy but a guy cant to this to a woman?


NoLookDeadShot : Imagine if the positions of the woman chocking the man were switched everybody would freak out

Benny Tops : *"I'm a surgical assistant, where's your ticket?"* Erm.. What?

F o r b b i d e n : 0:08 the guy says *puSsY*

Sylvanas Windrunner : I love how the dude just gives up on waking his friend, plugs his nose and casually sleeps while he's at it.

Nostalgia : WakeUp.exe has stopped working.

RaMBo Gaming : The legend has it she still is looking for that ticket

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 124

Black 110s : if this was a guy grabbing a woman by the throat he would be catching a charge lol and ppl think society is bad on woman

Lord Senf : This woman is obnoxious

Ace : Legends Say She is still asking for the Tickets

Franco Cepeda : If a man did this to a woman...all the media would be saying "but what a disgracre send him to jail!!!"

Kausik Jana : *Legend says these guys are still sleeping...*

DanPointZero : life hack: check the ticket before people get on the train.

Abh Ghu : She was very rude ..imagine a guy doing that to a girl..the men were very cool despite that woman grabbing their throat ..pathetic

TMA : The perfection of that front hair give me shiver. *FASHION BOI.*

flyvwvy : legend says they are still waiting for the tickets

Miles Hamblen : I would have smacked the hell out of her.

Helpmecomeupwithagoodusername : She’s a surgical assistant they better give the man their tickets

Jinzu Oni : 1:05 seed from ice age

Zubb : Legends says they’re still sleeping

Tensei : If a dude did this to a girl it would be in the news

Xr_DeathRuns : 2010: give me your ticket 2019: A MAN DYING GAVE OUT HIS TICKET!!!!! DON’T WATCH!!!

Oh yeah yeah : Why was she so serious


High as Kiwi : Agree with others Uploaded 2010 shows up in my feed now, why? Getting a lot of this lately.

Ohina Lo : Tells the guy not to pinch his nose *Grabs his throat*

Nocturnal Ape : Woman: "I'm a surgeons assistant" Guy: *WOKE*

Jackin TM : “I’m a surgeons assistant” *PROCEEDS TO CHOKE HIM*

Lamboempire : I tried to stop his breathing for him to wake up🤣🤣🤣

John Lork : Why does she say she’s a surgeons assistant like that gives her some type of authority 🤣

Alaster Kenway : Train staff: "Please take out your ticket" Red guy: Proceed to squeeze his friends nose. Surgeon assistant: "Hey don't do that!" *Proceed to choke the guy in blue shirt.*