The Man Who Was Stuck in Paris Airport for 18 Years

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Jesus Christ : Damn, and I thought being stuck in a cave for 3 days or the desert for 40 days was bad....

Herbal High : This is taking the overnight challenge a bit far.

Young Blue Skeptic : That's what we should do with Logan Paul...

Lobetec : How is he still alive living off fast food...

Obi-Wan Kenobi : *Blast! This is why I hate flying!*

Kim Jong-un : Meanwhile, most of my people are stuck in my nation. At least they’re in Best Korea and not Worst Korea

ohnoitschris : "How to become stateless (don't do this): -Be born stateless" well alright I'll try not to be born wrong

SuicideBunny6 : He needed to go to the airport doctor, because he was terminally ill.

ArduinoBen : The homeless shelter sounds a lot crappier than the airport.

Robert Konigsberg : That is a terrible transition to an advertisement.

kremit the frog : I’ll bet he got sick of that airline food

groszak1 : this proves that glitches exist in real life

Eric Pham : HaI's comment section is full of lovable recurring characters like jesus christ, kermit the frog, and kim jong un

Roxor128 : Here's a thought: Maybe the UN should create a sort of meta-state that everyone is automatically a citizen of. If you lose your citizenship of everywhere else, you can always put "Planet Earth" as a last-resort and not have to go through the bureaucratic nonsense of being stateless this guy did.

arg schrecklich : He wasn't really stuck, he had many offers for help. He's just a bum that hangs out at the airport.

Gurra Gaming : "Ways to become stateless ( don't do this )" Be born stateless. How am i supposed to be born again?

Angelo Tognon : If i had brilliant for those 18 years he would've built an airplane himself

Bobby Kids : Doesnt sound so bad. Hes got Wi-Fi, food, drinks, friends, pretty much anything in there

pingu : They could have sorted it out it's not hard that's just cruel to leave him in the airport for 18 years

Chrischi4598 : I wouldnt feel so bad for being stuck in an airport... But he was stuck at CDG? And in Terminal one out of all? Poor guy!

Joseph Ybarra : So he turned down residency twice.... His fault there.

Fly Beep : Belgium as the "Francerlands" or "France light"? Curious because the majority there don't even speak French. I bet he calls Portugal "little Spain". Americans, never fail to propagate the stereotype.

Goe Bann : The Francerlands? Belgium is definitely not known as The Francerlands.

ESIDJI : This isn't Half as Interesting. This is _Whole of Interesting_

AnilTV : The Terminal movie anyone?

freddy46 : the channels get replaced with companies... and now common comments are being replaced wiht celebrity comments... WHAT IS HAPPENING

Imagine That : Don't call us the Francerlands, only dumb people say that. WE ARE A COUNTRY and I am proud to be Belgian. BELGIUM made fries, waffles amazing chocolate and beer! *Not saying this to all french and dutch* French and dutch people that call us this are dumb.

Abdalla Ahmed : 0:48 a doctor in an oil company? Something doesn't feel right

AJologyz : ugh i wanted to fly to paris and hunt him down

Dyho : When you miss the school bus in the morning and you can’t get back into your house

Rémi Rooms : Basically like in the movie "The Terminal", from Steven Spielberg Btw. Never call us France light!

shayan k : Thanks for using the right Iran flag. I appreciate the efforts!

Dank Bot : Wow 18 years that's longer than I've been alive Edit I'm 7 I come back and see all this people thank you for likeing Edit I'm 8 now

Jmandawgfan : He should've bought a Toyota Corolla.

justsomenightowl : 4:35 smooth

Pieter Prise : How Dare You Call Belgium France-Lite 😡😡 Np Tho I Love This Channel!

Terry 20 : I am Nobody and Nobody is perfect.Therefore,I'm perfect

Christian Balino : He was smuggling Baguettes tbh

1111 2222 : of all things in life, he gets stuck in an airport for many years lmao

SuicideBunny6 : Heeey, I'm from the Francerlands and that comment was Belgian!

Rafael Santos : What a weird tonal choice for such a sad story

Frederik Broe-Andersen : I’m still waiting for my air berlin flight :/

Kaustubh Verma : He must have witnessed the rise and fall of the Concorde

oh shit it's me : 3:45 noooo you don't say! I mean he must have been sane after spending more than a decade in the same place. Probably nothing wrong with him

FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION : Who want to watch the video but got distracted by jesus christ comment?

Aidan Delarosa : I wonder if he figured out what the deal with airline food is

Pete Coventry : they pay him that much and he goes into a homeless shelter? I am glad he took the piss in France and not the UK

Software Man : I tried to sue the airport for losing my luggage. I lost my case.

TheVoice OfTruth : More like the homeless refugee that didn't want to leave the airport

Whirl Pool : This became a movie... *The Terminal* played by Tom Hanks, wow