Crazy Town - Butterfly - Fashionably Loud Spring Break with Molly Sims host 2001

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Rob Cartwright : Notice how everyone is enjoying the show without viewing it through a phone screen.

DTU : omg, EVERY year i looked forward to watching spring break shows on mtv, they were the best.......mtv is horrible now lol

michael .jara : yup, this is my generation. we gave you crazy town, limp bizkit and myspace. youre welcome.

Jason Forbes : love these old mtv shows. Back when they were a good channel, now they're filled with a bunch of teen mom reruns smh

cominroitover80 : Life was a party back then. i still have a pair of Jnco Jeans in the trunk of my Scion

Just Ashleigh : Old mtv is the best !

Jeff Barto : Lol I like how the guitarist acts like he's playing stairway to heaven the whole time. He's really tearing it up with those same 4 notes.

Fabjian Gilos : the days of real music

Alex Hoteck : Most of the song is a sample from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and they're not even playing their instruments live.

flymolo20z : arrgh 240p we meet again! 

Tyler Durden : beautiful girl 1:48

silverminder : that's a lot of sexy butterfly dohhh hahaha

Julie Reef : Omg this song is what I've been wanting to hear but only with this spring break edition so I got lucky....Awh the good days

grayboo212 : 01:58 Butt her flies.

Thomas Mattiello : Life was so lit back then

MsAngelaSunshine : When Mtv was a good channel

Doug _ : That performance was dope

ไตรทศ ทองเกิด : 2018 omg 17Y

Evans Garcia : CUANDO FUE ESO

Mike Thornton : Junior Year of College for me. Man those were the days

Dan Vaught : Back before MTV hated America.

Rod Garza : :o fue de mi generación crazy town me gustaba mucho era música real no tonterías de hoy

w here : molly sims. thats a name i havent heard in forever.

Papa Joe : Love Crazy Town so much I got their album cover from my hand to elbow

Danton Steele : I like how he plays the instrument n isnt autistic What i dont like is how gay the girl sounds The host molly sims While talkin alongside her cohost of this show bein given to us from messyco

MusalmanHamzah Orāza : Tyrese oorn

cloud day : Ew he was touching her body, so invasive. like a parasite.

Asante Schofield : I swear one of these guys sounds like jay z

Васильев Марк : кам май леди, кам кам май леди

RODRIGO GODINEZ : no lo tienes remasterized

Roon Mc : Their drummer is legit.... Haha

Nikki King : 1:39 aaaaand cue the horse noises

noealn562 : ¿Cada cuando es esto en cancun? ♥

Cyansius : Just wait until September everything will start to fall.

Shannon Davidson : I wanna go back in time... miss this

Channel T : Want to feel old?  The ocean behind them is a grandma now.

Tony99cc : This is why the terrorists hate us.

Raúl César Estrada Latorre : Si estan en cancun mexico, porque no hablan castellano,

Oliver K : it was inside job

Ioganstone : I need sum herbal essences rite about now

Roman Viinonen : I still tryna dress like I live in 90's

enrique Guillermo : when MTV was actually music and television cuando MTV en realidad era musica y television

Douglas Rivera : too much marihuana!!!

Simen Nistad : good times!