Disneyland in construction

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Theme Park Worldwide : This is fantastic, really enjoyed it

Kayla L : This is truly amazing. I love Disneyland history!

Gary Smedley : My dad was one of the heavy equipment operators during the early clearing and grading of Disneyland.

Dave Hansen : Outstanding video. Our first visit was around 1961 when I was just four years old. And we still have 8mm video footage. Those were the days.

mrtodd3620 : At around 35:30, what kind of transport is being used for the camera? Helicopter?

Brackish nz : amazing footage

Carlos Carpinteyro : Absolutely stunning footage and narration!!! Thank you for posting this! A new book "Three Years in Wonderland" by Todd James Pierce just came out in April of 2016 to tell untold stories of the making of Disneyland. My Uncle, Eugene "Doc" Lemmon is listed as 'the fifth official employee of Disneyland' on pg. 104 of Todd's book. He was the Disneyland Park Operations manager from 1956-61. My uncle using his Disneyland experience later picked the site, named, and was the President of Magic Mountain in Valencia, Ca. My pic depicts my uncle's hard-had that he wore while Magic Mountain was under construction.

Richard Ambrose : The first time I visited Disneyland was in December 1966.  I was with my mom & sister waiting to board the monorail when many of the employees started crying.  The news that Walt had just died reached the park.  One of the sadest days of my life. 

ncolclas : Fresh Baked, have you seen this? Wonderful footage!

Bruce HikesHollywood : fantastic footage  loved it every minute of it

Bryan Roth : Very nicely done... Thanks to all that where involved and making this free for all of us to watch..

Candi andPinkie : Oh wow 5 dislikes.Come on guys it's Disneyland!

Neil Ogley : Thanks so much for posting and such a Fun place to have in this world.

mamayama2 : My dad worked for the audio recorders that got the original Jungle Cruise sound contract...Walt insisted on a longer tape loop than anybody had ever asked for, so that the background sounds not repeat over the duration of the ride. So my dad ran the tape from the machine...out into the hall...over a series of hat-racks...into the bathroom....around another hat-rack...and all the way back to the studio again! Just another example of Walt's attention to detail :-)

John VanAcker : I was so happy to see this footage.  Also glad that someone was just curious enough to check the film before it was moved to long term storage, who knows what would have happened to it then.  I hope that it would all be transcribed to video and be able to view it all at some point.

John Johnson : I hope to become a Disney imagineer one day because I have so many ideas. For example...the Matterhorn could be re-done with a "Frozen" theme from the movie and instead of the abominable snowman, it can be that you have to help Anna & Kristoff escape from the ice creature that Elsa created.       Gosh that could be a good idea

Whtxombi : My Grandfather watched them tear out the orchards to build the park. "It'll never work" he is quoted as saying

Madalyn Nobles : Going to disney tomorrow!!:) so excited !!:)

Gary Laatsch : I have photos of me in a stroller when I was 1 year old in 1957 in the park. I grew up in La Puente and live in Orange for many years....to see where it s gone from where it was is mind boggling. I remember our parents dropping us off on a Saturday afternoon when we were 12 and 13 years old and staying till the fireworks and then our parents picking us up. I haven't been there since my son was 16, he is now 33. Thinking I need to go back if I can get the loan approved for admission :-)

Diox321 : I enjoyed this thoroughly! Great work!

Michael J-H : I can only imagine what else is in that deep storage that people may have stored away without realizing.

pressrolls : 3:58 I hate how this moron mispronounces Foliage. It's Fo-lee-ige. Not Fo-luge.

Charles Ramsey : This was awesome footage I would love to see more. I was born in 1953 in Whittier and after the opening my mother and dad took me to Disneyland every other weekend if not more. I always dreamed of working in one of the parks for Disney but I have not made it yet and I am now 61.

Hank Austin : The narration on this video is superbly done! Tony, you are the best!!

VLOGNOSIS : The building process is amazing! Did the narrator say $17 million dollars to build... in the dollar value of that era??? Or in today's money??? I can't even imagine Walt being able to scrape those funds together, let alone find a group of workers that could come through in the end (and on time!). Simply amazing. The flips side of all this is the sad demise of that entire area, for hundreds of miles around it. What used to be beautiful orange groves & clean living... is now decaying urban sprawl, pollution, traffic and concrete :( Not to mention the complete ripoff pricing of the park today. $25 to park your car, $155 for an admission ticket, $5 drinks, $20 meals, forget souvenirs. I don't go anymore!

Karla Rubi : I love Walt Disney he makes me so happy

Rachel Xavier : Fantastic! Delivered on giving that special Disney-magical feeling that I felt when I was kid visiting Disneyland. Not boring or frustrating; a very satisfying watch. Would love to see more.

tj d : That's incredible! Wow

28brasco : The fastest 40min. I've ever lived through. Thank you for sharing. How Walt brought his vision to life is extremely impressive.

jenny1a2a : Do you have the original 16mm cans or footage taken by Disney of Frontier Town in North Hudson NY? Disney sent a camera crew and then rebuilt the log village in California?

Azo Prodigy : They are getting rid of frontier land and putting Star Wars land

LifeWithBayle : OMG! This is the best video on YouTube! Did you know that $15,000,000 USD today is around $133,334,831 USD. Wow.

Andrew Kuder : Happy 60th birthday, Disneyland :)

Scott Gerling : 1/29/14 Went to Disneland today. The park has been kept very close to the original with a few updates. It still feels like it did in the 70's when I went as a kid. I am glad they are keeping it frozen in time!  The art, the cleanliness, 4 themes and main attractions were very well maintained. Thouroughly impressed. Walt Disney's presence was there, no doubt.

9959 Press : We're a family of 6. Our trip to Disneyland set me back close to $1000.

Tony Cortese : There were no drawings laying out  track for Jungle Cruise... just a guy with a stick on site with the bulldozer operator!  WOW!  Just blows me away

Cristal Flores : I wish i was there

Ricardo Mendoza : I hate it when people make up shit about Walt.he was a great man, not a perverted psyco.

Don Neary : I was one lucky 10 year boy to visit Disneyland in 1955, shortly after it opened.  Myself, my 8 year old sister, and parents had the time of our lives.  I still have vivid memories of the day almost 60 years later.  One thing I remember my Dad saying was that the day cost our family of four  $20.  That was for everything including a meal there.  I got the impression that he thought it was a great expense.  I wonder what it would cost now?  

Docktor Jim : 16mm to 360p. It would be nice to get a 1280p or better copy of the whole collection. Wonderful content and narration. 

Steve Katz : Where are all the Hispanic workers? oh thats right this is the 1950's

senorkaboom : This is flat out amazing. I hope more footage is released showing the park in construction.

David Good : WOW! Wish they would go back and re-digitize that video into a high resolution

Mslivewire Miller : I love how they got stuff done. No wasting of time. Things take way to much time now.

Martha Lamberts : But now Americans cant afford it now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lohphat : It's amazing how quickly how quickly the area around the park was developed and how quickly the rural feel of the city disappeared. We moved to the area just 15 years after the park opened and the orchards were already gone. In another 15 years the residual strawberry fields were gone. There is a small patch left a mile away on Euclid Ave. where you can still by flats of strawberrys grown by the descendants of the other families which also owned land around the park.

lohphat : Is that the Dominguez's family house in the opening shots? IIRC it was used as the site construction office.

David Alexander : like the old trucks

TackerVideos : Thanks for posting! Always been a fan of Disneyland (I am 38 btw) and love the history of this place! Had no idea they built this place so dang fast!

Bo Loney : Fess Parker was my grandfathers first cousin. Fun to see him in these videos.