Give me your Ticket!!

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Victoria Cox : Who are these guys? Own up!! Were you actually asleep? Or just waaaaasted?

Daniel W : Imagine if a man assaulted a woman that way!

Top 10 Archive : Don't plug his nose!!

HENRY THE RC CAR : 1:09 it's ok, she is a surgeon's assistant 😂

BakedPotatoYT : If a man choked a wasted woman on a bus like that, the media about would be a different story.

Stewie Griffin : put that predator in jail ☹️ how could she just harass two sleeping men... even tried to choke him woah woah... that's assault, molestation, excessive force... she touched his face and legs.. that's sexual assault... goddamn how can just these predators go roam around so freely... what has our society turned into... 😭 I'm so scared, worried about my future sons... the world isn't safe anymore

mixwb : Sir give me your ticket *I'm A sUrgEonS AsSistAnT*

yeet skeet : 0:08 PUSSY

Demogorgon Curse : I am so happy women will never be as strong as men.

Riensly Barbara : If a man does this with a woman he's going in jail for sure

E G : She really wants the T

CarlDaLord : Yes I love *GRABBING PEOPLES NECK* so I can get their ticket.

Antoine gagnon : 1:20 omg that face 😂

Viral Vids : Lady: *tells guy to stop holding the other guy's nose* Couple seconds later-- Lady: *chokes the guy*

Fortnite_Noob123 : Why is this in my recommended it came out 8 years ago

Galileel : She really wants that ticket...

Ekko : Bruh 2010. But i got in my recommended 2019

TGS DeFi : God forbid a guy touches a woman like that

Nate Phillips : And women say they dont have rights? So why can they do this to a guy but a guy cant to this to a woman?

Defaulty Boii : The guy on the right was about to pull out a blue pump 😂😂😂😂

Vien Sawfish : > surgeon assistant > does not know choking someone is bad

Nothing Less Than Epic : Screw them and their ticket. Tickets are checked at the door.

Tritan : ''Hey don't plug his nose, I'll just choke him instead''

Jelle Kok : iM a SuRgICal AsSisTant o_O

Erik Smoot : Did you hear I'm a sUrgEoNs AssIstAnT....

Mack V : Now if the roles were reversed...

Pizza4Party : Her form when she chokes him looks so sensual

RaMBo Gaming : The legend has it she still is looking for that ticket

Ray vie Sun rahat : Why was she so serious

ïtz Jäŷ Btŵ : How to wake someone up--*choke them*

RS GAMING : *that look on his face* "I'm a surgical assistant".....heard something so dumb he sobered up for a few seconds.

Cs:g0 fintmax m8 : 0:08 Pussy

Ace : Legends Say She is still asking for the Tickets

Sanik fast : Imagine what he was dreaming

Azan Chaudhri : that women does not have the right to touch them

Jeremy memory : 1:10 if a man would do this to a woman he would go to jail

Jesse Garcia : Imagine if those were two women and a man started strangling them... hilarious

North plays : How u gone laugh at somone getting choked

F o r b b i d e n : 0:08 the guy says *puSsY*


PriceyFern : A mans just trying to take a nap, geez

Sasaki Umiquema : Damn she's into choking *_Kinky_*

Franco Cepeda : If a man did this to a woman...all the media would be saying "but what a disgracre send him to jail!!!"

Ms Del Calvo : Imagine if the positions of the woman chocking the man were switched everybody would freak out

Katie Dolan : She i so mean!

FunForSameer : Bro, that "woman" needs to revert back to the mental asylum where she belongs.. What on earth was going through her mind pushing and choking the guy like that.. What if a guy did that to her if she was passed out drunk? I'm sure the entire reaction and outcome would be different. Double standards, smh. Ya only want equality where it helps you, huh.

CashMe Jem : Who in 2019?

Jackson - : “I’m a surgeons assistant” *PROCEEDS TO CHOKE HIM*

RayElHelou : 2010: give me your ticket 2019: A MAN DYING GAVE OUT HIS TICKET!!!!! DON’T WATCH!!!

TikTok Trolls : If a man had did that he’d be in prison for god knows what 40 damn years?! This woman shouldn’t give a damn and mind her business if she wanted to get back to vacation so bad!