The Man Who Was Stuck in Paris Airport for 18 Years

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Jesus Christ : Damn, and I thought being stuck in a cave for 3 days or the desert for 40 days was bad....

Sieger : Doesn't sound too bad you could be stuck in school for 18 years

Joe Blow : Crazy to think that, from the date of my birth, to me graduating high school, this guy was stuck in the same friggin airport. Wow.

Bownie Tomazini : I got stuck for 35 hours in airport. I moved to argentina, and after a year decided to go back home. When I get to the airport turns out my immigration papers had expired the day before and I didn’t know (I thought I still had 5 more days) and I got stuck there because the place that dealt with that was closed until monday or something. Bureaucracy can get reeeally annoying. I cant even imagine what it was like for him all those years because for me those hours were complete hell

floofle : *18 year overnight challenge in a paris airport*

Kim Jong-un : Meanwhile, most of my people are stuck in my nation. At least they’re in Best Korea and not Worst Korea

wally : Thanks for the advice! Next time I get stuck in an airport for 18 years I'll be sure to check out

edgy gamertag : you're telling me that this man has $250,000 and he lives in a homeless shelter?

Wojak Feels : His own stubbornness caused most of this.

TwistedMicrowave : I just got one question: After being stuck in a french airport for over an decade, does he speak french?

kremit the frog : I’ll bet he got sick of that airline food

Chris Freely : So that's where my dad's been.

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION : Who want to watch the video but got distracted by jesus christ comment?

Donald J . Trump : They should have built a wall around the airport folks

Ashley Cnossen : I feel bad for him! He was probably afraid to leave after so many years there and may have felt like his life was wasted and couldn't contribute to society. I would probably go to a homeless shelter, too.

Chrischi4598 : I wouldnt feel so bad for being stuck in an airport... But he was stuck at CDG? And in Terminal one out of all? Poor guy!

Sumukh : This is so sad. Alexa, build a house for Sir Alfred

Fisheee123 - : 157680 hour overnight challenge! (GONE RIGHT)

maira aisya : this is something Mr. Beast would do ngl

Ice : *MrBeast wants to know your location*

Young Blue Skeptic : That's what we should do with Logan Paul...

Craig Sullivan : Aka Tom hanks movie the Terminal

EPIC ZILLA : 18 years of his life WASTED

firefrostcat62 : Does he have a diary? That’ll be fun to read

JJ's Life : He got 250k from movie rights and still lives in a homeless shelter. Sorry but kick him out, real poor homeless people need the room more. Or make him pay for a real homeless person to have a room.

Lobetec : How is he still alive living off fast food...

Syazwani Shukri : This reminds me of the person who stuck in Malaysian airport last year and I don't feel any empathy for that man since the government offered him helps but he refused and being really stubborn. It's his choice to be stuck at the airport after he refused the help from the government. This happened in 2018.

LexRex : Given some sort of semi-lucrative inheritance plus $250,000 from Hollywood, still choose to live in an airport until you are forced into a homeless shelter. Yeah, the guy is off his rocker.

AlexAndDiegoGame : my flight was delayed 20 years

lollipop : *seeing the title* *IM CONFUSION!*

Christian Balino : He was smuggling Baguettes tbh

Jedidiah Daniel : Top 10 sponsor ad transitions of all time.

Frederik Broe-Andersen : I’m still waiting for my air berlin flight :/

BEN TSAI : Why? Yes! There was actually a movie stared by Tom Hanks about this person.

Loperoz1 : 01:16 How to become stateless *(DON'T DO THIS)*

Dank Bot : Wow 18 years that's longer than I've been alive Edit I'm 7 I come back and see all this people thank you for likeing Edit I'm 8 now

Sky 201 : *stuck in the earth for 60 years should be the most horrible thing*

Bailey Chain : Tom Hanks did it better

Blue Hefner : Brooo.. Wtf ?!?! Just when I thought I saw most of the things happening in this world.. I dont

cdude100 : Damn now I want to re-watch the terminal

Obi-Wan Kenobi : *Blast! This is why I hate flying!*

Eric Cooper : Stalinist designed doughnut??? You belong in a mental hospital

Mr. Potato Chip : his mom probably called 10000000000000000000 times

Eric Hwang : His story doesn’t add up. They said he had savings ok cool but it was enough to last him 18 years? Even if he had no bills to pay such as rent and other bills his food costs alone should’ve depleted his savings unless he had like 6 figures maybe but I highly doubt that.

samiul gamer : We are all humans born in the same planet we should be allowed to live anywhere we want.

Kaustubh Verma : He must have witnessed the rise and fall of the Concorde

CSP : The Terminal.

OmniscientWarrior : But now in current year, they are allowing illegals to enter their country and give them asylum and other benefits, so...

don brassco : 😨The Terimal😄

Julius Bernotas : Looks like he's a typical freeloading bum, who was lucky enough to live in airport, not in the streets