Vitas - 7th Element - Zariis Remake

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Zariis presents his remake of Vitas -7th Element! Please subscribe and rate! Follow Zariis on Facebook, FREE Download! All rights reserved 2001-2015

Comments from Youtube

Ryan McEntire : 1967: in 50 years, there will be flying cars 2017: Blibliblibliblib aha ha ha

YOU TUBE : The lost brother of lady gaga

Angelo James Mordini : I went from liking this as a meme to then genuinely enjoying the song tbh

Sachin Chandra : In Mother Russia ecstasy swallows you.

Jordon Depoti : Whatever this is, I'm pretty sure it' the greatest thing I've ever seen.

nobody : imagine this guy shows up at night at your window and sings this song

Mr Dude : 1:07 How I dance in public

A Helping Hand : Really? Is this where that stupid meme comes from? It's actually not a bad track. lol

Tú Ngọc : When they ask you how many weeds you have been smoking

1 sec vid : 2018 yeahhhh

Tea Time : Me when I didn't do my biology homework.

Daniel smith : I'm playing this for the 2018 new years party

Isaac Angelim : Poha essa musica ate q é maneira tio

judopathoftruth : Looks like a good party

Mr Grinch : In Soviet Russia bass drops you

Steven Wilson : When you realize you're the only one in the room not on drugs.

Zariis (Official) : Made it to over 5 million, thats a million plays in the last month alone! Thanks for the support everyone!

Nontapat : It stuck in my head.

Que Fol : Glad it became a meme or I probably wouldn’t have discovered this beauty it so catchy love it

Ganja Power : 7th Element for Christmas #1

Gabe. : Don't care, this song is fucking amazing from a technical perspective. Seriously, the mixing is perfect and it gives me such an early 2000's eurobeat feeling of nostalgia. Damn thing is stuck in my head

Vania elizondo : Quien más vino aqui por los memes😂

Trap Soul : This is indeed a club banger! Early 2000s vibes !

GFXGhost : Stos rusos estan bien Locos :v

Zariis (Official) : Happy new year to everyone when it comes! Comment below suggestions for more remixes!

hazwun $$ : where was this and why wasn't I invited to this party

teen talk : I got here from a yuri on ice cosplay wondering what vitas was when they mentioned it....well now I know....

Ester Geovana : Vitas #RockInRio2018

Sophia A : My new obsession is watching every version of this, in every rhythm and if possible, every language. Vitas forever

Von Yunker : I hope to be part of a New Years party this lit one day ... 🔥🎉

sunkun081 : We are living in 2017 meanwhie this guy is living in 3017.

วณัฐ กลานสกุล : ท่าเต้น กับ ลิ้น แม่งสุดติ่งจริงๆ 555

Anna Rachel Gonçalves Guimarães Guimarães : Vim apenas pelos memes,e agora vejo quase todo dia socorroooo!

Damian Cavagnero : this, THIS!! gracias, mil gracias internet por tanto. Te amo

ArthurGames : Vou contratar ele pra cantar na minha festa de aniversario '-'

Gundula Gause : We just got a small glimpse of the year 2087

Darius Herrmann : Ohmagosh the quality is amazing 😱😂🤣

gianfrancocv : *Crianças não usem drogas!*

Virginia Carranza : Jajajajaja jajajajaja ahhhh no!!!! Es muy bueno

Yetzabeth Reyes Ramirez : Demasido pegadiza 😂 y mas brlbrlbrl

holleti TM : CADE OS BR ?? KKKKKKK

Sah Drumonnd : Cade os br nessa porra? ♥

Frank Conquest Jr : Happy 2018!🎉🎆🍺 (in advance). I'm gonna be cranking this beat tonight for New Year's Eve. 👍

s0ad29 : This deserves a 4k remaster

Bellalina : I was so confused at this video when I first saw it but then I looked up Vitas and now I like this song lol

Ângelo Felipe : CADÊ OS BR?

BrittonKitten : 0:49 Thank me later.

Unmotiviert : I hate the backround Music in the Original Video thx 4 fixin

Stephanie almeida : cadê os BR ? HAUSHSUSH