Give me your Ticket!!

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Victoria Cox : Who are these guys? Own up!! Were you actually asleep? Or just waaaaasted?

Daniel W : Imagine if a man assaulted a woman that way!

Quinten Lopez : Tells the guy not to pinch his nose *Grabs his throat*

Wesley A. : If it was a man waking up 2 girls this way.... Poor man would be jailed for assault

Dario Rossi : I'm a surgeon assistant let's go.

Gunner Storm : if a man grabbed a girl by her throat to wake her up, everyone around would tackle him to the ground and he'd go straight to jail for assault. But no, a woman grabs a guys neck and the OP calls it hilarious and acceptable, she had no right to lay even a finger on the guy. The ticket inspector shouldve been held accountable for it because all he did was stand there instead of stopping her. This is the world we are in, feminism is terrorism on the male gender.

Ugly People : “Give him your ticket so I can go back to my vacation...” How about you just sit down and mind your own business instead of physically abusing 2 random guys you don’t know. There are people employed to deal with these people professionally without grabbing them by the neck.

Josh Thompson : She has no authority to touch either of them in that way, let alone grab their face. That is clearly assault.

yo JM : Announcer: there a bomb in the train everyone; calm down LADY: Where is the bomb? I AM A SURGEON ASSISTANT

Inklan Utterfield : Is "I'm a surgeon's assistant" the new "I'm a vegan" meme?

Road to Lamborghini : Lady: " hi can i have ur ticket?" Guy: ...noo? Hahahahaha 1:02

Vien Sawfish : > surgeon assistant > does not know choking someone is bad

Jailan Rayvon : The polar express doesn’t look as fun as on the movie

Fartin Gayrix : *strangles the man* hi, give me your ticket

Henry Sanchez : jesus christ that lady needs to die

Valentino Vallente : After this video was aired on YouTube, it made international news as, the woman in the video who proclaimed to be a “Surgeon’s Assistant” was actually “The Strangler” from Bikini Bottom... She is still at large and now wears a fake mustache to conceal her identity. Please be careful...

Jeremy memory : 1:10 if a man would do this to a woman he would go to jail

Pranav Shrestha : I am disppointed that she does not have " I AM A SURGEON'S ASSISTANT" tattoo on her forehead.

Kaan Altindal : If that guy was a girl she would say this is rape

《Orochi 》 : Would have grabbed her and body slammed her back to the stone age

E G : She really wants the T

Grey Fox : I might be wrong, but I am led to believe she is a surgeons assistant.

UI Vegeto : *Woman*: "Dont do that!" Shokes him

Parveen Saini : *Legends say that she is still searching for the ticket*

Kimberly : Turn captions on at 0:06

ReziiZBK : Imagine the roles were switched and he choked her, instant jail sentence

Galileel : She really wants that ticket...

A : Don’t care who it is but if someone grab my throat like that you best believe you’re gonna get laid out cold 😂

10,000 Subscribers With No Videos? Second Channel : So.? Did he ever give the ticket

heatterz 117 : if i am him i will punch her on the face and throw ticked at her

Rıza Baba : sir,sir! *squeezes his throat*

Mack V : Now if the roles were reversed...

Neet HD : ur ticket or ur life

Hill Skor : Пзд тётка охуевшая, мужик после работы задремал, а она его за горло берет

miloud attache : the rise of age of feminist

Ray 14 : Legend says they are still asking for their tickets.

MITCHELL WIGGS : Why does anyone care if she's a surgeon's assistant, I'd be like ok I'm on a train not in the operating room lol

ToastyTim : When you have a college education but can’t afford a train ticket

Damnit Bobby : Grab a throat like that and end up thrown through that window onto the side of the tracks.

TheCakings : 1:00 Sir......

Zeratul! CZ : Gimmie your ticket plz

Jonathon Roberts : Imagine if a man did this.....sexual harassment/groping etc splashed over the papers......what a fcked up world the west has become

Khalani Schmidt : If this was a man, doing a women like this, y'all wouldn't be laughing.

Timebombed : 0:58 When my mom tries to wake me up for school

WhatNot : Legends have it 'she's still asking for tickets'

TEC MAN : If i am him i will slap her with such a force that smoke will rise from her ear always have to respect woman but this woman respect him like he is her slave😎😖😟😟

Celestial Dragon : _Woman uses "Surgeon's Assistant*_ _It was ineffective_

Kashan SR : We should create Manism Hit like if you agree

Yudanta : Isn't what this woman do is considered as a rape?

ANONYMOUSCRACKER : Why keep coming on my recommended for years