Salvador Dali - Destino. Walt Disney (2003)

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DARi0 : I think it tells the story of "Freedom" (a beautiful mortal woman in search of true love) and the god Chronos (human personification of Time). Unfortunately, because of destiny and their different realities, their romance never materializes but both are kept connected through the love they feel for each other. Vanishing point used to express the impossibility of love.

Bella Lynch : Every time I watch this I think of Megara from Walt Disney’s Hercules

camilo weinmann : creepyest badtripp of my life!!!

struck21 : The image at 3:41 is beyond outstanding.

Kayneth Withmoor : This story is so sad

mdude625 : The backgrounds definitely have that Dali design.

Danny Duda : I read a little bit about the history of this movie, How only a few seconds were actually completed during the time Dali and Disney were working on it together. It was abandoned for reasons I don't exactly recall, but I think Disney thought this movie was going to take forever to make for only a few minutes of film. So it is nice to see it completed, and it is interesting to make an animated movie out of the concept of images turning into other things that Dolly explored in some of his paintings. However I have to be honest I'm glad it didn't last longer than three and a half minutes because for me I find it to be pretty short on content and story and just long on imagery turning into other imagery. But I'm glad they finished the movie so people can see something of it

Mischief Maker : this was kinda weird and confusing but i liked the animation Lol

Timmy Donohue : It feels like that I taken to much acid.

TheHeartMachine : Mesmerizing

Derek Mogambo : #Thanks #VERYCool just got back from a print exhibition of "concept art" for this piece~ #GREATshit that old #Dali, he was a card, a character, a giant, a nutcase, & one of my all-time #FAVORITEs

Rertner Furtheng : Oh man, the early CG <3

Leonard Dixon : Oh, this is evidently the original soundtrack - other videos of this on YT & FB use music by Pink Floyd.

the mighty duck : Huh. Trippy.

anto lepore : Adobe ?

kidinabstract : I kinda feel like I should've been high in order to watch this ...

John Sutherland : Someone please provide a different soundtrack for this. The visuals are great. The 1930's music kinda ruins it a little for me. I'm sure it's Disney's fault. I'm just here for the Dali.

Al Guien : ethereal

MonkeyspankO : The 20th Century was a weird time to be alive in, no wonder people born in it are still not quite right even today. The destruction of the previous western belle epoque, too many wars to count, cultural, idealogical and technological upheaval. People born after 1990 have no idea how good they have it. But it was beautiful too, despite the horror...learn from it. Good and bad.

INTRO Sting : beautiful mortal woman in search of true love fighting time.

Ham Innes : I’m not even gonna try and understand what going on, but i respect it

Erica Collins : Brilliant

Cometik The Arcane : WTF?

bob733333 : mid-high level satanists

Backyard Stranger : Epic.

Paula Chevez : Hermoso

Pee jay : Well. I never need to trip acid ever again.

Alex Vela : time's what goes on and always will, love will be our end, our destiny

NOMADdaf : Nope. Too much Dali. Couldn't make it past the 2 min mark.

Vincent Spivey : 4 panel. 1 is ok, but i can't tell u which 1.

Joseph Polecaro : Incredible Aesthetic of form, function and Beauty.

WAFFENAMT1 : Disney is the Greatest.....

Giverny Ives : Magical!

PACR66 : Crap, this is awesome!

hitmontopz : Drink Cactus juice it'l Quench ya NOTHINGS IS QUENCER (avatar the last airbender fans will under stand this)

katieee beee : I am speechless.... this was just remarkable!!!

William Salvador : that was a really different time than now,... you know in those 1940´s disney really used to do art, the really art thats why Dalí wanted to work with Walt and Hench, the reason that this short film released in 2003 its because the economical problems of the second word war.

cadstic : sometimes i feel sad about the things i missed... then i feel happy when i discover them

SammichQween : Omg that was amazing

[夢] pro pain : This is great. The world should see.

M B : neat. ow

G Beck : I know the feeling! XD i love both these artists, I feel so lame and guilty for not completely understanding it. XD

Ingisen : It annoys me how hard it is to understand animations such as these...

CagedKitty &Friends : DALI TEAMED UP WITH DISNEY? Is this real life? Am I dreaming? My favorite painter teamed up with fucking Walt Disney?

Emey Troi : Did anyone else want to cry from the beauty of this piece...? ;u;

cm sc : terrific job!!! absolutely amazing, i feel in a beautiful Dali's dream!! WOW !

neocrimsoncloud : It's like I read a love story while on an acid trip.

Anon Azure : Oh my goodness! So beautiful and artistic! It's a visual treat! I love this so much!!!

Samrat Chakraborty : Amazing;wonderous, and fantastic

Rodrigo Prevato : This is just so amazing friend!!