The Man Who Was Stuck in Paris Airport for 18 Years

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floofle : *18 year overnight challenge in a paris airport*

Joe Blow : Crazy to think that, from the date of my birth, to me graduating high school, this guy was stuck in the same friggin airport. Wow.

edgy gamertag : you're telling me that this man has $250,000 and he lives in a homeless shelter?

Klaze : My dad been doing this challenge for 20 years but in prison.

Conway79 : I hope he didn't get terminal depression.

Sieger : Doesn't sound too bad you could be stuck in school for 18 years

TwistedMicrowave : I just got one question: After being stuck in a french airport for over an decade, does he speak french?

ِ : When MrBeast does a “Last to leave airport wins $10,000,000” challenge

Wojak Feels : His own stubbornness caused most of this.

Software Man : I tried to sue the airport for losing my luggage. I lost my case.

Danymok : Imagine being stuck on Earth for 80 years!

Ice : *MrBeast wants to know your location*

Sumukh : This is so sad. Alexa, build a house for Sir Alfred

Donald J . Trump : They should have built a wall around the airport folks

Jesus Christ : Damn, and I thought being stuck in a cave for 3 days or the desert for 40 days was bad....

Fish : lol, his step-mom really screwed him over

maira aisya : this is something Mr. Beast would do ngl

EPIC ZILLA : 18 years of his life WASTED

Ashley Cnossen : I feel bad for him! He was probably afraid to leave after so many years there and may have felt like his life was wasted and couldn't contribute to society. I would probably go to a homeless shelter, too.

Kim Jong-un : Meanwhile, most of my people are stuck in my nation. At least they’re in Best Korea and not Worst Korea

HowToBasic 2 : my flight was delayed 20 years

Loperoz1 : 01:16 How to become stateless *(DON'T DO THIS)*

Daria101tina : *normal video appears in my recommended* me: cool, let's see the comments! *jesus christ, obi-wan kenobi, kim jong-un, fbi and kermit the frog have commented on this video* me: 👌

Tristan De Smet : wait a minute did you just say the francerlands... as a dutch speaking belgian I do not apporve

NoTubeer : 2018: 24 Hours in a supermarket 2019: 18 Years in an airport

Real Ganstas : Bruh how could he afford to live without a job

Jedidiah Daniel : Top 10 sponsor ad transitions of all time.

Sarathpc Puthur : The most positive replay ,,,,,,.. He made a bank balance of 250k$ with just simply sitting and eating of 18 years, did anyone make like this in an entire life ???

_Bob McCoy : *This would be Wendover's dream*

Indominus188 : "STAYING IN A PARIS AIRPORT FOR 18 YEARS!! (Challenge)" sounds like a good Morgz clickbait video...

Ryōkaï Kun : THE FRANCERLANDS ?!?!??! Its like saying to an irish that they are just a less important part of uk !!!

Winston the Dog : Truman Burbanks's flights to Fiji have been delayed for a ling time too.

Gandalf the Grey : IVE BEEN STUCK IN SCHOOL FOR 18 YEARS. Pray for me.

MrPotatoHead xD : Probably American Airlines

Bailey Chain : Tom Hanks did it better

Rick Davis : I once had an 18 hour layover in Athens, Greece and thought I was going to lose my mind. This man literally endured Hell.

Eric Vigen : Such a incoherent story! Using bank services without nationality and ID !? I think majority of this narrative is coming from what the psychotic man has said.

Jetlite : He must have witnessed the rise and fall of the Concorde

Jack Frost : Shit man... Been stuck here for 65 yrs... and I dont post crap like Maybe I should try the free flight trick??

T.p : *seeing the title* *IM CONFUSION!*

SpeedBlox : how to become stateless (dont try) be born stateless i am gonna try not be born!

BayuSumardi : softlocking in videogames in a nutshell

SuicideBunny6 : He needed to go to the airport doctor, because he was terminally ill.

Gizziiusa : If one lives in terminal too long, one gets sick. One finds out its terminal cancer. The irony.

Mauro Ranieri : what would happen if the airport suddenly gets on fire.. and everybody has to ran out .. would that be ilegal for him? would he go to jail for saving his life?

YA GAMER BOI : Imagine wasting 18 years of your life in an airport.

Sky Guardian : Love the way they try to sneak the ad up at the end of every video lol

Jaywolf what grinds my gears : I have nothing against this channel, but you called for this..... More like HALF AS INTRESTING AS THE TITLE

Arman it is : Well, the Islamic Republic has surely wasted 40 years of us the Iranian lives.