INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill

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Busof Busof1 : In soviet Russia you don't get shot you just collect bullets with your body armor

Acries 314 : Levels of difficulty: Easy , Medium , Hard, Russian.

Ouija1210 : A Specnaz Operator has perished in Syria. Don't know if he belonged to Alfa Group, as they did not reveal which special operations group he belong to, only that he was a special operations soldier. Lt Alexander Porhorenko was tasked with going behind enemy front lines in city of Palmira Syria and to track and designate vital targets for Russian airstrikes. After a week of doing this alone, he was betrayed or spotted by the ISIS terrorists who tried to catch him. For entire day he was evading them, while being wounded. He called for extraction, which was sent from the Russian base but it would take 15 minutes for them to reach him, he ran out of ammunition and had no more ammo to resist. He killed 8 of the Terrorists, but more then 50 were chasing him and surrounded him inside an abandoned house. Not having anymore ammunition to resists and knowing he would endanger the extraction party who were sent to get him, he called his CO and demanded they cancel the extraction, as there were more then 50 mujis surrounding him. His CO refused to cancel the extraction and told him 8 minutes.... he again repeated on his radio that he is out of ammunition, in bad shape and that they will capture him alive and he does not want to be paraded on TV as a trophy, he demanded "broken arrow" and after repeating his order 3 times he was granted a carpet bombing on his location by all avaliable Russian jets in the immidiate area... he died and took out 50 ISIL terrorsits with him who surrounded him. There is a live recording which Russian command released and there is a transcript in english of the exchange. That is the mentality of Specnaz soldiers....

Dino Con : Why do I get the feeling they didn't alter the voices?

Vickers Tactical : As you can imagine this was wild to see in person - when they first told me what they were going to do they said they were going to use 'soft' ammo; which I took as non lethal - they corrected me; they meant non armor piercing as that is what they normally carry !!!

Memberof Rok : Russia is a midget - I'll put her on her knees." Karl the 12th, XVIII century... Result: Sweden forever lost great power status. "I will conquer backward Russia." Friedrich, the mid-eighteenth century. Result: In 1759, the Russian army entered Berlin. "Russia is a colossus with feet of clay." Napoleon, XIX century. Result: In 1814 the Russian army took Paris. "I will conquer the USSR by the end of the year." Hitler, the twentieth century. Result: In 1945 he committed suicide when the Soviet army entered Berlin. Moral Of The Story: Dont fuck with Russia.

Kalito Croatoan : Just so you know, a shot into the ground was on purpose, that is the safest place to shoot a warning shot, and as for the rest, Russians are carrying their training as close to a real combat as possible. Those guys are professionals with a long history of real combat, so if you have any doubts just come down to Russia and even a regular guy at a regular street in Moscow or any other city will show you the stuff, that you couldn't even imagine in US of A. After all, don't forget, this is the country that not only stoped the two dicatators (Napolen and Hitler), who took over the Europe, but also destroyed them and set you ungratefull Europeans free - twice!!!!

Phefonyawena : Circus trick: Shoot this apple off my head Russian: Shoot ME dammit!!

SODEMO2007 : Dangerous or not, this must produce some very confident pistol fighters.

Josphelli hsilak : "Is the down range area clear, sir?" "No it's not clear, now start the drill." Russians are insane. This is the coolest scariest drill I have ever seen. With that being said, I'm assuming there are no official range safety standards for these guys, just, "Don't mess up and kill anyone" ..great episode.

Elmo Gjoni : I have seen SO forces training from Finland , U.K. , France , US but his left me speechless. Usually close combat training is done using live ammo but dead ( board ) targets. The probability to inflict accidental death is too fucking high. It requires the best concentration and mental readiness possible. Just can't even rate this "modus operandi" , it's the absolute best I have ever seen. I can add that only US Federal Air Marshals might have something close to it, ( I emphasize - Federal Air Marshals , not just Marshals) including drills with live ammo and close combat in crowded areas. These ALFA men are worth their weight in GOLD. These men probably know they will inevitably die one day so I bet they enjoy life as much as possible. Every new day it's considered a gift. My hat's off to them. Brutal, effective , synchronized and deadly. God speed.

Vlad C : Trust me the Russians are the most peaceful people on the WORLD. They do not built military bases across the world. They just working doing small things: "How to protect Mother-Russia, nothing else"

NothingTo DoCrew : I was in the Marines and this makes our training look like a ballet lesson...Though i did meet a few Navy Seals and they are truly Machines, so who knows what kind of training they do.

ColdWarWarriors : This really is insane.

Swiftenergy : "Пойдём пульнём" =)

Dave Biddle : there was no warning so I will assume that this is okay for kids to try at home.

Jason Mitchell : I was deployed to Kosovo in 1999, we got sent out to the Russian checkpoint and stayed out there for a couple weeks. They’re a totally different breed. On the first day I asked one of them if their AKs shot good, dude replied “da, very good”” and ripped off a few rounds above everyone’s heads at the checkpoint. People were diving for cover because no one knew what was going on... it was pretty insane. All of our rounds were counted, we’d have been article 15ed for doing that. They don’t give a shit at all. Lots of fun to hang out with though.

