Steve1989MREInfo but he only plates his food

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Lim Jahey : I'm gonna need a hiss compilation next

KeiranBro : Nice

Ian : Years ago, I used to work night shift in front of a computer and went through a serious Steve phase. To this day, I will still sometimes quietly say "nice!" in Steve voice when plating home made dinner with my wife. It's kind of involuntary. Nice

Rolandz lol : 0:46-0:49 LOL

Truly Infamous : Oh yes, our Lord and Savior Steve1989MREInfo. He and Bob Ross are my lord and Savior, because he is the Bob Ross if MRE's

vbiehr 311 : the only the better than this video. is how expertly is was edited for maximum comedic effect. nice!

TheoBrixtonTheKid : I wish I was this enthusiastic about anything in life :(

Akenal Archives : Wayyyy too much time on your hands

DA GOONGSTA : Dude this is NICE!

Skeletater : this video is very nice

udaysaleen : can i get a 10hr version

Malcolm F. Cross : I hope that if Steve ever sees this, his first reaction is... 'Nice!'

Ben : ooo looks pretty

Sandy Tentaclez : I hope he is seeing this.

Max D : Thank you for your dedication.

Sean Merck : Nice hiss

John Schwarzkopf : N I C C E

Joe D : Holy shit dude you had to download all those different reviews just to get the different "nice"

Grwgoski : Nice.

Donut Genesis : gneiss

Holly Leann Ryan : I am dead 😂

raptor : nice

hide replies : Try playback speed of 0.24 or 1.5. To funny. 🍪👍

Quickscope One Eighty : I want to see a spoon tapping compilation, but it actually makes a song

Gunner Miller : So you're saying they're nice?

CarrowMind : NAISE

Sean Van Slycke : snice

Deer Man Of Dark Woods : Its slightly hilarious at 2x the speed

Dragon Butt : Steve 1989 using Grindr

P. Cox : Excelle.. I mean nice! The video we all needed. Now make a wave/trap version with a kickass playlist. MREwave.

Game Czar : Nice!

Michael Moore : Nice!

Hank Hill : This video made my day and was also NICE!!

Jacob & Emma : Nice

John Smith : Snice!

T S : Now thats nice.

FructoseComa : nice

Eternity Sphere : Noice!