Priemera Vez de Lluvia Púrpura

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AQGOAT24 : I'm jealous of all of those people that got to be here. I wasn't born until way later

Dave Scott : Wow FANTASTIC piece of work. Glad you posted this.

j . v . : Amazing piece of HISTORY...and PERFECTLY commented on by you my dearest! <3

Erikimo : I wonder if the audience had any inkling they were witnessing musical history.

JR Boyd : Love that intro instrumental.

Jean Luc Sizzle : Came here thanks to reddit. Was not disappointed!

Jani Pestana : It's zainy to imagine a world wherein no-one had ever heard this song. Imagine being there and hearing this icon for the first time. No one is clapping, no one is screaming, because no one has any clue what's going on and that what they are hearing is history in the making. It boggles my mind.

Itachi Uchiha : I love how fans at prince concerts are rarely seen jumping around or dancing, they just stand there, mesmerized.

Ken Ferrigno : Pure genius. A legend

Chip Off Old Block : Love Prince..took me until the Wendy subtitle to realize the white shirt girl was't Prince himself.

JuanMurphy45 : ....aaaaand sadly, this was the last live performance of Purple Rain that did not have annoying sing-along by the crowd

Ragnok Ulfbhert : smoked some good #420 found this on my music hunt

Bonnie Crawford : Just incredible. Transporting, magnificent, singular talent. What I would give to have been able to see him live...

Thomas Sobieski : talk about Clapton, Hendricks, Prince was god

Ox ZiS/\ : Me sentí como si estuviera allí, que buena presentación hizo prince

Logic Makes Sense : "Indiana, we are simply passing through history. This...THIS IS history."

Reignny Joseph : WORE PURPLE hours ago for my prom of 2018! The design was Purple Rain vest. With White under. And a black buttoned jacket over top TO honor this Legendary Icon! 💜💜💜💜 LOVE YOU PRINCE. FOREVER PURPLE #prince4ever #RestinPurple

Putt Choate : O My God Incredible

gymeni : I mean, really, people gave dislikes for this?

Fook Utube : Kiss from the one and only aye.RIP Prince

Stock Hacker : Prince is just mindblowing. Coming from a metalhead, so yeah.

zika7222 : just wow

N P : Heaven!

BITCH! : Prince makes me question my sexuality, and I'm a metal-sexual.

1UTUBEUSERNAME : Wow, awesome video and the commentary was excellent. Fucking history right there. I hate when people compare Prince to God. No way God can play and sing like that.

Laura Roy : And his falsetto at the end always brings me to mournful.


bigbassjonz : This is absolutely incredible.

WorldlyTraveler : Thank you very much for this.

tombombombombom : Still think his Chocolate Rain track was better....

Herzelied Stein : "Best recording unit at the time." YouTube - Hold my beer.

Jake : purple haze is better.

Scott Jolly : Goosebumps

Bigboy123 : Prince was like no other. And I listen to metal.

SouthernKudzu : I was 17 in 1983. I always thought that this was a faked "live show" for the movie. Had no idea it was an actual live show and the debut at that. VERY COOL!!

Chip Off Old Block : Envious of all those hopped up on quaaludes in the audience

Robert B : Great commentary!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

Vnix : this is amazing.

BlackTalon53 : One of the greatest songs of all time.

Andrew Classical Guitar : A huge phenomenon back in the 80s with movie: Which popularized owee-owee-o Morris Day and the Time and Apollonia as well.

jt01212 : 75 people have no soul.

MrSevillian : One of the best videos in the entire Youtube universe, because of its historical relevance as well as the commentary. I can't thank you enough.

Victor Hawkinson : Came here from reddit! Thank you for this video :) always RIP Prince! Your music lives on forever man

Gabechanger : This was great thanks

DerSpielerMabuse : Excellent, thanks for sharing this

ken godina : Thank you!

Not P7m : Gucci gang is better

Maria Chambers : Fantastic💜💜💜💜💜

Ross Douglas : Thanks for uploading.

Matthias Martin : I've been listening to this at least 20 times for the last couple of days...Absolutely mesmerising.