Give me your Ticket!!

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Victoria Cox : Who are these guys? Own up!! Were you actually asleep? Or just waaaaasted?

MITCHELL WIGGS : Why does anyone care if she's a surgeon's assistant, I'd be like ok I'm on a train not in the operating room lol

Celestial Dragon : _Woman uses "Surgeon's Assistant*_ _It was ineffective_

Alpha Q : T'Chala : Get this woman a ticket

Nay2D2 : Damn people really would go so far as to choke Charlie for his golden ticket. Willy Wonka won't be pleased

Physics Only : I think it would have worked better if she announced on the loudspeaker that she was a surgeon's assistant first

Mustache Broccoli : Why is this on my suggestions?

Mack V : Now if the roles were reversed...

ivan the great : “Im a surgeon assistant” stand back everyone we got a badass on this train

Jasmin Lawrence : I am a lesbian- Give me your ticket!!!

Leevi Myllymäki : 1:09 if a man had done that to a woman he would be in a jail.

rG Jamm : I'm confused on the point in the video and why it's in my recommendation.

Cumming Joe Rogan : I’m a licensed lawn mower sir, give me your ticket.

David Fregoso : So she tells his friend not to put his hands on his noes but she can Choke him?

WillGaming : Interesting she touched him without any lawsuits haha

Grey Fox : I might be wrong, but I am led to believe she is a surgeons assistant.

StreaX Music : Looks like its *Staged*

GamingMaffia : she just grabbed him by the throat, assault!

Duke Damage : God...that woman is very aggressive LOL (Edit)...somebody shoulda slapped her!

ᏙᎪᏆN ᏢᏞᎪYᏃ : Woman:I'm a surgeon's assistant Me:makes sense

Matt Plyley : When the heroin is so good a surgeon's assistant is summoned to collect tickets.

Oluk Cevahir : İ DONT HAVE TİCKET.

Hakimi Amir : These guys as high af....

RyanMaster11 : If that girl strangled me I would sue her.

Im Cringe : this is the new episode of:"why is this video are on my recomennded?

Pushkar Soni : Legends says the two men still didn't gave tickets.

Keanu Reeves : I would have knocked her face out if she strangled me like that

Uvuvwevwvewve Ossas : Apparently humans hibernate too

dragonkilla02 : And woman say they are harassed

Avrio YTB : She Wants The " *T* "

Hit Me : 0:30 He rather choose to die than to wake up

Dan Harrington : "well it was my vacation, until a minute ago when i made something that didn't even involve me my own issue"

KymeraAHP : Let's assume being a surgical assistant means she knows the complex makeup of the neck. That being said, she didn't choke but instead applied pressure to particular points in the neck to rouse them from their sleep. Some pressure points inflict pain, sleepiness and alertness. These ones she singled out are pain/alert points. It's something some medically trained people do to rouse people instead of slapping their face to see if they are conscious or not.

Ross Robertson : Imagine a man goes up to a sleeping female and grabs her by the throat, no right to do that 😠

Isaiah Daniel : How come this was recommended to me 7 years later?

TheDevilGaming - Roblox and more : She asks too many questions "Gimme your ticket" *She asks like 15 times*

Laquisha Tran : I want to kiss both these guys

hadc 2611 : If I Woke up with someone's hands around my throat I would have punched them

xXDilly1966Xx : YouTube recommendations are you okay?

WICKEDLEE LOOPY : When 35 drinks are still not enough. You also need a ticket....🙄

Hunter Taylor : They looked like they we're on drugs

You Xiaomi I Xiaoyu : the man on the right looks like the guy frim blues clues

Kristian Morrow : Bruh imagine a dude grabbed a unconscious woman like that. He would be the bad one but here it’s fine cuz you know it’s only a guy

Devilboy : lol turn on subtitles

FINK! Legacy Ministries! : Give him your ticket, we want to know if your dead or not. It's ok, I'm a surgeons assistant....WTF!!! 😕

SaharSko_Official : Heineken !!!!!!!!!!!

Elmadafacker : I’m a stripper, now give the man your ticket cmon let’s goooo

Trevor Chichester : She's a surgeons assistant guys, it's ok now!

Galileel : She really wants that ticket...

SKULLFACE : Me in the morning when I have to go to school