Forging a knightly dagger.

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Forging a knightly dagger. for orders:


Richard Bryant : Very beautiful piece of work, will there be a sword to match it?

Edmur Júlio : Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho e qualidade. Show

Simon Jackson : He probably did, but.. Didn’t see him Sharpen the blade..?? Still a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.. You sir have gained a new subscriber! I Look forward to watching many more of your videos

MrAndyLocksmith : It must’ve taken a Hell of a lot longer in the Medieval days without gas forges, power hammers, numerous belt sanders, angle grinders, pillar drills, bench saws, milling machines, epoxy resin & oxy/acetylene torches etc.

Mugi Yacth : Good tools, amazing art work, great job. You are the man bro.

Daddy #53 : Man, that’s worthy of having a master engraver go at!

joao kennedy m. ornelas : Uma obra de arte. Um trabalho sem igual, unico, esta de parabens tem uma capacidade de imaginação formidável.

Art Serg : Maybe, you can forge a german two-handed sword? Sorry, my english is veeeeeery bad.

maniacpuma : I'm so glad that I subbed to your channel. Amazing work as always.

Lucas De Carvalho Lacerda : Manda uma pra mim 😁 vou ficar muito feliz

Willian Rossato : Imprecionante essa peça completa. Parabéns

roberto l : beautiful work Freerk, big thumbs up! :)

Jamie Parnell : Truly beautiful 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Massimo Testa : Yes, well, you're also human - 0.50 min. Perfect one, like always! :-)

Russell Anderson : Another stunning blade you've made here Great job once again Enjoyed your video and gave it a thumbs up also

SculptyWorks : Magnificent! Well done! <3

Philip Greenawalt : 15:59 that may be the first noise you have made in one of you videos. 😀 Very nice dagger! Congrats to the new owner!

Ryan McArdle : You even take a coffee break with more creativity than I do!! Love the blade!! Great work as usual!!

v1k1ng421 : Awesome work, as usual. I love how you make the different elements of your handles and guards blend together so smoothly.

Paulo Ricardo : ficou linda, queria aprender a fazer....

Carlos Henrique Carvalho : Parabéns, uma verdadeira obra de arte.

CHARLES BRONSON : Truely a masterpiece

Namey Lessone : Just finished the video, masterfully done. I was wondering, though, how long did it take you to make both the dagger and scabbard?

klint istvud : Я понимаю твои старания спс,выёбывайся по короче.

RedRoy Productions : Beautiful. I love the simplicity, but gorgeous geometry of your work. (You make it look simple, not that it is simple.) Great piece.

tim jackson : nice Freerk, was that some sort of cold bluing @ 13:50?

Değerli Taşlar : spectacular,,,thank you :)

Злой Чешир : Дааа... У нас за изготовление такой игрушки присядешь моментально...

007elghoul : Grand artiste. Merci

Wes Morris : Thank you for sharing! Amazing and beautiful!

James H : As always, a work of art.

damdifido1 : you do great quality work - from a fellow metalworker

Yada : The european -long-shortsword. Looks beautiful tho

Sönke Binöder : I Know, this Vid is a few Month old but...Great Work, man !

Hossein Hayati : Hi, Thanks for sharing your passion and good work. How many hours did you use for this prosject?

B Burrell : Wonderful piece... what about your touchmark?

M Ouija : The fit and finish is my favorite part of your videos. The clean, overall lines are way more attractive to me than fancy pattern welded steels and rare wood. That center ridge running the length of the piece is fantastic. That's not easy to do with multiple parts.

Munrais : That blade is perfect. Wonderful work, Freerk.

David Ferre : First class work. One of my favs

Maxime Laflamme : simple yet elegant, Take my money ! Amazing craft.

white beard : Daggers are cool.

Abubakr Ismail : I am in love with look if this blade

MrAuxiom : nice wedding between steel and wood <3

Steve Gill : That is beautiful! Great work, thanks for sharing

Colin Askey : Only one word required, Magnificent! Gets my 5 ☆ rating

DLB Knives : Now that's a dagger!!!!

Mohammedi Mohammed : Sorry Sir You are too good for any comments from me. I can only admire and learn. I truly enjoyed the videos. Thanks for your time.

zaidi saad : amazing work!

Kamil B : Epic work!!! 💪💪💪