Give me your Ticket!!

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Victoria Cox : Who are these guys? Own up!! Were you actually asleep? Or just waaaaasted?

Gaurav Patil : T'Chala : Get this woman a ticket

dazhibernian : Ticket guys radio in - "we can't get this guys ticket". Base responds - "send in the surgeon's assistant".

The Admiral : *"Surgeon's Assistant" BTW*

Mr Hist : I like the fact that YouTube keeps recommending this video to me even though i've seen it multiple times already. Good job YouTube.

Once * Army : Me everyday when I go to school

Mustache Broccoli : Why is this on my suggestions?

Wholesome Lad : "My dog ate it"

Wholesome Lad : Imagine when he plugged his nose he kills him

Avery Lopez-Baines : G I V E M E Y O U R T I C K E T

K.C REACTING! : Can you imagine if these two men were black?? I mean, I’m black myself but can you imagine! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Celestial Dragon : _Woman uses "Surgeon's Assistant*_ _It was ineffective_

EuphoricBliss : Umm... you cant go and choke someone just because they are not responding to you... if the gender roles were reversed this would have gone very differently.

nekojin anime/music : Why a 2010 video suddenly got so popular

Pinkus Floydus : "dont plug his nose" *proceeds to choke drugged man*

Mava Greek : не дают пацанам поспать... разве так можно?

Harry Debenham : Feel sorry for anyone that was on vacation with that women

jesus jones : That is assult grabbing his throat. ffs.

DanielTheCooliest : I'M A SURGEON ASSISTANT *crushes trachea*

Çağatay ulusoy fan : is he give her ticket

Nay2D2 : Damn people really would go so far as to choke Charlie for his golden ticket. Willy Wonka won't be pleased

Jetdot37 : The second guy only responds to being choked, how kinky.

Valentino Vallente : I’m a “Surgeon’s Assistant” ..... Uhmm ok. Lady is very lucky none of those guys didn’t defend themselves for her try hard rants and assaults

Jp Soni : 1:19 "Am I In Hospital .... Again" ??

Mammoth Slayer : my mom waking me up for school

Avrio YTB : She Wants The " *T* "

Warsoldier11 : Dude that is assault

Mrgreenjeans : 1:16 "I'm a surgeon's assistant, let's go."

Alex Navas : Se quedó sobao 😂😂😂 como a mí en el avión pobre azafata 😂😂😼

Tommilluminati : All you had to do was to give them the ticket

Brucey : *Ticket collector by day, Surgeons assistant by night*

-:King:- : And if we swap the genders....

Rusty Shackleford : Stuff to watch at 3am?

Snake_XIX : You were only making him harder

69 subscribers without videos? : Why wont this stop popping up in my recommendations

Sumukh : *1:19* “Am I in hospital again ?”

Icey F34R : Assault much?

jack : bro thats thomas from project X

Zahir Mehmood : What if it was a lady and a man strangled her

Jessica Mills : She wasn't strangling him, that's how u wake a junkie up lol

MITCHELL WIGGS : Why does anyone care if she's a surgeon's assistant, I'd be like ok I'm on a train not in the operating room lol

KnownAsCLH : Heroin. Lol. Definitely.

HD كاس العالم : What did I just watch and why is this in my recommendation?

S pook : “No”

Snens : Hard night

Grey Fox : I might be wrong, but I am led to believe she is a surgeons assistant.

#•_Norre_•# : Oh yeah yeah

random houd : Why is this in my recommended lmao, who else?

Lomax Games : I think that her name is Navi. hey, listen, listen!! Hey, hey, listen, listen, listen.

Mr Macky Brown : God I am so mad can I please choke her