Irene Moran : That guy just took 3 freaking 9mm rounds like he was ignoring flies and just hit a 1 MOA group three inches from the other trainee's head, DAMM THAT WAS INTENSE, THESE GUYS DON"T MESS AROUND!!!

Adam Thongsavarn : "I would never recommend doing this in the real world, but remember, we're in Russia" Russia is not a country, it is a state of mind.

Nikita Nosov : if it looks stupid but works it ain't stupid, if it looks stupid, works and dangerous AF - it is Russian.

Kamil M : After the end of the Cold War, US and Russian special forces carry out joint maneuvers. A US sergeant enters the hall where soldiers of both nations meet and says: - Today we practice jumps from small heights - 200 meters. The Russians are panicking. After the council one of them performs and asks if they could maybe jump from 100 meters. The surprised US sergeant responds: - But we won't be able to open parachutes from a height of 100 meters! All Russians agree according to: - Ooh!? So we're jumping with parachutes today?

Vinh Loc Quach : To me, the Russian military is on quite the same level with the US. Of course, both have their own strengths/weaknesses. But in general, both are very competent and effective. And with their recent military intervention in Syria against the Daesh, I supported them even more. Were those so different from ours during the Afghan invasion against Taliban and Al-Qaeda? I love Russia much more than China, to be honest. The worst thing that is the US Govt. is trying to make the Russian looks bad in our eyes. Disgusting and unacceptable political propaganda. I love the my country to bits, but its government isn't really the best representation of the US' citizens. Greetings from the USA.

Logan_Boxing911 Logan_Boxing911 : I think Trump has a good idea to be friends with Putin.

Bram Rhodes Douglas : Why isn't Russia our closest ally? I love Russia.

Zack Taylor : Russians are pretty hardcore. But they have to be, they have alot of area to defend, plus everyone keeps invading them, Napoleon, Hitler. They have to be hardcore.

Jason Mohr : Much respect from Lubbock, Texas. Russia is awesome.

Matthew Clifford : I laughed when they said doing math while having peeps shooting beside your ears and continuously running up front your barrel tip. I would've said 1+1=32 at that moment.

Gabriel Salyer : Lol to the people who thought a member of the russian alpha squad accidently discharged his weapon.

John Does : By far the most amazing part of this video is the fact the russians had to explain to him this is an advanced drill, only after all of the skills have been mastered. "You mean this drill isn't done on the first day of basic training?" "No, you moron," the russian replies.

geoblueGR : Everybody must look behind the curtain...Its not a common drill with guns... Its a MENTAL drill....a drill that helps you stay focus and think clear,in bad situations... Lets take a special forces guy from anywhere.. He is fully trained,he knows how to move,shoot etc... Does he ever took "one" in the vest?? Is he ready for this?? The pain will blow his mind,he will loose it and the enemy will kill him with a second shot... The russians are trying to avoid that.... They shooting others in vest,so their minds gets used to it.. "No problem,ive taken shots in the vest every weak.." Russians are trying to make "calm soldiers",no battle stress at all..

Semjon Borzutzki : Holy crab. Only russians do stuff like this 😂

Indifferent Centrist : Those Rooskies have steel balls.

MJ H : I always come back to watch this it is badass...

AlrightAlright Alright : This is why Russians would destroy us in a man on man conflict. It might be insane, but it's as real as it gets.

Dan Conti : In soviet Russia target shoots you

Bato Buter : Its interesting how many in comments didn't understood what is the point of this drill. Alfa is police SF anti terror unit, and this drill is designed to train "sharpness" and fast thinking during stress.The other guys are not "crowd" but they try to deconcentrate him while telling him what to shoot. First they speak numbers and he needs to shoot them on target but later they speak like "23+35" and he needs to calculate and shoot 5 and 8. It is very good drill.

Those Russkies : do or die is the American way. die but get it done anyway is the Russian way.

Viktor : I feel a lot safer in Russia...

Echy : И это только те тренировки которые можно показывать))) Представьте сколько секретных тренировок в спецназе ФСБ

viktor : Всем привет, всем добра!

Devin Greer : Whenever russia says one of there soldiers died in a training accident its for real not a cover up for a black op haha damn it son. Thats intense, not looking forward to a war with Russia.

Максим Авер : кто с России? а ну?

Pro Blackjack : Прикиньте если эти ребята пойдут за пивом после работы и кто-то попытается ограбить этот магаз )))

jopalo31675 : Crazy Russians; you have to love them. Russian rullet everyday...

Peter Andersen : Navy Seals would shit their pants if they ever had to cross any Spetsnaz unit, especially GRU ^^

Battlecruiser Plays : hard training makes hard troops, the people that pass this training are probably some of the hardest, most effective soldiers in the world. I doubt any of them are susceptible to PTSD.

man : Ayy mlya, maslinu slovil. Cheeki Breeki v Damkii

Pissed of Goose : América: Safety first, take it to maximum levels to ensure no misfire. Russia: Screw safety, just get the job done in an efficient manner.

Jariid : Why do the hide the guy's identity? How can't you spot someone with balls the size of car tyres?

Evrastrim : The second drill is all about calculating and shot the proper target. For example at 03:56 the man shouts you've killed a dog (obviously there was a wrong calculation). Also they try to confuse him by shouting "you're stupid", "you've missed" and they're shouting random numbers.